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Clark Gable 911:

'My Friend

Just Got Stabbed'

9/12/2009 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the three 911 calls made when Clark Gable's grandson was stabbed at a house party near Los Angeles last month.

It's clear the scene was chaotic, with one caller telling the 911 operator, "You really need to come, like now ... he's bleeding profusely and there's a f**king hole in him. I need someone here now."

Gable suffered lung damage from the puncture wound in his chest and spent a week in the hospital. We're told he's doing fine now.

One person was arrested in connection with the incident -- cops are still on the hunt for a second suspect.


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1832 days ago

jOe tHe ReTaRd    


1832 days ago


The girl who called seemed to be desperate. But, I am thinking, what is the reason to post these 911 calls here. It is not nice or funny to hear, it is just a painful moment.

1832 days ago


I wonder if the 911 operator just thought "frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

1832 days ago


comment #5 is the best. LOL!

1832 days ago

1831 days ago


#5 (thomas)...that was pretty darn funny.

1831 days ago


Poka Poka Poka. People are nuts. You can see events at

1831 days ago


Oh my....That operator so did not give two hoots did she....if i had someone talking to me with that tone when all am wanting is help i would have thinks she needs training in the world of customer service and bedside manners.

1831 days ago


that 911 lady was such a B****. i would have done the same thing if my best friend got stabbed in the chest, i wouldnt be answering questions i would be yelling too for the paramedics to hurry.

1831 days ago


911 operator needs more training before she anwsers the phone, It was like Clark's caller was interupting the 911 operators TV show. In Houston we have a great 911 systems with professinal operators, I would hate to live in Clarks neck of the woods

1831 days ago


#5 is so correct. I work in the emergency care field and can say the same thing.

#12 & #13 when you are yelling or raging at the operator it makes a whole lot harder for them to get info from you and forward it to the emergency care workers. Fire Dept & Paramedics were already on their way so you don't need to worry about that. And #12 if you think the operator was not giving a hoot, think about this: If the Operator starts to panic, you probably would too! And FYI-911 is the police deptartment most of the time.

1831 days ago


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1831 days ago


This 911 operator, sounds like she just slid off her BARSTOOL and came to work, This would never happen in our department, She would be fired instantly and brought up on charges.

1831 days ago


Several years ago, my daughter had an aleergic reaction to the Robitussin her doctor prescribed for her cold. I was getting ready to go to work. My daughter had left her bed to walk to the bathroom and passed out in the hallway. I dialed 911. After providing our street address and apt. number to the dispatcher -- she says, "do you want lights and siren?" I slammed the phone down on her.

Wait there is more ..... I could tell by the dispatcher's voice that she was a black female. A black female with a nasty attitude. At my end I had now dashed into our building's hallway ..... I knocked on the door of another tenant who I had seen in the elevator and sometimes walking to his apt. When he answered my knock on his door I asked him if he could carry my daughter down to my car in the garage because I would transport her to the hospital myself. He was a big black man. He looked like a professional football player. Since my daughter is 5'4" and around 110 lbs. he picked her up as if she was a feather. As it turned out, I found out later from our apt. manager that he was Michael Jackson's bodyguard. I am indebted to you, Mr. Bodyguard if you happen to be reading this. You saved my daughter's life that day according to the emergency room staff at the hospital.

This story about Clark Gable's grandson is disturbing to me because I hope that the idiot 911 dispatcher I spoke to may still be working for the county.

1829 days ago
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