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La Toya Still Thinks Michael Was Murdered

9/12/2009 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The coroner says the death of Michael Jackson was a homicide, but La Toya Jackson is still calling it murder.

La Toya Jackson

La Toya was on "20/20" last night with Barbara Walters, where she once again asserted that Michael was murdered by people who would benefit financially from his death, but she doesn't know exactly who.

Dr. Conrad Murray, who administered the drug that resulted in Jackson's death, is the only person the LAPD is focusing on in their investigation.


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Isn't this the same woman who basically announced to the public on national tv that she thought her brother was a pedophile??? Now she's is so "concerned" with making sure her brother's "killers" are brought to justice? Perhaps she should look in the mirror when wondering why her brother is lying in a coffin!!

1834 days ago


You know Jean maybe you should shut up and stop being such a rude smart a**. Bags of drugs in 2003 you darn liar!! he was addicted to perscription pill ..Yes. but right now you making him sound like a crackhead or pcp user. so stop it yapping your flaps.

1834 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

La Toya should pay 20/20 to be on the show .. She's tired and boring.. The whole family just wants to milk the Michael Jackson cow until they get every drop of milk it has left

1834 days ago


"Michael was murdered by people who would benefit financially from his death"

Dear La Toya "cui prodest",
the main rule of murder's investigation. ;-)
Who benefits most - you better know, you are the member of the family.

You performed a very beautiful song, you are really better in singing than talking:-)

1834 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Do these blow up shoes make my butt look FAT?

1834 days ago


We have something to tell you

1834 days ago

They were in it for the money    

They run together with AEG
On the top side is Dis - ney
Siding up to So - ny
In the thick is Tohme
Then Col - ony


1834 days ago


Latoya knows what she’s talking about. I believe her to be totally honest. I like her openness. I can see why Michael forgave her for the crap she said about him when she was married to that horrible deceiving devil ; Michael understood she was under the influence of an abuser and he knew her better than anyone.

Press on Latoya! Hopefully someone will be arrested and prosecuted.

Missing Michael!

U haters, just hold up a mirror and hate on yourselves. Go find another post to comment on. Jerks!

Posted at 3:59PM on Sep 12th 2009 by UMakeMePuke!

1834 days ago


I watched the whole interview. It's a clean-up job that LaToya is doing so as to leave a more better opinion of her brother. This was not a murder but negligence on Dr. Murray's part as he probably fell asleep and did not monitor the propofil as well should nver been allowed to do it in someone's home. It's an anesthic!! Michael was his meal ticket, he didn't want him to die. No others would benefit. LaToya spoke the truth that time that MJ was a pedophile, no boyfriend put her up to that interview. Her family now are trying to protect the Jacksons image and of course the children. Those children should go to a private school like the other Jackson's kids. Also, exposed to other religions not Jehova Witness - no wonder they are all wacko. No, they don't need to know Dihanna Ross, the kids. Just because MJ suggested her as 2nd choice doesn't mean it's best. At least now, no more masks as well as perhaps they can now get to do what normal kids do. Don't keep them sheltered. Keep Joe away from them or only under supervision.

1834 days ago


i agree 100% w/ latoya

1834 days ago


i know i know who was (tried to kill him). was tohme. and michael is alive LOL

1834 days ago


I really think Latoya wants justice for her brother. Crazy as she may be, I'm glad that she's being vocal about her suspicions in regards to MJs death. Perhaps her doing so will keep the investigation going, instead of letting it fade away into oblivion.

1834 days ago


Dr. Murray was the sole treating physician that killed Michael Jackson that day with shoddy unacceptable health care. The other doctors might be charged with excessive prescribing or prescribing to a known addict if no legitimate medical justification is found. Dr. Murray already demonstrated when he stated he was the last person standing or the fall guy that he will take others down with him as well. If other people were involved in the death of Michael Jackson Dr. Murray will tell when he finally realized he faces the charges alone and that his Medical License will not spare him from being criminally charged.

1834 days ago

For Sure    

Maybe I watched a different interview but I thought LaToya said it will come out and would not Say who she thought was responsible! They way she spoke she was comming down on ALL THE DOCTORS THAT ENABLED HER BROTHER AND OTHERS....IF THIS IS HER REFERENCE SHE IS RIGHT....OMG I just agreed with LaToya. Yes Money bought any perscription drug he wanted. Basically that is what she said.
So get it Right TMZ ....I am surprised you have been pretty acurate with the Michael Jackson case... don't start being just another Tabloid

1834 days ago


She is like Jermaine in that you can't really believe anything she says. However, if Michael was paranoid about being murdered one has to question if it was the drugs talking. Certainly a case can be made that he was vulnerable. But let's face it the LAPD has screwed up so badly that it's doubtful even Dr. Murray will ever be charged. If they had the evidence he would have been arrested by now.

1834 days ago
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