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La Toya Still Thinks Michael Was Murdered

9/12/2009 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The coroner says the death of Michael Jackson was a homicide, but La Toya Jackson is still calling it murder.

La Toya Jackson

La Toya was on "20/20" last night with Barbara Walters, where she once again asserted that Michael was murdered by people who would benefit financially from his death, but she doesn't know exactly who.

Dr. Conrad Murray, who administered the drug that resulted in Jackson's death, is the only person the LAPD is focusing on in their investigation.


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seeking the truth    

63. NO, HE WASN'T.

Posted at 5:01PM on Sep 12th 2009 by ileandromp

Knew him well did you?? Yes he may have had drug issues but... isn't that the perfect cover up for a murder as everyone will believe it... hell you all do!!!!

1830 days ago

MJ's KIDS    

no surprise! they didn't even close down the crime scene straight away and the evidence is tainted...
Posted at 4:49PM on Sep 12th 2009 by It was MURDER

There was NO crime scene at the time. It was at first a cardiac arrest. You are not going to have a crime scene for cardiac arrest. It was not until after the autopsy that it was ruled a homicide. But they were looking into the fact that MJ was a drug addict.

1830 days ago

seeking the truth    

65. Let's see here.
Frank Delio says LaToya took hard drives outta MJ house.

LaToya said, she don't have them.

Frank signed the ALLGOOD contract for MJ.
ALLGOOD suing MJ estate.

LaToya said MJ murdered.
Coroner said MJ died of letal amt. of Med administered by another.

If LaToya wouldn't have caused such a fuss the LAPD would have said overdose and closed this case.

So Thank God LaToya has been running her mouth.

Jermaine has hated MJ forever.

Jermaine brought in NOI, Tohme, probably Murray, law Randy phillips, + Colony Tom Barrack + MJ told June Gatlin he was afraid.

Branca comes back to MJ less than 1 mo. before death. Branca used to rep SONY.

Wow! Keep talkin Toy, we may get to bottom yet.

And Jerkmaine, U just keep jumpin in front of every camera U see with your turned up collar and greased up hair. Keeping MJ in the news is good.
Posted at 5:05PM on Sep 12th 2009 by mamagoo



Yes Latoya keep talking! Jermaine introduced him to the evil lot but Latoya was NOT paid for her interview and only wants the truth. TMZ don't mock her - how do you know the police are ONLY looking into Klein???? you said before different... so you think a murder should be covered up by an overdose and overlooked? nice!

1830 days ago


Michael Jackson was murdered by Family and friends that ignored his addictions just to stay on his payroll. These people are monsters. And by the way, THE ENABLING JACKSONS LET MICHAEL REMAIN ADDICTED, WHICH LED TO HIS DEATH.

1830 days ago


MJ is ALIVE))))))))

1830 days ago


There is a LOT to be said for Janet Jackson & the way she has conducted herself since her brother has died. She has stayed out of the spotlight & been very dignified since his passing. We heard from her on BET the night following his death(same night "catfish Joe" was promoting his record label) & what she had to say was classy & "heartfelt". I'm glad she spoke. I for one, was happy to hear something from the family. Then, not to be outdone by Janet, Jermaine went on his "media grief tour" & now just will not SHUT-UP!! He should have stopped after the interview with Matt Lauer! The performance of 'Smile' at the memorial service was nice as well but then you he just KEPT TURNING UP EVERYWHERE YOU LOOKED, making people suspicious of his "motives". But Janet, I believe has done her brother very proud! She has grieved privately & been supportive to the children. I hear she will be honoring him with a tribute at the opening of the MTV music awards which has the potential of being very "tasteful"- I guess we all will see tomorrow. However, there isn't a thing in the world I want to hear out of LaToya!! EVER! As far as I'm concerned, she lost that priveledge of "speaking out on behalf of her brother" a VERY LONG TIME AGO. Some people talk of "forgiving her" for that & "cutting her some slack". NO WAY IN HELL AFTER WHAT SHE DID. Was she entitled to her opinion about MJ & the molestation accusations but to actually publicly speak out against him at a time when he was barely hanging on by a thread "emotionally"?? THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE FOR HER DOING THAT. I have always been a believer in "forgiveness" but I think what she did was absolutely UNFORGIVEABLE. The fact that she has the "balls" to say anything at all r/e MJ is astonishing to me & I firmly believe that EVERY TIME SHE HAS , HAS BEEN EITHER AN ATTEMPT AT "SELF-PROMOTION" OR BECAUSE SHE HAS RECEIVED MONEY FOR THE INTERVIEW. F#@K LaToya Jackson!!!

1830 days ago


Michael Jacksons death was suspicious when the paramedics said that Mr. Jackson was deceased when they arrived at Mr. Jacksons Home, yet the lousey money hungering Jacksons never made one effort to direct the Police and the Jackson Attorneys to lock every down like a crime scene. Now no charges are being brought because of tainted evidence. I do not believe the Jackson Family will ever recover from the horrible way they are being portrayed because of their greedy questionable conduct. Jermaine, Latoya, Titty aka Tito, Jackoff aka Jackie, Janet minus Dupree, Marlon the Grocery Store Clerk, ........can forget about having any type of career. No one will forgive those ruthless bastards.

1830 days ago


We still talking about a dead child molester and junkie?

1830 days ago


Latoya murdered Michael and stole the hard drive with all of his unreleased songs. No Jermaine murdered Michael out of Jelousy. No Janet murdered Michael because Janet had just filed a 40 Million dollar lawsuit against Michael weeks before he died. No AIG employed Dr. Murray to keep Michael addicted and cause his death in a ruthless calculated manner in which no criminal charges will be brought. No Michael Father murdered him because he had also filed a million dollar lawsuit against Michael right before his death for cancelling out on the Jackson Family Tour and focusing on the London Tour. No Michael's Mother murdered him because she was angry that Michael was about to cancel on the London Tour because Michael was sick, leaving her and the Jackson Family in Michaels $400 Million dollar debt. No the entire Jackson Family contributed to the demise of their Annointed Prodigy son and brother for greed, and ignore Michaels drug Addictions. NO JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL......NO JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL......NO JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL....

1830 days ago


he is alive in hearts of people like us who love him a lot n ll never
let him b forgotten though he ll never b forgotten like that even..
i luv u more michael jackson ...forever..i donno its a murder or watsoever ..i just want u back!

1830 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

La toya is full of crap ... she just wants the attention and I for one don't care what she thinks.. Mo Money.... Mo Money .... Mo Money

1830 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Michael Jackson was a drugged up pedafile porn loving drink. How does La Toya think he was a God? Or God like? She just wants mo money

1830 days ago
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