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Megan Fox -- This Thumb's for You

9/12/2009 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whether or not you think Megan Fox has wonky thumbs, one thing is clear -- she's definitely a fan of them.

Megan Fox

During a press conference in Toronto yesterday to promote her new movie "Jennifer's Body," Fox couldn't stop playing with her thumbs.

Not that we're complaining.


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mrez golucky    


1869 days ago


What saddens me when reading the comments posted here. No matter what the subject matter. Is that there are sooo many negative comments made about people posters here no nothing about.
Sounds like envy from here.
But yet this does not stop the spewing forth of so much hatred. Stop being so judgmental.
Only God an judge.

1869 days ago


I am not actually writing about Megan Fox and her thumb fetish, but to complain about the coverage of her at the Toronto Film Festival, I live not far from Toronto and watch TMZ daily, and was not impressed about everyone making fun of Canadians....don't stereotype....who says the guy making comments at Megan was even Canadian??????????????????

1869 days ago


"So much cooler, when you never pull it out..cause you look so much cooler, with something in your mouth!" LOL >:P~

1869 days ago


Not sure why she constantly has her thumb in her mouth could be a freudian situation....but I digress. I am a Canadian woman and am disgusted by the idiot in Toronto. First if he thinks she is ugly and as he stated uglier than his girlfriend than we all know he is a lying virgin loser (no not all virgins are losers, but this guy is without adoubt) Apparently blow up dolls are now considered girlfriends who knew!!! Shame on him for being so ignorant, usually we are not that rude!!! As for the moose or Bryan Adams being our hot chicks....ummmmmmm I'm thinking we have a little less hairy legs lol. Though it would keep us warmer in winter lol!!!!

1869 days ago


Some obvious fans at TMZ.
I look at her and kind of go "so what?"

Doesn't do it for me. No make-up would be far better too.
Each to their own.

1869 days ago


She was so obviously a long time thumb sucker! That's why her thumbs look like that and of course, the fact that she always has it in or near her mouth!

1869 days ago

Wanda W.    

I just dont get it.What is the fascination? Shes scrawny,ill kempt,fake boobs,fake personality,too many tattoos,she cant act past a scowl,and she never smiles. But now its not enough that one picture of her graces your site nearly everyday, someone there at TMZ is posting MANY,MANY photos of her at a time. Please,enough!!!

1869 days ago


Wrong Conrad. God is not the only one that can judge, but He is the only one whose opinion counts.

I agree Sam. Hit it and quit it.

1869 days ago


Megan...instead of sucking your thumb, you are welcome to suck this!

1869 days ago


If you click next really fast it looks like she is in a sucking movie hot

1869 days ago

who dat    

Megan is sending men a Phallic reference, to get the men to lust after her. Sexuality 101. Next.

1869 days ago

jealousy is envy    

Ok, as a man I even think we have had ENOUGH of her azz!! I am so sick of this chick, she really tries to hard if you ask me and that is just pathetic. I really dont think she is that hot! I dont know why the media hypes her up as if she was the sexiest person on earth, cause honestly I have seen hotter chicks working at my local grocery store that blow her out of the water. TMZ: ENOUGH OF THIS CHICK! WE ARE SICK OF LOOKING, HEARING ABOUT HER. SHE IS NOT ALL THAT SHE IS AN AVERAGE CHICK. GEEZ.

1869 days ago


She and other Z lister females have taken a page out of the 'How to lool sexy' book. lindsey lohan does this always. Can you think of any other with their dirty paw in their mouth look.

The problem with meagan is that her thumb is way too big and makes her look like an idiot.

paris hilton and her pose is over done. Others that try to copy 'the pose' but turn a degree too many and are practically with their full back at the camera. I look at these just for the laugh. These premiers or whatever silly event they go to are a breeding ground for these folks to exhibit. They look utterly funny.

Nothing to see here people, move along this is not classy hollywood.

1869 days ago

michael dropuljic    

Hey Meagan(ifyouseethis!).Yesterday i saw you on TMZ as you were walking through the streetsof downtown Baghdad,whoopss i mean downtown Toronto.I noticed some local-lunatic swearing at you and insulting you supposedly,it lookedas if he came out of nowhere.Dont be surpised.I met a guy years ago who lookedlike he came straight out of the military, who told me"oh its good to go on the internet, use an anonymous name and rebuke people".Next day he contacted some people,that i told him about,(that i listento)
and they started getting stupid,insulting mindless emails (swearing at them too).ALex jones reported him as probably being former disgruntled police officer who gets involved in low-level "intelligence" work.WHat these judas's do is they monitor,track,stalk,harass("provacateurs"their refered to)infiltrating everything we do,trying to get groups to fight amongst themselves (divide and conquer)..very shallow.Can i prove it to you? no,but look around, they even do this on a large scale dividing and conquering countries.They hate liberty.Some of our former csis,rcmp and police have been known to do the same kind of criminal activity.Anyways dont know if you'll believe me, but just wanted to help you out alittle!.The government even hires/throwing money at such?.Thank God for understanding whooo!.Knowledge isabunkerto find safety in!.I'll never stray far from Gods bunker,divine knowledge!(safest place in the world!)Comprende- meegee! ha!.Comprende-meegee!ha!.Run for the bunker next time and maybe God will help you kick them back-ha!

1869 days ago
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