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Tila Tequila Photos -- Armed with Evidence?

9/12/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained these photos of Tila Tequila taken the day after her alleged run-in with Shawne Merriman -- and it's obvious by the bruises, Tila had a rough night.

Tila Tequila

Tila claims she was "choked and physically restrained" by Merriman after she tried to leave his residence. Merriman says he was trying to keep a drunk Tequila from getting on the road.

The San Diego D.A. announced yesterday it would not prosecute Merriman due to insufficient evidence.

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Tila was checked out by emt's at the scene and they saw no visable marks on her....gee. This isn't hard to figure out. Plus Tila said she's allergic to alcohol yet she tweeted all that day about how drunk she was...liar..liar..pants on fire.

1836 days ago


What if he's really trying to stop her from getting into a car and driving? He's grabbing her by the upper arms (he's what, over 6 feet tall and she's under 5 feet?)? Show me the choking bruises. I think Shawn is trouble waiting to happen, and originally, just assumed he was guilty, but now....not so sure....

1836 days ago


if she would have driven away drunk, then killed someone on the road, would everyone defending her still be defending her?
enough said!!!

1836 days ago


Ummmmmmm Tila is broke and will do anything for money..including ruining an innocent man's reputation because she is JEALOUS AND INSECURE..how stupid you Tila pansy fans are LOL

1836 days ago


Even if she couldn't extort any money from Shawne Merriman, she'll still get her 15 minutes of fame and thousands of dollars worth of free publicity. Either way, this skank can't lose.

1836 days ago


Oh my old why is this bimbo on tmz?
the police that night reported there was no sign of any injuries they check her body including her arms and found nothing.
stupid idiot just wants mtv to notice her again just because she got dumped twice on national t.v
i hope she drops dead. no one cares
leave merriman alone he is a good guy and was seen by the bar owner of taking one drink then drinking bottled water the rest of the night.

1836 days ago


I think you can also get those kind of bruises from bumping into things and falling down drunk.

1836 days ago


I think Tila is telling the truth....you know how them steroid shootin' Chargers do it......I'm not suprised he took it out on her.....She's a good girl and he just couldn't handle her....Oh well Merriman....looks like the Chargers will never get in the superbowl now. I love Tila Tequila!! I hate the Chargers!!

1836 days ago


Hey everyone that knows Shawne is innocent
join the movement on twitter:
#lightsOut, #shutuptila, #TilaIsALiar!

its obvious that she did this to herself. she's a psycho & a pathological liar!

1836 days ago

When will they learn?    

I wish you would just STFU already Tequila. The DA dropped the charges and the case is CLOSED. What person goes to TMZ to release lawyers statements? Just go the f**k away already. I know Domestic Violence is a serious thing but you are making ALL domestic violence victims look bad. GROW THE F**K UP! Lets stop giving this bitch her 15, 20 or 30 minutes of fame because that's what she wants. BTW, where is her husband that she supposedly got married to while out of the country?!?!?!

1836 days ago


These look fake. Beating a woman is unacceptable. If that is the case he is very wrong but these pics look very shopped. Like the the photoshopped one of Rihanna that was going around BEFORE the REAL one leaked.

1836 days ago


Where are the bruises around her neck? These bruises could easily have been inflicted after the fact by someone else or by someone trying to calm her down. If I attack someone I don't hold their arms.

1836 days ago


Odd. Those bruises aren't in the same spots as they are in the other photos.

1836 days ago


The paramedics said there was no visible bruising. The DA said there was lack of evidence. Witnesses support Shawne's story. Cops went with a citizens arrest. The case is DOA.

1836 days ago


I don't know who sent you those pictures TMZ but I'm willing to bet these picutres were not taken a day AFTER the incident.

If the police AND paramedics had seen these "supposed" bruises they would have taken a pic of them for evidence but they said there was not a mark on Tila.

And, I'm not even buying the story they didn't show up on her arms until well after the incident.

As big as Shawne is and as small as Tila is, the force alone of his strength would have left deep imprints on her arm right then and there and why don't we see any pictures of bruises on her neck since she said Shawne choked her? Why is she focusing more on her arms than her neck?

As much as Tila likes to twitter about herself she would have had pictures of herself all bruised up on her twitter or YouTube instantly and why are you just now getting these pictures TMZ? If her arms looked like that the day after the incident why didn't she send them to you then?

IMO, those bruises were self inflicted by Tila or someone in her camp just recently to gain more public sympathy. This twisted psycho is putting all these phony pictures out now because she is getting ready to file a civil suit against Shwane and is going for big bucks. Watch when she sues she is going to go for at least a million or more.

1836 days ago
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