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Tila Tequila Photos -- Armed with Evidence?

9/12/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained these photos of Tila Tequila taken the day after her alleged run-in with Shawne Merriman -- and it's obvious by the bruises, Tila had a rough night.

Tila Tequila

Tila claims she was "choked and physically restrained" by Merriman after she tried to leave his residence. Merriman says he was trying to keep a drunk Tequila from getting on the road.

The San Diego D.A. announced yesterday it would not prosecute Merriman due to insufficient evidence.

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If some of you would look at the pictures they are inconsistant. She shows her arms and in one picture she has very little bruising and in another she has all this bruising. It dosent make sense. I had never heard of this person before all of this and I have no reason to hate her. She claimed he grabbed by the neck but I see no bruising on her neck. She also claimed she dosent drink but in earlier post and pictures she has a drink in her hand and seems very intoxicated. Like I said look at all the pictures again they are not in order but she has the same pose in a couple of them and the bruising is not the same. And why wait so long to post pictures and if she had the bruising she claims then the DA would have pursued action. Like I said I dont know her but things just dont make sense

1817 days ago


Yes, there are bruises, but he has admitted that he had to restrain her, to keep her from leaving drunk. But did he choke her like she said which would make it abuse. Apparently not, since if he had, I am sure she would be showing off the hand marks around he neck.

1817 days ago


if he had let her drive and she got in an accident she would have sued him for letting her drive. he could not win.

1817 days ago



1817 days ago


The bruises to me look like Shawn was trying to restrain Tila from leaving.

1817 days ago


He was probably just trying to keep her dirty little gremlin hands off of him

1817 days ago

Kooky Fan    

She is a sinner - The wages of sin is death

(Sinners will be cast into everlasting torment)

1817 days ago


Where are the bruises around her neck? Seems to me if this big guy wanted to choke her she would not be here today making citizen arrest.She would be in a suitcase in a dumpster like the last girl!Those bruises on her arms if that is what they are look more like restraining marks.Crazy little drunk reality want to be famous for nothing chick out of control!!!

1817 days ago


Who exactly is Tila Tequila? Any relation to Vera Vodka? Gina Gin? Bobby Beer? Betty Brandy? Whitney Whisky? Ronnie Rum? Billy Bourbon? Rita Rye? etc etc etc.

1817 days ago


Typical America blame the women for her beating! U people should be ashamed! No matter what the situation she should not have been choked or grabed/ shooked by the arms as she obviously was. If he was trying to stop her from leaving due to "her being drunk" why not call the police or call a cab. Hurting another person is never okay. Some men can not take rejection a women is not a toy or property.

1817 days ago


just want to know WHAT THE HELL is an NFL superstar doing with this chick anyways???? Some of these guys have absolutely no sense...all those $$$$$$'s and no brain

1817 days ago

dr fred    

NO you have to have more serious injury to prosecute,,even a death threat will not get the DA to prosecute...it is too hard to prove.

this sends a terrible message..that an abuser can easily get away with this...

I was in a abusive relationship the guy, smashed out my car windows,busted down my front door shot a bullet @ me & it hit my car window as I was driving away, punched me in the nose... & got in zero trouble...cost me thousands of $$$$$ in repairs,,, & got in zip trouble not even an arrest

1817 days ago


Shawn, THANK YOU! Now we don't have to hear about her killing someone on her way home. I hope this is a lesson to you on the TRICKS u Fkkkkk because the girl before her(Gloria Velez) Is & was no better. Now, you need to wake up from this call and change a lot of things in your life. I hope this scared you

1817 days ago


Tila Nguyen is another psycho GROUPIE LOSER like Katelyn Faber or Andrea McNulty who are just trying to BLACKMAIL money from a star athlete.

I hope this goes to trial so we can find out what a lying FRAUD Nguyen is.

Her next boyfriend is liable to toss her sorry butt off the Coronado bridge.

1817 days ago


AHHH!!!!!!! Lifestyles of the poor and lost!!! So not deserving, buttt, you can walk out that door...Get mental help....Maybe a plastic surgeon...

1817 days ago
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