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Want to See Levi's Johnston? Well...

9/12/2009 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin's baby daddy Levi Johnston says he's going to drop his pants for Playgirl -- the only problem, he can't decide which side to show off.

We spoke to Levi's handler -- who is not Bristol -- who told us he's either gonna show "the front or the back" when he poses for the magazine sometime this month.

We're told Levi has been hitting the gym preparing for the shoot and has even hired a personal trainer to shape up...

...because spending that money on baby food and diapers would be too obvious.


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Well--the day I saw him with Bristol I was like, 'DAMN THAT BOY IS HOT' Like him or hate him I think he is hot. I thought he was the better looking part of that relationship, something rough and ready about him. Would I like to see? Yes but prefer to have it in the privacy of my bedroom, I could never date a guy who showed it all for the world, it is just too weird. That said all of you judging-imaging you are 18 at the time, knock up your gf whose mother happens to be a governer who happens to get picked as a VP candidate and then from being some self-proclaimed redneck you are catapulted into a spotlight with offers of money that you never thought you would see in a lifetime, let alone by judge not!

1803 days ago


I'd rather see Levi's totem pole than Palin's eskimo pie!! Show us the front, stud.

1803 days ago

J C    

The only people interested in seeing this would be the boys at MSNBC.

1803 days ago


I don't think that Levi posing for playgirl hurts or embarrasses the Palin's at all. I think it just proves that he is an opportunist who wants his 15 minutes of fame. Anything he says should be taken with a grain of salt. I am in no way a Sarah Palin fan but I think it is pretty disgusting of him to try to publicly humiliate the mother of his child.

1803 days ago

My Gosh ! ! !    

Who the heck is paying this JERK so much money to diss Sarah and the whole family, and getting him a "personal trainer" to buff up for Playgirl. He is being a stupid A-- letting the Liberals use him and abuse him and when they are done with him, he will be thrown to the curb where he belongs, wondering what happened. I couldn't believe even the ugly redhead "Giffin" leading him down the Red Carpet, what a joke he let her use him like that. He is even dumber than he looks. That poor Baby having him for a DAD !

1803 days ago

My Gosh ! ! !    

Kathy Giffin, are you adopting Levi, you can both appear in Playgirl, you both look like you belong in a gay favorite magazine.. A mother / son layout would be funny at best for you two. You apparantly both like to show off your bodies, but who wants to look ? ? ?
I hope some of this money you are making Levi is going to your child. I am sure that is why you are "trying" to make it, right???

1803 days ago


First and foremost, for all the posters who blame the "liberal" media for the recent actions of Levi in regards to Palin, you are completely ignorant. You guys created this individual. You paraded him a year ago across that stage at the RNC. Palin forced the engagement for political purposes. Now you hate him because he is telling the truth. Seriously.
It is in my opinion that Levi should shut up and go away. But, I do believe the world needs to know the truth about that typical fake Christian. If none of the stories where true, why want she address them? You know, she loves addressing drama. Sue him if the stories are not true.
Oh and I would love to see what he is working with.

1803 days ago

David Veale    

Uh, you people do realize that Playgirl magazine folded a couple years ago.

1803 days ago


Looks like thats the only thing he knows how to do. Let it hang out and really show what you'r about. How proud. Hope beby Trigg never really knows what a jerk he has for a father.

1803 days ago


He's not only cute enough to be a movie star, but if it weren't for him we would never have confirmation about what we always knew: No lie is too big for Sarah Palin to tell in order to get a vote, and she is the last person on earth who should be raising a child with disabilities. It take compassion and focus, two things this self serving, me first, egomaniac lacks.

1803 days ago



1803 days ago


Uhh.....PLAYGIRL went out of business/publication!

1803 days ago

J D    

I wonder if he can see Russia from his house??? Maybe this is the only thing Sara Palin really gave us is Levi!!!!!

1803 days ago



1803 days ago


I thought when Kathy Griffin showed him off on the red carpet and the laughing about thier love on Larry King that Levi would get that he is/was the bunt of her "JOKES".Didn't he have a job before the 15 minutes of "SHAME"?I Guess TMZ is really going down hill when thier are no real "Celebrities" to share the good old fashion gossip/stories they talk about Joe (GGW)?, Tila Tequila, Kardashians?, and now LEVI?? THE JOKE IS ON HIM AND HE THINKS HE IS A REAL STUD THAT A MAGAZINE THAT FOLDED WANTS HIM? IF THE MAGAZINE FOLDED HOW CAN THIS BE TRUE ANYWAYS? WITH THE MONEY YOU ARE BEING PAID FOR YOUR INTERVIEW I HOPE YOUR CHILD SUPPORT IS UP TO PAR AND YOU ARE PUTTING SOME AWAY FOR WHEN YOU GROW UP YOU CAN GO TO COLLEGE AND GET SOME EDUMACATION L0L!!!!

1803 days ago
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