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Want to See Levi's Johnston? Well...

9/12/2009 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin's baby daddy Levi Johnston says he's going to drop his pants for Playgirl -- the only problem, he can't decide which side to show off.

We spoke to Levi's handler -- who is not Bristol -- who told us he's either gonna show "the front or the back" when he poses for the magazine sometime this month.

We're told Levi has been hitting the gym preparing for the shoot and has even hired a personal trainer to shape up...

...because spending that money on baby food and diapers would be too obvious.


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Why oh why would TMZ give this guy even an ounce of publicity? Shame, shame, shame on TMZ. He needs to get a real job, pay childsupport, and get the heck out of California! I'm not crazy about the Palins, but this guy really puts me on the defensive where they are concerned. He's happy to throw anyone under the bus whenever his name stops being mentioned he'll come out with some new revelation about these people and their family. He's ubercreepy.

1832 days ago


Word around town is the camera crew will need tweezers to get his little Levi out for the camera.

1832 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Levi didn't ask to be famous - that happened when Sarah Palin dragged him to the Republican National Convention...he didn't want to go.
She has no one to blame but herself - she tried to run his life like she runs Bristol's and he said "thanks but no thanks."
Run Levi run far, far away from Wasila and the crazy Palin's.

1832 days ago

Flower one is paying attention, here.


Playgirl Magazine no longer exists. The publishers went out of business; fini; over; kaput.

Just goes to show, Levi Johnson is just a liar, and a stupid one, at that.

1832 days ago


I'd like to see him. The one that made the baby! Haha

1832 days ago


The only thing I've been able to find so far in legit sources is that somebody in an interview asked Levi (who still has some delusions about being a model...) if he would pose nude "for PlayGirl". I don't think the mag is still around as a mag although maybe as a web site, so they may not be doing such things at the moment; the last I heard was that they wanted to focus on articles to appeal to women (who aren't quite so automatically into "nudie pictures", maybe they've seen enough to know how the equipment looks and have better memories than the guys). Any answer he gave might have been just joking. Suddenly appearing in a nude spread doesn't fit other things he's said or done (isn't he still engaged in a legal battle with Bristol over visitation rights for his kid or kids? or has that been settled?), and I can't imagine a real "handler" allowing it. Stranger things have happened, but it does seem odd.

So I'm wondering about this unnamed "handler" that TMZ is quoting. Don't real handlers give their names freely? Why wouldn't they?

So this might be either part of a campaign to discredit Levi (considering the upcoming book and recent interviews) or a publicity thing for the book gone awry. More likely a campaign to discredit, though, book publicists can't be quite that stupid.... When's the last time you saw such a book publicized by deliberate nude shots?

1832 days ago


this little nothing in his front side is a loser..IF it were not 4 his BABY MOTHER and sara palin this guy would be cleaning fish right now..THE Palins made him..he has nothing in his front..lets guess, Maybe MAYBE a few inches if lucky..he needs to have his mouth shut by somebody BIG

1832 days ago


This guy is a leech! I feel bad for his son and the Palin's.

1832 days ago


Burt Reynolds (remember him?) did it also early on in his career in the seventies(with a stratigically placed paper bag) and Brad Pitt, too in the early eighties, (also Marilyn Monroe). It's called "exposure" (no pun intended). When you are starting out as an actor and you don't have much on your resume, you do what you have to do.
And if Levi makes some dough, good for him.
Go, Levi!!!!

1832 days ago


I hope it's big and uncut. I'll buy the issue.

1831 days ago


typical white trash......makes me sad.........he is showing what alaskans are made of i guess.......what did we expect though ........sarah palin is trash her daughter is trash and her boyfriend would be also trash.....grow up people get people like this off the tip of your toungue

1831 days ago


Trailor Park Trash! There is no other way to discribe him and his family, Every male that I know has the same equipment that he does!

1501 days ago
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