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NFL Announcer Rips Whoopi Goldberg

9/13/2009 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An NFL announcer just took a cruel and cheap shot at Whoopi Goldberg -- live during a Detroit Lions football game.

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During the first quarter of the Lions game today, the announcer, Chris Myers was talking about a player who was on the Pittsburgh Steelers last season but now plays for Detroit. He said, "Going from two Super Bowls in Pittsburgh to the winless Detroit team -- that's like going from dating Beyonce to Whoopi Goldberg."

So the question is ...

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Allred Tree    

It would have been much funnier and more accurate if the announcer had said that would be like going from Beyonce to JOY BEHAR! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

1844 days ago


Whoopi, Are you gonna take that?

1844 days ago


My heart goes out to Whoopy. Even though she is a comedian it hurts so deep that it can damage ones self esteem. I know exactly how she feels, my 7 exes told my new wife that getting me is like going from JJ in "Good Times" to a not as handsome and lean ReRun from "What's Happening"

Yeah Right! She is a big girl and will turn it around on his clumsy self. I can promise you her ability to direct shots is better than his. She is like the Annie Oakley of one liner shots.

1844 days ago


That was funny. I saw and heard it. My husband and I cracked up. But, it's the truth.
Whoopi should be able to take the joke. When she get's ready she can say worst things than that about a individual.

She everyone should chill.

1844 days ago


At least Whoopi has intelligence. I didn't find it funny and this is coming from an attractive and intelligent woman. Classless on his part.

1844 days ago


cause whoopi has never made a joke about anybody else.....

1844 days ago


Not sure that Beyonce would be much of an insult to be compared to. Whoopi is funny as he// and not a stuck-up snob like bigazz Beyonce.

Like someone else said, Whoopi will give that doofus a reaming next chance she gets, so I'll be waiting...:D

1844 days ago

jOe tHe ReTaRd    


1844 days ago

jOe tHe ReTaRd    

Mysterious and spooky
Whoopi smells like poopy

///////////////////////////////////////////////// B O I N G !!! ///////////////////////////////////////////////// B O I N G !!! /////////////////////////////////////////////////

B O I N G !!! B O I N G !!!

1844 days ago


Well of course everyone agrees because most of you are white and the announcer is white so basically you are all racist. Most white people are. And don't say you aren't when you know it's true, with your safety behind a computer screen racist jokes and comments. Yet none of you would have to balls to say it to a black person. Every poll like this alwyas goes in favor of the white person. If it's a question about race and the question is "funny or not" 90% would vote for funny.

I'd even guess that 90% of white people are racist, prejudice, whatever the hell you want to call it. I guess the only two black people he could think of to compare a black man to was Beyonce and Whoopi. It was cruel and uncalled for.

1844 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Nobody here criticising Whoopie's looks has seen her in "The Color Purple" I'm betting. Her Oscar worthy portrayal of her character overcoming her looks was a lesson to us all.

1844 days ago


Michelle, I'm white and I checked he should be fired. Believe me, not all of us feel the way some do. I love Whoopi and I hope she busts that idiot a new one next chance she gets. This guy is supposed to be a 'professional' and I'm afraid his 'sense of humor' was too far over the top and he needs to be standing in the unemployment line tomorrow morning. Just didn't want you to think we all feel the way this obvious idiot does...:)

1844 days ago

Like It Is.    

It would have been much funnier and more accurate if the announcer had said that would be like going from Beyonce to JOY BEHAR! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Posted at 4:03PM on Sep 13th 2009 by Tee Hee

Tee Hee, you got it right! Going to NoJoy ManHar would be like hooking up with an ugly dude! Steve, you can "Lay-Har" because nobody else wants her bad attitude and ugly ass! What a nasty bitch! Steve, you must be a saint, or blind as a bat and deaf as a board!

1844 days ago


If this announcer guy wanted his fifteen minutes of fame, he got it..and now it's time to pack your bags.. I'm an avid NFL sports fan, and I had to Bing him to find out what he looked like..He made himself known with that comment...It was not a spur of the moment comment. He took his time in stating his opinion..Whoopie will let it slide, because she knows she is an attractive woman, and she's a comedian..She is an intelligent lady...He's a wannabe big time sports announcer...He should have kept this comment in a bar with his drinking buddies...It was totally inappropriate on live T.V..Whoopie will cut him to the quick on her show Monday morning, but she will do it in a way that shows what a moron he is, without showing she is hurt by the ignorant comment...Her comedic voice will kick in gear..I hope Chris Meyers is fired Monday morning...If he does it once, he'll do it again...God forbid if he had said Britney or Angela instead of Beyonce..By the way, I am not a fan of Beyonce or Whoopie, but I do know inappropriate "so called" humor when I hear it.


1844 days ago

Allred Tree    

Ho Ho here we go...he could have said it was like going from Beyonce to Mariah Carey!

1844 days ago
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