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Donald Trump:

Boycott Kanye!

9/14/2009 1:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump -- Boycott Kanye!Donald Trump himself is calling for a boycott of Kanye West, calling his antics last night "disgusting."

Trump tells TMZ he wants to boycott all things Kanye "so this kind of thing doesn't happen again."

Trump also thinks Kanye's hijack to honor Beyonce was B.S. -- "He couldn't care less about Beyonce. It was grandstanding to get attention."


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This guy sells his music to my kids. He gets to walk into those awards already obviously drunk, carrying a bottle.

What the hell is were these producers thinking? What kind of message are they sending...don't we have enough celebrities acting the jackass because they're disgusting drunk?

What's up with the idiots that put this show together is what I wanna know.

1867 days ago


1781 you nasty little man will never again be number 5. It only takes a bullet and no loss really. Little man little pecker, no brainer really.

1867 days ago


Although i do not approve the conduct of Kanye, I would like to send a message to Mr. Trump; Hey, Mr. Trump, shut the F. .. UP! This is none of your business, man! Sometimes the best word is the one not been said. You know very well that there will be consequences for Kanye, and Karma is a bitch, but man; who asked your opinion? You have to calm down, take a walk, try to spend more time on your own damn business, which btw, has been very neglected lately. Listen Trump, Beyonce did the right thing and did it with class, now please do not try to go beyond what Beyonce has already done, you're no Mohamed Ali. And perhaps Taylor Swift knows how to defend herself. Why are you been so sensitive? In these times when the media can do marvels, but also can do much damage, you should know that for those pursuing a career in music, must develop a thick skin; will you let it walk on it's own damn feet?; for godsakes. Don't you have other things to do? How would you like been the next face of a Bosley ad? Damn, these people are too sensitive, makes me wonder; would they be as sensitive, if instead of this been a white girl on stage, this was a black girl? I hate hypocrisy.

1867 days ago


I am tried of kanye. Every year there is something stupid he does. I will not buy another Kanye thing. He is a JERK!!!

1867 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Props to "The Donald".............. AMEN!

KANYE-- you really should take a hard inventory on your life as it is now. Acting like a spoiled child for not winning an award yourself, is one thing. To accomplish having the world angry at you for your actions last evening should be a wake up call.

The Donald does not come out and call for boycotts often-- he's like EF Hutton-- when he speaks, people listen!

Consider yourself boycotted Kanye. May you have your memories of a once valuable career to take you into your old age. Remember, the video of your actions will be replayed on a continuous loop for eternity.

What I find the MOST disgusting is that you, Kanye, stole the limelight in the press from MICHAEL'S TRIBUTE! How eff'ing dare you!!!!!!

1867 days ago

Moe knows mo than anybody    

TMZ is PUNK....print the chronological timeline of all the times Kanye has made an A$$ out of himself..........IT'S ON THE ASSOCIATED PRESS...........PRINT IT PUNK A$$ TMZ

TMZ WON'T PRINT MY POST.............................

1867 days ago

secret ninja    

kanye is jeopardizing this performance he is supposed to do with jay-z and rihanna tonight on Leno, which i was looking forward to... kanye needs to back out of this appearance, or jay needs to pull him from it, or Leno needs to pull the plug on kanye's part. basically, someone with some clout needs to step in and say to kanye "not so fast".

and if you think he's learned anything from this, i doubt it. let's just wait and see what he does at the NEXT music awards show...

1867 days ago


Well, Donald's no angel himself. Yes, Kanye was very rude, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop listening to his music.....

1867 days ago


"He couldn't care less about Beyonce. It was grandstanding to get attention."

Oh, you mean like after hurricane Katrina, when Kanye said on national television that Bush didn't care about black people?

Back then he was praised for being brave and speaking truth to power. As if.

Now we all see him for who he is: a pathetic lush with no self-control.

1867 days ago


Kanye WHO? He is history! He just committed career suicide! And, if Leno doesn't cancel his scheduled appearance I will not be watching his show! EVER! That disgusting, delusional excuse for a human does not deserve one more second of air time! And, if anybody in the entertainment industry wants to help, they should immediately call Leno & demand that he cancel Kanye's appearance or they will NEVER appear on his show! Cancel Kanye and immediately book Taylor &/or Beyone! GO DONALD!!!

1867 days ago

maggie mae    

Post #18

Just waiting for someone to bring up race and sure enough you did. The statement is totally not fair to MTV. Can't a discussion be held without a statement like yours. Your mind is as little as Kanye's!!!!

1867 days ago


I think Kanya should be band from attending any kind of award show!! Hasn't he done this before.

1867 days ago


You say shut up to the biggest celebs in the world!? They'd trump on you little man and that's no lie. The big guys have arrived and aint affraid to step on little pee wee.

1867 days ago


I boycotted Kanye West a loooong time ago. Hopefully the public will wake up this time and end this d-bag's career. Good job Trump. Integrity and respect are far more important than talent, wealth and fame. Kanye West has no concept of this.

1867 days ago

melton brookes    

Yo, Kanye is right! dat white b***ch don't deserve no award!

1867 days ago
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