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Madge & Kanye -- It's All About Me!

9/14/2009 10:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson and Taylor Swift were honored last night at the VMAs -- but thanks to Madonna and Kanye West, you'd barely know it.

Madonna & Kanye
From Madge's opening speech, which was as much about herself as Michael, to Kanye's Taylor Swift diss, it was a self-serving night.

Our question for you ...


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La Toya Jackson    

Do these blow up shoes make my butt look FAT??

1863 days ago

THISISIT again MJ breaks records    

@ OhComeOnPlease

Diane Dimond is that you ? Anyways do the world a favor and STFU.

KING OF POP Forever. Media smear mongers GTFO!!!!!

1863 days ago


Madge and Kanye are surrounded by yes-men and yes-women. They don't experience the world outside their circle. This leads to their constant use of the words "I" and "me".

Thus, Madge and Kanye only know what they are told. Their egos are on a constant cycle of inflation by ass-kissers around them.

For reference, please review the old story "The Emperor's New Clothes". Same thing.

1863 days ago


The only thing dumber than Kanye was that weird scene with Lady Gaga showing up with freaking Kermit the frog. I mean what the hell? If they were real Miss Piggy should ream his sorry green ass LOL. That was some dumb sh*t.

Anyway, Madonna was okay. Kanye is dumber than a hand puppet. I mean what made him do it? Who stuck his hand up HIS ass?

1863 days ago


OK, just listened to Madonna's speech.

Madonna's speech was self-serving?
Some people have warped perceptions.
It was the most moving speech about MJ that I've heard since his death.

1863 days ago


Madonna was invited to speak, whatever we think of her speech, Kanye was not! He was completely out of line! Beyonce does not need him to say she's a talented star, we all know that, and she showed class in how she handled it.

1863 days ago


RE:OhComeOnPlease. The point is when Michael had surgeries or whatever the press was all over it relentlessly. He didn't "turn himself white", he had a disease, get yourself educated. Look at other famous people with surgeries or problems. They are not ridiculed and torn apart ALL the time like he was. If you think he was treated fairly then you are blind, deaf AND dumb.

1863 days ago


I loved Madonna's speech yesterday..Made me tear up a bit.I have a litte respect for her now.

Kanye was WRONG!

1863 days ago

secret ninja    

as a huge Michael Jackson and as someone who doesn't care too much for madonna's music or some her own antics for that matter, i have to say that i feel that Madonna's speech/tribute to Michael was very heartfelt.

she wrote it herself, she admitted that her Michael were not the best of friends--she could have embellished their relationship, but she didn't. i appreciated that she showed how much her and Michael had in common b/c in doing so she pointed to a very important truth: when you don't have something that is integral to your life (like your mother or childhood) you will spend forever trying to find it/get it. she humanized him by continuing to point out that he was human, just like the rest of us. her not knowing him that well, she could only speak on what she knew of him, which was very respectful. she admitted that she hadn't kept in touch w/ him, (and like many others) abandoned him and hadn't backed him up in the end, and admitted that she (along with many others) should have been there for him, something i don't believe i've heard anyone else say. she was truthful and honest, and i've gained some respect for her for that.

and to OhComeOnPlease, do some research before making dumb comments. Michael had vitilgo, it can be clearly seen in many pictures of him, check out youtube and go to a video slide. he didn't sleep in a bubble, but apparently, you are in one. come out for some air and stop making stupid statements, you closet MJ fan.

1863 days ago


I was so ashamed of Kanye!! I will never buy a CD that has any of his songs on it again. People need to act mature and be held accountable.

1863 days ago

ho hater    

She's a c*nt and he's a pr!ck. Maybe they should hook up. They deserve each other.

1863 days ago


I liked Madonna's speech. It was touching. I liked to hear her story about her night out with a shy Michael who came without his bodyguards and later took her hand on the couch.

And I liked her confessing how she felt she had betrayed him when he died. She was not the only one, but one of the few to admit it now. I remember Geraldo being angry at all the people who turned their back on Michael now coming forward, praising him.

1863 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Hey !! Don't forget about Michael Jackson ... (and me).... mo money.. mo money.. much mo money ! Cha Ching

1863 days ago


I LOVE MADONNA's speech, she hit it out the ballpark especially when she said you never miss someone so much until their gone.
Micheal -Loveyoumore.

1863 days ago


Kanye West likes fishsticks.

1863 days ago
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