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Madge & Kanye -- It's All About Me!

9/14/2009 10:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson and Taylor Swift were honored last night at the VMAs -- but thanks to Madonna and Kanye West, you'd barely know it.

Madonna & Kanye
From Madge's opening speech, which was as much about herself as Michael, to Kanye's Taylor Swift diss, it was a self-serving night.

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OMG Madonna so doin this 4 her self just 2 get in the paper's if she was a friend why didn't she stay in touh with him she was only know as the qeen of pop coz they was else lol.....OMG i loved janet dance 4 him that was so good....LNG LIVE THE KING OF POP R.I.P MICHAEL U ARE ALWAYS MY HERO AND MY GOD LOVE YOU U XXXXXX

1866 days ago


Mtv's VMA's have gone downhill and seem to be getting worse every year. They seemed extremely unirganized and everywhere. As for the Kanye West incident, whatever our opinions are on who should have won, respect should be common knowledge. I's love to see someone do that to him and see how he would react because we all know it would be war!

1866 days ago



1866 days ago


Another thing that was nice about both tributes to Michael was that both Madonna and Janet were fully dressed. You paid attention to their faces and words and to Janet's dance moves, and nothing else. Classy and appropriate.

1866 days ago

THISISIT again MJ breaks records    

I love the King of Pop. I don't care about anything or anybody else.

1866 days ago


Madonna's tribute was awesome. It also humanized her as well as show MJ in a very precious way. We all let Michael down.

1866 days ago


Kanye, Serena, Sen. Wilson.....All indicators of a society THAT IS LOSING ITS WAY. The new national pastime: MMA. Lots of pissed-off people out there.

1866 days ago


I think Madonna did wonderful. Her speech was from the heart. I think she was more respectful than Brooke Shields interview in a magazine I read about. Now that was selfcentered. Kanye needs help!!! What is wrong with him to think he can do that to another human being and then just say I'm sorry and all is right in the world? Growing up wasn't he ever taught sometimes sorry just isn't enough and actions speak louder than words. If he is truly sorry he needs to go get some kind of professional help.

1866 days ago


It was very good tho everything she said michael was true bt the rest was all about her xx

1866 days ago


TMZ-You are so ridiculous. Madonna was GREAT in her speech. She has not done anything to deserve all the crap you guys give her, so give it a rest. CLASS UP A BIT. She was trying to draw a connection between herself and Michael Jackson. To compare to Kanye is a lie and ludicrous.
TMZ this is why you're a joke when it comes to reporting. It’s so obvious you pick on Madonna for no reason. She is one of the biggest icons music has known. GIVE IT A REST.

1866 days ago


That was pure Madonna. Self-serving.

Although the speech seemed heartfelt and all, I think she was saying if Michael was the King of Pop then she was the Queen and should be thought of as well.

1866 days ago


For those that give these wind bags a listen are as stupid as these wind bags.

1866 days ago

JoJo Dancer    

I think that Madonna did a fine job. She was trying to relate Michael to herself, so that people could stop and think that he was just a like everyone else. She was trying to make him relateable by relating him to herself.

1866 days ago


I personally enjoyed Madonna's speech. I never enjoyed Michael Jackson's music and thought that he was a bit of a freak. Her recollections made him seem human and really gave me some insight as to why he was the way that he was.

Only somebody like Madonna could understand the things that Michael Jackson went through. She has had to deal with fame and the accompanying lack for privacy for a long time.

Bravo to Madonna.

1866 days ago


She was just making a statement of the times/dates they had together(3 times total) which is more than many people could say they've met MJ personally, making an analogy of their lives and how they drew apart gradually throughout the years. Some people are so intense they do not see the big picture but like to dwell in the negative! Let's all face that like with many other genious in the past we tend (as humans) to give them recognition only when they die, the same is hapenning with our beloved King of Pop. But what we should be claiming is JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL!!!

1866 days ago
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