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Madge & Kanye -- It's All About Me!

9/14/2009 10:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson and Taylor Swift were honored last night at the VMAs -- but thanks to Madonna and Kanye West, you'd barely know it.

Madonna & Kanye
From Madge's opening speech, which was as much about herself as Michael, to Kanye's Taylor Swift diss, it was a self-serving night.

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I will admit when Madonna first started talking I was wondering where she was going but I got it. She was drawing the comparisons to show how the two of them born the same year had exceptional careers(MJ the greatest of course) had parallel lives but different ones inevitably.

It was actually pretty deep what she was saying but I am sure it was over the head of the the type of folks that follow the loosey-gossey VMAs. Most people in that room were a few decades younger than her and don't think about the meaning of life yet.

1865 days ago


I dont see how you can compare the two, what Kayne done was well out of order and very disrespectful. Madonna's speech was excellent and heartwarming, she had the guts to admit she had abandoned Michael like so many others did, sorry TMZ i dont agree with you on this

1865 days ago


Self promotion on the back of a dead person - Pure Public Relation job!!!! I am surprised she did not place her dates of tours in the US or something like that !!! .... I hope somebody will do the same to her when she dies!
She is an hypocrite

1865 days ago


Madonna speech really touched my heart, it was beautiful. I think she did a great job.

1865 days ago


Madonna is just proving the sad fact of most americans mentality. the narcissistic self loving me,me,me all the time. How come you people can't humble yourself? What with the me, me, me, Think about others for change. Then, perharps you will get less heat from the rest of the world. It's ok to be passive and simple sometimes.

1865 days ago

too sad    

because madonna tried to put across that SHE is just like MICHAEL JACKSON

and because Kanya was doing what he did .for someone else .......

i saw MADONNA WINS THIS ONE for being self indulgent

1865 days ago


If there's an artist on the face of the earth that could relate to Michael at a similar level of fame(not exactly but similar) is Madonna, and having the oportunity to hear her speaking of my adored Michael is just overwhelming. I love Madonna as well, if Michael gave us so much of his talent in everyway, Madonna is the single woman who made it possible for other women of different ages to come forward and be agressive and pursue whatever they wanted to achieve from the 80s on, specially in shobiz. Some people say she's a bitch because she's not taking it from anybody and I admire her for that. I only wish Michael would have been older and tougher when stardom hit him, the story would've been different don't you think? And we would still have him here with us making us happy and raising his precious children! LOVE YOU FOREVER MICHAEL!

1865 days ago


I forgot all about Madonna's speech as soon as Janet got on stage.

1865 days ago


No comparison!
Madonna's speech was beautifully measured and delivered, with just the right dose of "personal touch".
Kanye, on the other hand, should BEAT IT.

1865 days ago


Madonna and Kayne should go on an island together and stay there. What a disgrace to all the music. :/

1865 days ago


I liked Madonna's speech, I thought it was touching.


1865 days ago


How about we agree that BOTH of them need to step off their high horse, here. Madonna has been around for a long time and it's as if she forgets that she's not God's gift to the world. As for Kanye, all I can say is: You should feel ashamed. No one stole your first moment at an awards ceremony! This poor girl will NEVER get that moment back, and what's worse... millions of people watched this live. How embarrassing it must have been for her. Oh, and Kudos to Beyonce for having such class! (^__^)

1865 days ago


Madonna gave a touching and beautiful speech! Not self serving at all. She talked about how she knew him and his influence.

1865 days ago


BOTH of them are self-serving jackasses.

1865 days ago


I don't think that Madonna's speech last night was "self-serving" at all. I don't understand all the haters on here, but oh well? Madonna is an ICON, like Michael Jackson was and I think that MTV only saw it fitting for Madonna to get up on stage and talk about her experience with the late MJ. I found her story very touching and not "fake" at all. I don't understand why so many people have to judge Madonna; she's a classy lady who has already proven herself! This is exactly what happened to MJ; people judged him and criticized him and when someone wants to get up and say a few words, they are being "self-serving"? OMG.

1865 days ago
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