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Jackson Tour Footage -- This Is It!

9/14/2009 7:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The trailer for the upcoming Michael Jackson tour movie debuted last night -- and shows a ton of previously unseen rehearsal video of MJ in the months leading up to his death.

Michael appears with it in the footage -- and the huge dance sequences teased look damn bad ass.

The movie will be shown in theaters for two weeks, starting October 28.


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61. I must say one thing, that does not look like the man in the ambulance on the 25th of June!

Posted at 11:52AM on Sep 14th 2009 by Britt89

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I was laying in bed replaying it last night thinking the same thing. As much as I realize he is really gone, there is still a part of me that thinks that he is going to just reappear someday.... But I guess that is just wishful thinking.....

1868 days ago


62. Well Irene, you got your head in deep.

Murdered. That's funny.
Posted at 11:56AM on Sep 14th 2009 by kelly

You're entitled to your opinion Kelly.
And so am I.

1868 days ago


62. Well Irene, you got your head in deep. Murdered.
That's funny.

Posted at 11:56AM on Sep 14th 2009 by kelly
Well Kelly, trying to give you an answer again (last post failed), you're entitled to your opinion.
And so am I.

1868 days ago


@53. At 50yo he could still slide on his knees. Hot DAYAM! And that was just a rehearsal. Not only did MJ still have it - he NEVER lost it!

I get chills and a profound sadness comes over me just imagining what might have been. There will never be another Michael Jackson.

Posted at 11:28AM on Sep 14th 2009 by EternalMJFan

I feel the same way,my heart was racing as i watched the trailer,i felt sadness,i felt happiness,i was in awe..what a genius..Michael had this beautiful never ending smile...he looked great to me..i just cant believe he's gone,its breaks my heart..Mj had so much more to offer to this world..this trailer will raise so many more questions about his health,what i saw in this trailer was a active,strong man who loved what he was doing,put all his heart and soul into it..

we will never ever see such a phenomenal man like him

I am looking forward to this movie,i know there will be smiles,pain and also tears,but i can not miss it..i will line up early hours to make sure i get tickets..

Michael Jackson will forever shine...

R.I.P MJ..see you on the other side when tiem permits me..God Bless your soul,

thank you for bringing a new meaning to music,dance and humanity to the world..we will forever remember..

1868 days ago



1868 days ago


he is so into it..
he s allwazz been grateful to everyone..
never let down his fanss..
he s so hard workin m so sad that god didnt allow him to do that..
i really want him to do that..
oh god..i cant telll u what m i feelin rite now...
y did he had to go..y s it alwazz him..
comeback from anywhere michael..create this magic..i alwazz dream of it..
i really want u back from him..
L-O-V-E...still carrying tears in my eyes..
my heart wont let u go MICHAEL ...

1868 days ago


Yeah, right!!! For two weeks only, I don't buy it. Sony will end up doing what Disney does when it threatens limited time release. They give you the false impression of 2 weeks only just so you can rush and make it the #1 movie of the year. Then conveniently, its there for couple months, because all of a sudden they feel that they owe it to the public. I have nothing against MJ, he was a great artist. It's the people running the show after his death that bother me.

1868 days ago


While I'm sure it'll be interesting and badass cuz of Michael, I'm not intereting in seeing it. I'd rather see a performance. Another money pot for the Jacksons...=/

*check us out:*

1868 days ago


I can't belive all that hype that was created in the wake of King's demise---that he was too weak; might not have pulled it off; All these footage show him in great spirits and in excellent conditions--from performanc point of view. Though slightly underwieght. God alone knows what went wrong and who are the real culprit for taking this once in a life time artist from us. Michael u will live forever.

1868 days ago


beautiful :((((
miss you mike..

1868 days ago


seeing this made my sadness return it also gave me a sense of joy. he looked so happy and peaceful doing what he loves.i can not wait for this movie to come out. imma have to buy tickets in advance. I LOVE U MICHAEL!! and my god burn whoever took your life.

1868 days ago


I Will Absolutely be there!! Oh,and will take my WHOLE family too!.
Can't wait to see it,even though I'll be crying all way through.
Just be sure to bring enough tissues:)

1868 days ago

oh well is full of poo!!!    

What an AMAZING ENTERTAINER AND HUMAN BEING!!!!!THE BEST THAT EVER LIVED!!!!I was lucky enough to see him in concert once!!!I was 12 years old and I had dressed up for the concert and this lady told me I looked so pretty Michael was just going to walk right up to me. I never got got to meet him in person but I was so happy to be there it was MAGIC I will never forget it!!!!!I hope they put that CREEP MURRAY UNDER THE JAIL!!!!!HE TOOK THE MOST BEATIFUL TALENTED CARING PERSON IN THE WORLD AWAY FROM US!!!!

1868 days ago


he looked good.. he was training hard.. I don't think he wanted to die..When will they charged someone for his untimely death.. He looked like it was the comeback of the decade.
He is the greatest entertainer ever..

1868 days ago


Amazing! he looks strong, a little skinny but he does not look like someone who is on drug or an addict. I hope the footage will put to rest all the sensationalism news that the media is being feeding us non stop for two months.

1868 days ago
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