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Octomom: Feed the Children

9/14/2009 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With one of her older spawn at her side, Octomom Nadya Suleman nursed her octobabies in a park near her L.A. home this weekend.


The mother of 86 is also very hungry ... for attention.


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I want to make porn with her to make millions

1863 days ago


Octo-Duck freaks me out. I am afraid of her>!

1863 days ago


For all the money she has spent on plastic surgery and make up she looks terrible!

PS- Sharpies do not make good eye-brow pencils.

1863 days ago


Hungry for attention??? IT was YOU TMZ that snapped the picture and plastered it all over your website...not her. Can't she enjoy a day in the park? Or do you (TMZ) require her to sit inside of her house the rest of her life??

1863 days ago


I wonder how in the world she's going to keep them all straight when they get older? At least the Duggars of TLC fame have the funds to care for all of their kids and (except for one set of twins) didn't have them in big groups of multiples. She's gonna need some sort of numbering system!!

1863 days ago


She's so Nasty!

1863 days ago


Seriously TMZ, why do you even post anything about her? Let her fade into oblivion where she belongs. My life would be complete without ever hearing anything about her again...and Speidi too!!! BLEH!!!

1863 days ago


You have this story under "Hot Mamas"? Should be tagged as mentally impaired Angelina Jolie wannabe...that woman belongs in a straight her tv special she talked about how funny it was to hear her mothers body rolling around in the trunk of her car...someone, please...take those babies away...they won't have a chance.......

1863 days ago


She should hook up with Jon Gosselin

1863 days ago


how can she possibly connect, bond with babies? 3 being fed like ophaned calves, the others crying. yes,photographers can catch you off guard, but she always seems oblivious to anything and like she just stacked them around her for a pic!!

1863 days ago


A mom interested in her kid's wellbeing WOULD nurse her babies! Those are bottles, not boobies.

1863 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

She'll be fine...
It's Obama's America now...


1863 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

She needs funds set up for whatever money she rec'd by the fame game.She needs people to do parenting with her,like 14 people who will be committed to parent a child.This j ack as s has no husband.No siblings. She made 8 kids on purpose + she has 1 autistic son from the other 6 individual births.

Don'thard on her without being hard on Octomom 1 Kate.She and Jon need to be cut off the fame game and parent those 8 kids.
Kate and Jon are the same as this fame who re just that she has not rec'd all the J&K+8 fame and money.
They made 8 kids on purpose for the fame game.

TheDuggars are married ,but 19 kids and counting are for the fame game.

1863 days ago


Yikes! Scary!
Who cares about her....follow Kanye, hunt him down like a dog....I know you can do it TMZ.. Harass the hell out of him.....
He is an ass.....
I would pay to see him punched in the face - HARD.

1863 days ago

who gives a shit    

Hot Mamas, please! Why did you have to remind us of this poor excuse of a human being?

1863 days ago
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