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Octomom: Feed the Children

9/14/2009 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With one of her older spawn at her side, Octomom Nadya Suleman nursed her octobabies in a park near her L.A. home this weekend.


The mother of 86 is also very hungry ... for attention.


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She looks like a giant egg sphere thing. I feel nauseous.

1834 days ago


While feeding the babies, she still has time to strike a pose for the cameras. She looks so staged and stupid.

I'm just happy the babies look well nourished and aren't dressed up in Gucci.

1834 days ago


This woman is disgusting. The kids should be given to good adoptive homes and the press should shut this woman off from plublicity.

1834 days ago


At least she treats her kids right, and loves them. Kate Gosselins treats her kids like they are props for the camera. Nadia is a way better mother to her children, than media whore Kate

1834 days ago

Linda Mott    

This looks staged. I'm sure she could have gone in the backyard to get some fresh air. She is looking for press coverage. The kids look very uncomfortable.

1834 days ago


Oh look the 15 turds!!!!!!!!!!!!! if she bends over i will shove all of them right back up her usless ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1834 days ago

Travolta couldn't handle the truth either    

I feel so bad for the TWO SCREAMING babies having to wait to eat!!!

1834 days ago


I would totally do her. She's so hot. Can't stop thinking about her.

1834 days ago


LOL! Whoever that was that said she looks like MJ needs to get their eyes checked. They look nothing alike. That is actually an insult to Michael because he had alot more class than she ever will. At least he could afford to take care of his kids and was not trying to get in front of the cameras to show them off. If I'm not mistaking, didn't she have to apply for welfare to take care of those kids? That's what I heard a few months back. Also, her mom refused to help her take care of those kids too.

LOL! I was just thinking. She and Jermaine would make the perfect couple since they love to make lots of babies and can't afford to take care of them. It wouldn't surprise me if Jermaine was the father of these kids.

1834 days ago


Any mother will tell you either breast or bottlefeeding one of the most wonderful moments you can share with your baby as they eat you stare into their eyes, talk to them, sing songs, and have that wonderful bonding moment together. This is almost sad...true we are only getting a glimpse, but how do these little children get their one on one bonding moments that are so important. What a selfish women.

1834 days ago


She and Kanye should get together and battle it out for who needs the most attention.

1834 days ago


And before I get any comments saying .Life isnt all pampers moments like me I know..I have more then one child. So I know first hand how busy it can be...but when you have a small daycare all at once like that..there is NO WAY to give that attention needed.

1834 days ago


What a sad situation.

None of those children stands a chance at any kind of a future.

I'd really rather not have to hear anything more about octo or her poor children. It's just too heartbreaking.

1834 days ago


The babies are cute though

1834 days ago


Better they're with her than separated and shipped out to foster homes. Yes, it was a stupid thing she did but they're here now so hopefully other people will learn from this. At least she's keeping them together.

1834 days ago
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