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OJ Gives People Heart Attacks -- Allegedly

9/14/2009 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. SimpsonOne of the guys who was allegedly held at gunpoint when OJ Simpson tried getting his stuff back is now suing the jailed killer, claiming he suffered multiple heart attacks as a result of the robbery and that Simpson is responsible.

Bruce Fromong filed the personal injury lawsuit in Las Vegas. Fromong is a memorabilia dealer who had some of Simpson's stuff in a Las Vegas hotel room when OJ came a callin'.

Fromong claims as a result of Simpson's violent rampage, he suffered "great bodily injury." Fromong's lawyer tells us the "great bodily injury" is several heart attacks. He's suing for infliction of emotional distress, negligence as well as assault and battery.

Fromong is suing for unspecified compensatory and punitive damages. OJ's assets are sketchy, but we're told Fromong is banking on Simpson's homeowners policy paying the damages.

By the way, we called Simpson a killer because a civil jury found he slaughtered Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. We also called him a killer because he's a killer.


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OJ Simpson was found NOT quilty, He went back to redeam his stolen posessions and was set UP . SAD

1830 days ago


OJ needs to take personal responsibility for killing 2 people and Fromong need to take personal responsibility for the crap he put into his body and for being out of shape.

1830 days ago

Duke Steele    

What does this guy think hes going to get from OJ? The killer hasn't even paid a dime to either the Browns or the Goldmans.

1830 days ago


It always amazes me how many people can steadfastly deny OJ Simpson killed his ex-wife based on a "not guilty" verdict from a CA jury and yet many of those same people would gladly deny Michael Jackson's apparent lack of guilt based on the same.

Jackson had even less evidence against him than Simpson did. He walked and yet he's still a pedophile convicted in the court of opinion though even the kid he paid off under duress has apparently waffled several times on his story and is now saying his father made him do it. Ditto the other two kids, neither one of them is a credible case, and the latter of the two made a complete fool of himself on the stand and backed down from a civil suit post haste once he blew the criminal one.

Same DA both cases as I recall.

But Simpson got away scott free and Jackson's reputation suffered a blow it never will recover from.

Of the two I tend to think Simpson's case was by far the weaker and a lot of his actions since do tend to make him look guilty.

I can see him not wanting to pay on the civil suit, but him avoiding the subject of finding Nicole's "real" killer all the time and not helping to do it after his big protest that he would that just doesn't sit well. He should have been doing more to help there, if he was indeed innocent.

Jackson, they have never given us any real proof, and the 3 kids, or their parents, are all basically coming off as having used the system, or trying to, to get a pay off. The one kid, he's made some really bad comments about his Dad and how little of that money he actually saw. That says a lot to me about how valid this who thing was. Jackson should have never been charged, not sans any real evidence and with those 3 kids statement. The DA, whatever power trip he was on, he almost completely ruined a man's life and reputation and a decade later there's still just nothing to support any of it and now Jackson's dead, way too young, and his own children will have to live with a tainted world view of their father forever when it's likely he did absolutely nothing to deserve it.

That's sad.

If it were my Dad?

I'd be absolutely devastated.

OJ, his own kids barely even talk to him, but Jackson's kids clearly adored him.

What a legacy to live with, poor things...

1830 days ago



1830 days ago


Ron and Nicole deserved what they got!

1830 days ago


I feel I shouldnt comment negatively on this man. He could hunt me down and murder me....... and get away with it.


1830 days ago

Belinda Horton    

Some people will have a higher court

1830 days ago


O.J.= Open jugular

1830 days ago

Belinda Horton    

you know what he spent on defense I got of bought and shared my product with women to cover her abuse marks I starred doing what I do because I was in a domestic relationship got went to grand jury and circit court copped a deal as usual but, I am working and working on my social work degree I think he should have to donate to a domestic shelter I supply the make up for the women to help them start to feel better

1830 days ago

the godfather    


1830 days ago

Bob Bain    

O.J. was found not guilty in a criminal trial. The civil trial never should have taken place and was only allowed because some people felt he got away with murder.

The way I see it and the way the Law sees it is that once a person is tried for murder and they are found not guilty, they are not guilty for murder and can never be held accountable for that crime.

I don't care if he did or did not. Some times you have to take out the garbage.

1830 days ago

Belinda Horton    

Let me just re-do what I what trying to say. I got so up set remmbering the abuse I suffered that I just missed spelled words. I started selling and sharing Marykay product with women because I know what its like to have to hide marks and burses. I got out of that relationship and feel better about my self. I sell marykay
and I am working on a social work degree.
Sorry about the misspelled words and the unclear messege was taken back and had to repose my self. Men who abuse should have to work with other women and provide make-up and self defense classes and Pay in one form or the other if he keeps getting away with abuse and serves no jail time.

1830 days ago


How can he get any money when OJ still owes the Brown
family $38 million from their civil suit?

1830 days ago



>>By the way, we called Simpson a killer because a civil jury found he slaughtered Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. We also called him a killer because he's a killer.

1830 days ago
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