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Taylor -- Beyonce 'Immediately' Reached Out

9/14/2009 5:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor -- Beyonce 'Immediately' Reached OutAs soon as the VMAs ended, Beyonce Knowles wasted no time distancing herself from Kanye West's infamous hissy fit -- we're told Bey's camp almost "immediately" approached Taylor Swift to make sure she was okay.

Taylor's rep tells us Beyonce's father Mathew Knowles approached Taylor outside her dressing room once her subway car performance was over.

We're told Mathew wanted to make sure Taylor was doing fine after West's diss -- and they even discussed ways to make up for it.

Taylor's rep tells us the singer was mainly upset because she wasn't able to thank her fans for voting for her -- which was eventually made right when Beyonce invited her back on stage to finish what she started.

Taylor's reps tell us she had never met Beyonce or Kanye before the last night's weirdness went down.

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maybe jay leno put up kanye to do something so people will watch his show tonight.

1843 days ago



1843 days ago


BEyonce got her award she deserved best video of the year.. If Kanye would have waited to see that then this would have neever happened. Taylor won best female video.. I love that video its very sweet. Taylor handled it with class as did Beyonce.. Kayne can apologize all he wants but in reality he is the on that made an a** of himself on live TV. Taylor got the award she deserved and Beyonce got the award she deserved.. Everyone loved the Single Ladies Video.. Thats why lots of people have put up thier on videos of themselves trying to do that dance including some fat man in spandex! Maybe thats why Beyonce got BEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR.. Which is what she deserved.. she got robbed of her spot light becuase she had to share with Taylor but that wasnt Taylors fault JUST KAYNES.. He is soo full of himself.. Get over it buddy You'll never be Sean Combs, or Jay Z.. This isnt his first temper tantrum when he didnt get what he wanted..

1843 days ago


#1: dont read it - "waste your time" if you aren't interested. obviously you are interested like everyone else who commented or even come to TMZ.

1843 days ago

Alan C    

Bottom-line . . . K A N Y E is STILL THE ULTIMATE - KING of the DOUCHE-BAGS! Long Live the KING! You DOUCHE-BAG!

1843 days ago


Hmm looks like #8 is an idiot too.

1843 days ago


#8/h is apparently just as big of a moron as Kanye. Why would you say Taylor needs a thicker skin?? Have we heard one peep out of her since the incident? No. She handled herself with class and dignity which says a lot about a 19 year old. (I am 31 and I would have knocked his teeth down his throat if he did that to me.) Kanye however is just another ghetto thug who doesn't have the maturity or intelligence to think before he acts or opens his mouth.

1843 days ago


Hey "Lisa M in Cincy",

so you really, really love Taylor Smith??? Yeah, we can tell you are a HUGE fan. Maybe you need to learn her last name...

1843 days ago


Did Beyonce deserve the award over Taylor? Yes And I Like Taylor Swift alot, but what Kanye did to her was so dissrespectful,immature and inexcusable.As far as Beyonce goes a CLASS ACT all the way.

1843 days ago

the sea    

Kanye wouldn't have apologized if Beyonce hadn't won "video of the year" award.

He was just to STOOOPID to wait for that award. Probably didn't even know it was coming up. What a jerk.

1843 days ago


He is such an ass face. Nothing can go on without him freakin out about it. He stole a once in a lifetime moment from a teenager, who is an extremely talented artist and has worked very hard to get where she is. The way she handled herself was amazing. He deserves to lose his entire fan base, and anyone who supports him is a total jerk off.

1843 days ago


I can't believe people are on here supporting what Kanye did. Come on people he was wrong. Just because he didn't win or his favorite didn't win, that happens, and I'm sure all Taylor's fans were happy for her. Not everyone is into hip hop or what ever. Kayne was wrong, when you lose you lose be a bigger person. And it wasn't even his right to be pissed it was the people in Taylor's catagory. Kayne has always had a big mouth. He stepped up when he didn't win and whinned about it on National TV. He is a baby and he needs to be put in his place. They should ban him from all awards for the next 2 years that will teach him no soap box forum to rant his BS. He is such a loser and proves it every time he opens his big mouth. I can't believe people still follow him. He is so not a roll model for young kids he is a sore losers. But the worse part is he didn't lose he just needs the spot light on him as usual. What a piece of work he is, getting the spot light from the people who deserve it.

1843 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Class, Class, Class, CLASS!! tgats all I have to say.. Bey I just love you!!

1843 days ago


Kanye.. A**hole of the year.. He did it to himself on live TV. Taylor got the award she deserved.. & Beyonce got the award she deserved.. "B" had to share her acceptance speech with Taylor Because Kanye jacked that up.. He couldnt even wait to see that "B" got Video of the year.. Noo he had to steal the light from Taylor.. Boy after "B" got her award.. Kanye looked like an even bigger A**

And who cares if Taylor sings country? It was about the Video.. Kayne just wanted some light since his A** cant earn it himself.. This isnt his first temper tantrum.. What a baby.. Taylor is younger and held herself alot better than Kanye ever could!

1843 days ago


i heard that jay-z backed up kanye and got into a fight with beyonce for what she did for taylor.... another ass! then he leaves the vmas without her and calls up rihanna to go with him to the afterparty!

1843 days ago
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