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Taylor -- Beyonce 'Immediately' Reached Out

9/14/2009 5:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor -- Beyonce 'Immediately' Reached OutAs soon as the VMAs ended, Beyonce Knowles wasted no time distancing herself from Kanye West's infamous hissy fit -- we're told Bey's camp almost "immediately" approached Taylor Swift to make sure she was okay.

Taylor's rep tells us Beyonce's father Mathew Knowles approached Taylor outside her dressing room once her subway car performance was over.

We're told Mathew wanted to make sure Taylor was doing fine after West's diss -- and they even discussed ways to make up for it.

Taylor's rep tells us the singer was mainly upset because she wasn't able to thank her fans for voting for her -- which was eventually made right when Beyonce invited her back on stage to finish what she started.

Taylor's reps tell us she had never met Beyonce or Kanye before the last night's weirdness went down.

kayne west


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Total class act on Beyonce and family's part. Total loser on Kanye's part. Grow up little man.

1873 days ago

joseph wilson    

In an honorable and true responce to kanye's actions, first i do believe that is was an outburst that could have been saved but on the other hand on things i take his outburst as nothing more than a release that everyone has been wanting but not willing to say. I think its time that we began to speak therefore maybe, just maybe all of america will act and behave true. Take note of things: did taylor herself not say that she focuses on "country" music? please take note america, im not saying if we don't win that award we should win or thought we should have won that we have the right to behave without compassion for another human being to express yourself but, what i am saying is that if......just if america we as a nation began to give awards to artist-while they are living, dispite there age, and most of all in the right category as taylor wasn't then there wouldn't be a need for any artist to defend their idenity or self worth as kanye did for his fellow friend and artist. these are just may opinions but maybe we could give it a try. what do you think?

1873 days ago


TMZ No Sean Penn and Jessica White Story Wonder Why

1873 days ago

R.I.P. K.O.P.    


You need to hear an ole' school smack down in the tradition of Mama West! Shame, shame on ya.

And I wish that Taylor had smacked ya upside the head with that moon man:) But she is just a kid and is more classy than that.

Congratulations to Ms. Beyonce for offering Taylor the spotlight. That was a very Michael Jackson thing to do, B.

Peace and Love and Happiness ...

1873 days ago


Kanya's a Classless Hot Head, with No Talent so he has to use his big mouth & liquor to hurt other people. He should not be aloud at any award shows, he's not going to win any how, and he surely won't be missed.

1873 days ago


What do you think would have happened if someone had done this moronic deed to Kayne on stage? I think we know the answer to that one.

1873 days ago


Beyonce is a sweetheart. Like she said, she won her first VMA award when she was seventeen so she can only imagine how horrible it would of been if she had someone do that to her. She realizes that its important for young artists to win awards and she saw...well everyone crushed Taylor was with Kanye's antics. Like Katy Perry said, 'its like he stomped on a kitten'.

1873 days ago


Kanye, if you need liquid courage to put the shame on that poor 19 year old girl, you are an idiot! Pick on someone who at least has a chance to whip your ass! If Kanye and Jay-Z are such good buds, Jay-Z needs to put the "smack-down" on Kanye's butt and he has the clout to do it! To use Jay-Z's wife for his own "political means", he needs to beat that fool down. Better take your apology and shove it where the sun don't shine. You do this at EVERY awards ceremony where your "bro" or "sista" don't win. Kan-yeah can issue a million apologies and then he and Chris Brown can have a pity party watching their careers go swirling down the drain. Rhianna and Taylor need to form a support group for all f'ing jerk-of*'s that have lost their temper from a hard day's night. Too bad, boy, your career, if you ever had one, should be over as if anyone cares! Kanye, you will feel this one in the wallet. The projects are waiting for your call!

1873 days ago

Rourke Hater    

This idiot needs to have his ass reamed for this crap. We all know this useless piece of crap thinks he's God, but someone needs to take this little punk and beat the crap out of him. Show the little bastard some respect.

1873 days ago


First of all, it was nice and thoughtful of Beyonce to call Taylor swift up so she could thank her fans, but it was not Beyonces fault, she had nothing to do with kayne west saying what he said.
I guess she felt responsible somehow, again even though we know it was kayne's fault. It really should have been the host to come and
say something (even jokingly to lighten the mood) and then give taylor her moment. I felt bad for both taylor and beyonce being put in that embarassing situation.

1873 days ago


By the way, for all you Taylor haters... Taylor writes and composes her own songs. ALL of them. And she has been writing songs for other artists since she was 13 YEARS OLD! Learn something about her before saying that Kanye is right for what he did. I don't remember reading that Kanye wrote songs for other well-known artists at 13-14 years old...

I hate country music, but she has more talent in her little finger than Kanye has in his whole a-hole body. So, yes she deserved to win.

1873 days ago


What a low "slime" west is, this is another incident of where now that there is a black president the arrogance of thinking they own the world. It takes more than color to make a man, West is not, he is to full of himself, very small, not even a man in any sense of the word.I sincerely hope he goes down the tubes along with Chris Brown

1873 days ago

steve tole    

If i were Taylor , I would have gotten total evil on him. I would have said either "hey kanye tell your mom i said hi..oh wait she's dead" or "hey kanye do you know any good liposuction doctors? "

1873 days ago


damn deedee you're right LMAO. tmz always has the worst pictures of the victims on this damn site.

1873 days ago

s jules    

Beyonce, Thank you. You are a classy lady. Kudos to you for giving Taylor the moment she deserved.

Kayne, you are an idiot and should have been escorted out of the theatre. Any ''regular'' person would have been kicked out for doing that.

1873 days ago
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