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Whitney Houston --

Bobby Spit In My Face

9/14/2009 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's no secret Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown had a volatile relationship -- but today on "Oprah," Houston described one particularly vicious instance where he allegedly spit on her, she made him bleed ... and their daughter watched the whole thing.

Whitney Houston: Click to watch


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Has the O spent the last year on an eating binge. She looks hugh lately

1863 days ago

I am Me    


Bobby-Beee made me do it

Cocaine Brownies...and mama had 16 of them

1863 days ago


Yea Whitney--you are not all sweetness and light--fess up or shut up. We know what you been doing all these years its been plastered all over the tv and then of course your reality show of living in the dregges of society but you took drugs because you loved Bobby and he abused you and made you so sad...oh

1863 days ago


What kind of interview is it when the interviewer ask all the questions then answer's them???????

We know what ya been doing Whit--own up to it and you didn't take time off to play mommie--you were in lala land with your drug addicted self. That was your choice not someone else's. Put up or shut up.

1863 days ago

Barbara Hughes    

After viewing the interview that Oprah is currently showing, I feel that Whitney is selling Oprah and the world a bill of goods. To me, she is giving the answers that Oprah wants, and has an "I don't care" type of demeaner. She is faking it, I feel.

1863 days ago


Sad to say that she will never have the voice that she did. She ruined her God given gift by abusing her body. But more importantly, who was taking care of Bobbi Kristina when Whintey chose to get high? How can she say she loves her daughter and yet make the choice to be a drugged out mother? Here was a woman who had it all, a spiritual upbringing, a solid family and all the money and fame that could have been used to do good. Horrible, horrible, horrible decisions.

1863 days ago



1863 days ago


Who is she kidding...they were both down in the dirt together. Both of them are ghetto trash, honestly she seems even trashier than he ever could.

1863 days ago


A lot pf u people must be children on here. This woman has been through a lot, and some of ya'll are saying she's blaming everything on Bobby when she's not. I did not hear her say one time that Bobby was the one that got her on drugs or anything like that. She said her and Bobby was determined 2 make the marriage work, and it was very obvious that he was jealous of her who wouldn't b @ the time. But I am proud of Whitney she came back strong and her cd sounds good, and I hope she keeps doing what she's doing and don't worry bout' the haters cause they're always gonna b out there.

1863 days ago


How many times did Whitney's mother get a court order to get Whit in rehab only for Whitney to sign herself out?

What is she broke again--blew all that money on cocaine. Whitney needs to stay in rehab and do the work before she comes out and "tries" to sing and "tries" to do interviews.

Whitney is too much in denial and blame games and her music is lousy to even be making a debut of any kind.

1863 days ago

oh well is full of poo!!!    

Well I used to like her music back in the 80's as well as Bobby Browns she had some good songs so did he.I guess after they got married they at some point started doing drugs and had a very abusive relationship.I know abuse is very serious and I would never find that funny but these 2 I don't know it seemed like such a circus and so much drama but I guess that was the because of maybe the drug use????I never saw Whitney in that light before she never seemed like a person that would even take drugs but you never know I guess.The way they acted sometimes seemed so crazy and then they had a reality show at one time and they both looked in bad shape like I said I don't know about those 2 but I am glad Whitney is making a comeback that is good for her.

1863 days ago


Whitney,Whitney,Whitney,what u doin girl? Is it just me or did she seem to light up and get excited when she talked to Oprah about the drugs and "instructed" her on how to do coke with weed. Looked like she was getting high just thinking about it. She is sickening. She was God-given all wonderful things in life and she couldn't throw it all away fast enough. As far as staying with Bobby because she was raised to take her marriage vows seriously? Since she had such a proper and religious upbringing, surely she was taught to NOT become a crack ho, but she didn't stick to that rule, did she?

1863 days ago

Vivian Little    

The sad part about Whitney also is that they fail to mention or acknowlege all the miscarriages she's endured just to subject their child they finally had to the worst situations. You would think that they'd carry themselves better than that.

1863 days ago


Did my ears deceive me or what? Did Oprah say "I look to you" is #1" by Whitney is #1? Is she joking? Since when? Now Oprah is lying? Someone please explain cause I read it dropped out at #74 a few weeks ago. I checked Amazon and they are selling it really cheap at half price and it has bad reviews. The reviews say Whitney's voice has deteriorated into husky hoarseness. What is the truth here.

1863 days ago


If Oprah wanted to help Whitney then she should send her to rehab or go with her cause Whit needs rehab time and to do the work like druggers need to do.

Oprah needs to get out of her tower cause she has lost touch and don't need to think the world is so stupid they are going to buy what she is selling.

1863 days ago
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