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Wynonna Parts the Red ... Hairline

9/14/2009 1:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Moses may have parted the Red Sea, but Wynonna Judd has carved a viable path through an even bigger wave ... her red/orange weave.


The 45-year-old country music heavyweight showed off her curiously dissected 'do at an event in Nashville on Thursday.

It's to dye for.


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Harvey, what happened to class...You are selling out to the expense of celebs...who in the old days had privacy and respect.
Why would anyone even consider showbiz anymore, as a profession... as you build them up to tear them down...ruining any confidence or pride and talent they ever had? Humiliating them in every way you can?
This whole new world of exploitation started as something silly and in good humor, and spread to a disgusting embarrassment of the human race...
I don't wish any of you harm...but I sincerely question your conscience...
So,will you be proud of this cruelty as you cross over to the next world, if there is one?
If there isn't.and any of us lay with cancer or a disease on our deathbeds...will we actually feel good about the hell we have brought on others>?
Just food for thought! JMHO!

1830 days ago


Posted at 1:44AM on Sep 14th 2009 by Rachel

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Obviously you haven't been to the south or seen the people who attend the Republican National Convention. They're all fat slobs. And white.

1830 days ago



Have you been to the south? Because the last time I was there, there were fat black people too. And I have not personally been to a RNC, but they're not all fat slobs. They may be old and on the way out, but they're not all fat.

1830 days ago


Wynonna can out sing anyone and yo momma! WYNONNA is BEAUTIFUL and I love her!!!

Suck it HATERS............................

1830 days ago


She looks like a drag queen. She pix of Divine.

1830 days ago


Obviously you haven't been to the deep South in a long while. Both AA and Caucasians tend to age very badly here unless they have money to burn. Obesity is spiraling out of control, period and the sun tends to put wrinkles on you when you are 25 unless you stay out of it completely which is hard to do if you want to go anywhere.

Smoking, drinking hard, sun, they can all age you pretty bad, regardless of race. Stay clean of chemicals, out of the sun, and exercise, watch your diet and you will look younger than most people these days.

1830 days ago

every person on earth    

wow! ronald mcdonald looks terrible!

1830 days ago



1830 days ago

edward every    

Tiks, thought it was Rosie O!!!!

1830 days ago

Miss Nancy    

I'm experiencing some degree of distress trying to understand why Miss Judd's hand is porcelain white while her face looks like she's been lying on the beach in St Tropez for a week!! Or in her case probably a beach in Biloxi, Mississippi.

1830 days ago


I think she looks great . What is wrong with you people?.. You expect everyone to look like barbie dolls..

1830 days ago

the sea    

She has too much Botox in her forehead. Could her eyebrows BE any higher?

1830 days ago

ho hater    

Justin, you're a doctor about like I am. All you are is a liar. Is a doctor what you wanted to be when you grew up? LOL!! Bless your ignorant heart. Maybe one day.

And poor Adam, just go away. You're just an obvious idiot. Not wasting much more keying on you. Moron.

1830 days ago


she looks considerably older than her given age

1830 days ago

oh pleeaase    

I agree most white people do age badly, but I think its mostly because of sun damage. As for black woman not having saggy breast or being fat? get real!! saggy breast are something found in women of all colors and breast sizes, and I most black women are a few or more pounds overweight and to me....there is NOTHING wrong with that! Whats the saying....only dogs want bones!

1830 days ago
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