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Dr. Murray

You Give Propofol

A Bad Name

9/15/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bad NameThere's a new drug problem in the U.S. -- Propofol.

We've called a bunch of hospitals and anesthesiologists who tell us ... since Michael Jackson's death a number of patients were worried sick about being put under with Propofol. The docs have had to walk their patients through the procedures they use to ensure safety.

We're told some patients are outright refusing to be put under with the drug that killed M.J.

The medical experts we've spoken with say Propofol is a great drug that is relatively safe when administered properly -- that was clearly not the case with Jackson.


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I'm honestly very tired of hearing about how people abuse drugs - WAKE UP, PEOPLE! I'm sorry that Michael Jackson died, but I have a very serious illness that I DID NOT bring on myself. I happen to enjoy Bon Jovi's music, and now I have to be subjected to even that being defamed by the "King of Pop"? DROP IT ALL READY!!!

1862 days ago


Hey Bubba -

Tell me more on what you know! I plan on seeing the movie but with an open mind and 'looking' for more clues. Do you have any idea what '7' has to do with any of this?

I myself have decided if I ever have to go in for surgery, I won't be put out by propofol. I know that it probably completely safe when in the hospital but do you really want to take the chance? And the reason the doc hasn't been arrested yet will probably be playing out very soon - at least I'm hoping. I read the DA has been given the investigation and something 'big' will be happening.

We love you more Michael!!!

1862 days ago


271. 83. .....This is how I see the players lineup & culpability:

Posted at 5:01PM on Sep 15th 2009 by nice enough to say it twice

Read more:

You need psychiatric help - ASAP

1862 days ago


She is doing wonderful!

Her daddy says she is trying to get up! She is only a couple of weeks old. You know they say when they do that, they are moving out of the way for the next one!

Gypsy, sweetie, I know you aren't dead yet, I see you now and again. I don't get here like I used to. Not like it used to be huh?
We need some new stories and some real things happening. No real movement going on.
It's nice though to see some new blood on the boards.
Work is picking up. It's getting into the holiday season, so it's our busy time of the year.
I'm still doing my research behind the scenes as usual. Finding some interesting things.
Learning a lot about Michael. A very complex man. The media sure loved to twist things. People should educate themselves on the subject matter.

Justice for Michael!

1862 days ago

They were in it for the money    

To #290. You can really tell in the trailer that some of those 'Michael's' are not Michael at all! With all this new art and ways they can doctor camera techiniques, you'd be surprised. Using doubles, etc. You really do not know when some of the footage was actually shot. Then the singing and the music. They are using the same techniquies they do in concerts. Using soundtrack and lip synching. - I am also going to try and clarify something about this same old story about Michael's kids being mixed. Cameras have filters on them, many degrees of filters. they can enhance or darken skin tones with filters and lighting. Personally I don't care, Michael has his name of the BC, that's all that matters, by law they are his kids. I too wonder if this Klien didn't pull the wool over Michael's eyes along with Debbie, she gets injected, then she sleeps with Michael, making him believe the babies are his. He was pretty gullible in life as we know it. Man, I wish Michael had one solid true blue friend all his life. What a tragedy that is in itself.

1862 days ago



1862 days ago


Gypsy .... you promised to lead .... sadly I am coming down off of the flu and Im not following . I speak of this and the next several posts by you.


267. They "think" false flattery will get them everywhere.

Posted at 4:40PM on Sep 15th 2009 by TheWanderingGypsy

1862 days ago


I read a post from Bubba concerning the This is It trailer. I have to agree with that poster, something doesn't seem right about what I am viewing. It does run through the highlights pretty quickly. Do you think the movie will show the entire acts?
WHAT about the earlier reports of Michael having bruises..on his back, on his legs? Do you think this was related to his rehearsals? I had
read where when he was going to the announcement, that he sort of fell out of the car..
he was 90 minutes late.
Poster Bubba, can you further explain why you feel the trailer was/is strange to you?

1862 days ago


I've been given the drug Propofol many times for surgeries. My mom was just given this drug last thursday during a procedure and she come out of it within minutes no problems. I had asked the doctor what medicine they were goin to use to put her out before hand as my mother has many allergies to drugs. He tells me its his secret, I look at him and say it's Propofol isn't it. He looks at me and asks me if I worked there. I said no. He asked then how do I know about Propofol. I said cause it's the Michael Jackson drug. He then went to inform me of the medicine and even showed me the syringe with the Propofol in it. Yes it does look like milk. It is a very safe drug if used in hospital setting and under a professional.

1862 days ago


Its the first time that you check some sources.

1861 days ago


first off mr.muray gives doctor's in general a bad name and why hasn't the issue of that monster{murray} being with james brown at the time of his death or being present also with james brown wife at the time of her death been investigated.

1861 days ago

danger baby    

disfasia, the deposition clip i was looking for yesterday just showed up on youtube! some of this has been airing on 'the insider' and 'et'.

here's another older deposition taken in london (he was living in bahrain at the time):

here's another one. he breaks into song while testifying.

1861 days ago
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