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Dr. Murray

You Give Propofol

A Bad Name

9/15/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bad NameThere's a new drug problem in the U.S. -- Propofol.

We've called a bunch of hospitals and anesthesiologists who tell us ... since Michael Jackson's death a number of patients were worried sick about being put under with Propofol. The docs have had to walk their patients through the procedures they use to ensure safety.

We're told some patients are outright refusing to be put under with the drug that killed M.J.

The medical experts we've spoken with say Propofol is a great drug that is relatively safe when administered properly -- that was clearly not the case with Jackson.


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...Brought forward from...

Jackson's Beatles Songs -- Let it Be
Posted Sep 14th 2009 6:55AM by TMZ Staff

168. It's great to see most of Jackson's fans have moved on with their lives, and that only ten or so people remain.

Posted at 1:28AM on Sep 15th 2009 by Verbana from Switzerland

169. ...MJ fans have always been "moving on" with their lives.
they are lurking here now, watching and waiting.

If the LAPD, DEA, LAC Coroners Ofc, LA Mayors Ofc, & CA Attorney Generals Ofc can so conveniently wait, so can MJs fans.

There also appears to be a mandatory mass media waiting game.

If this is going to be a waiting game.
It will be a waiting game worth waiting for.

MJ fans are reserving their comments for newsworthy commentary.
And reserving their energy for reactionary action.


Joe Jackson seems to be the only one presently in the news.
In the past 2 days:
JJ has been interviewed & photographed at the VMAs.

Interviewed by FOX. Where JJ states that the LAPD has advised him to made no comments re the Michael Jackson MURDER investigation.

And a new? youtube JJ interview has surfaced wherein JJ so poignantly discusses MJs passing.

There is always a lull before a fantastic storm
Always a lull before a storm worth waiting for.


Posted at 2:53AM on Sep 15th 2009 by TheWanderingGypsy

170. ***And there appears also to be a Michael Jackson Family Trust courtroom hearing waiting game.

No word from Judge Beckloff, John Branca, Londell McMillan, Margaret Lodise, or Ed Chernoff?

Which side of the fence will be the jumping off side?

Posted at 3:04AM on Sep 15th 2009 by TheWanderingGypsy

1826 days ago


I hope the murderer is already placed on home detention.I doubt it he could go anywhere without being reconized anyway.

1826 days ago


12. Michael Jackson had guts to be put under with propofol for his sleeping disorder. Both Michael, and Dr. Murray knew they were playing with poison. Eventually michael drew a bad card, and it only take on bad draw to die, and never come back death.

Posted at 1:56AM on Sep 15th 2009 by pie

I like you pie. We both should have been born in the 1850s. :)

1826 days ago


11. Whatever happened to good old Ether soaked into a cloth? Put that over your mouth and nose, and you're out quite nicely.

Posted at 1:54AM on Sep 15th 2009 by LovesMeSomeEther

12. Michael Jackson had guts to be put under with propofol for his sleeping disorder. Both Michael, and Dr. Murray knew they were playing with poison. Eventually michael drew a bad card, and it only take on bad draw to die, and never come back death.

Posted at 1:56AM on Sep 15th 2009 by pie


I love you LoveMeSomeEther and pie.

We, all three should have been born in the 1850s!! :)

1826 days ago


"We, all three should have been born in the 1850s!! :)"

You sure are right about that!It would save people from reading your idiotic comments years later.God knows we can do without a few ones.

1826 days ago


28. Did anyone NOT know Michael's first plastic surgeon; the one who messed him up was introduced to Michael by none other than a person known as EVAN and his son? True!

Posted at 2:31AM on Sep 15th 2009 by Sister Mary Michael Joseph

Really? Chandler? Can you tell me about that or offer me a link?

1826 days ago


..Well I guess that puts the Doc in the clear since he didn't know where the surveillance equipment and tapes were located, he didn't call Las Vegas but Houston, and he left all the oxygen tanks and Propofol at MJs house in Holmby for the LAPD to find.

1826 days ago


THNX gucci for keeping the faith

1826 days ago


34..Posted at 2:58AM on Sep 15th 2009 by lankandiva

Dang lankandiva I never thought you had it in you!
Rest easy sweetheart noone no matter how hard they may try will succeed in destroying MJs legacy.

yes MJ is at Peace in ForeverLand

1826 days ago


40...Posted at 3:28AM on Sep 15th 2009 by Raejean

The first reports "leaked" WERE that there were low dosages of Propofol. Those sources of "leaks" have been removed from the Coroners office, as reported.

1826 days ago

just sayen    

I just went through the This Is It trailer pictures on MTV & the trailer video over and over. I know watching the movie is going to be so very hard on us all who love him so as watching the trailer is for me or anything about this sad ending or his life. Even though there are many moments all my life he has brought such joy & so many smiles as well as healing. But is anyone else hit with just how thin Michael was through this & you can compare him to "anyone" else around him from dancers to crew. The magic, the talent, the voice, the dance, the moves are there but his frame totally worries me over & over & wonder why no one in or around him did not notice this or do something? Cut back on rehearsals, cut back on performances, slowed it down so he could live through it. Every shot he has a couple of shirts or more on with a jacket & loose fitting pants. Michael when fit for a tour was a magnificent man in physique with talent and voice to burn beyond any we will ever see or experience. How in heavens name could they have pushed him so hard to book him 50 shows or more solid? Worse yet what the H%11 was Murray thinking as a so called doctor surely he knew in giving such dosage. I am not a doctor but I know about dehydration & performance & how it affects things. I cry each time I watch. Why in heaven & earth didn't someone love you enough Michael for you alone & not the $ you bank rolled or the fame by being connected to you.
RIP Michael
The King of Pop
We will never forget!
There will be justice.
We will
Heal the world!

1826 days ago


I am being silly but I have a an op coming up in 2 weeks and I know exactly who I will be thinking about as they put me under!!!!!

1826 days ago


short answer TM: they really,really wanted to kill him.

1826 days ago


56..Posted at 4:39AM on Sep 15th 2009 by T.M.

Good reasoning. But weren't those 50 performances spread out to average approx 1 a week? At least that's was my understanding from what I read.
If you're in half way decent physical condition that shouldn't prove to be that strenuous for a 50 yr old.
thnx for your post.

1826 days ago


Hi, if you have info, COULD YOU PLEASE ANSWER?

1- What period Branca was working with MJ?
2- Isn't it odd that he appeared out of nowhere and was rehired 7 days before MJ's death to be the executive of his will?
3- why did MJ signed a will where the name of his children were WRONG?
4- What period Thome was working with MJ?
5- Please speculate as to why Thome was with Jermaine when MJ cut ties with Thome & Thome threatened MJ to "bring destruction to him & his family"?
6- when was Conrad hired?

THank you

1826 days ago
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