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H.O.V.A.'s Heroes -- Jay-Z Parties Army Strong

9/15/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While Kanye West used the VMAs to destroy a young girl's hopes and dreams -- Jay-Z was busy making dreams come true for a few members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Jay-Z -- Marine Corps
Sources tell us when Jay arrived at the ASICS after party at the 40/40 Club -- which he owns -- on Sunday night, he pulled the uniformed crew from the line outside to walk the red carpet with him.

After that, we're told Jay brought them inside the club and hooked them up with full VIP treatment.

Watch and learn, Kanye.


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Stinky McGee    

Well, I know what that 'sign' translates to in ASL ...

1864 days ago


i am in the military and while what jay did is nice military members are not to wear there uniform in a place like that

1864 days ago


I hope the idiot on the right wearing the Marine Corps dress blue blouse got his ass beat by one of my fellow Marines for disgracing the uniform like that...

1864 days ago


I totally agree, Michael. My hubby is in the USMC. I would HOPE that he has never served in the Marine Corps. I have a hard time imagining anyone who was, or is a MARINE would ever disrespect the uniform like that. If he is Active Duty, he's a dumbass for attempting that. He'll at least get NJP'd if they find out who he is.

1864 days ago


The kid on the right, is not in the military. Good for him for pulling them out to walk the red carpet.

1864 days ago


to 16. Can someone please tell me what that hand gesture symbolizes please... thanx =) i have noooo idea

Posted at 1:43AM on Sep 15th 2009 by slow girl
got me wondering too
a few have posted guesses but does anyone really know?

on Leno last night he did the same thing at the end of the performance

reminds me a bit of when Savage Garden did a similar hand gesture while singing "Affirmation" at the closing celebrations of the Olympic games in Australia a few years back-- to them it represented the letter A for affirmation-very positive thing

what is it to JayZ-he trying to start something new by copying Savage Garden

was surprised he lets himself be seen performing with Kanye on Leno-guess he agreed with West that his wife is the greatest

just wondering

1864 days ago


It is so painful to witness rap/hip-hop. A genre that should have died long ago. It is a tumor on decent and positive society, representative of the opposite of everything that is enjoyable in life.

1864 days ago


Jay-Z: a hip-hop artist with true class. Thanks Jay, for letting these young defenders of our country know that they are respected and appreciated.
Watch and learn, Kanye.

1864 days ago


Power to the black revolution

1864 days ago

Mclovins girl    

27. The guy on the right is either A)a poser or B)a complete f*cking idiot for disrespecting the Marine Blues blouse
like that. It's against MCO to wear wear it like that. God that pisses me off. If the other two guys ARE marines, why in the hell didn't they rip him a new one? BOOTS!

Posted at 4:55AM on Sep 15th 2009 by Marine Wife

Read more:

Maybe because the other two are in the Army not the Marines. Nice to see Jay Z do something nice for a few service members.

1864 days ago


The guy on the right isn't legit that's for sure

1864 days ago


It is physically paining me to look at this dude degregrading the Marine Corps blues. There is no way he is a Marine. Probably didn't finish bootcamp and wanted to wear the uniform.....dumb a$$

1864 days ago


they are trying to do an illuminati hand the all seeing eye in the pyramid. i think it just might be their thing tho, like they are capitalizing on this hand gesture, not sure if they are actually party of the illuminati???

its interesting tho

ha heres a vid!

1864 days ago


i think it might be a gimmick but what do i know??

1864 days ago

o rly    

Jay-Z is a swagger jacker.

1864 days ago
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