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H.O.V.A.'s Heroes -- Jay-Z Parties Army Strong

9/15/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While Kanye West used the VMAs to destroy a young girl's hopes and dreams -- Jay-Z was busy making dreams come true for a few members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Jay-Z -- Marine Corps
Sources tell us when Jay arrived at the ASICS after party at the 40/40 Club -- which he owns -- on Sunday night, he pulled the uniformed crew from the line outside to walk the red carpet with him.

After that, we're told Jay brought them inside the club and hooked them up with full VIP treatment.

Watch and learn, Kanye.


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seeking the truth    

45. they are trying to do an illuminati hand the all seeing eye in the pyramid. i think it just might be their thing tho, like they are capitalizing on this hand gesture, not sure if they are actually party of the illuminati???

its interesting tho

ha heres a vid!
Posted at 9:48AM on Sep 15th 2009 by lulab

Yeah why does Jay-Z do that Illuminati hand symbol???!!

1843 days ago


That's so cool of him. I bet it was a night they'll never forget :)

1843 days ago


One of these things just doesn't belong here... (guy on right is NOT in uniform..he is just making some fashion statement) But VERY VERY COOL JAY-Z! THATS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT!!

1843 days ago


Okay...tell me that guy on the right...No, I am sure he is not a Marine, because a daggone Marine would NEVER EVER EVER disrespect the Marine Corps uniform in any way, especially if they are taking pictures of him. And having an earing??? No Homie, this is not a Marine. This has to be someone who is a part of Jay Zs entourage and is trying to dress up for this publicity stunt. A Marine, no way in hell would ever put on some crap like that. Reminds me of my feelings when Destiny's Child designed some costumes with various parts of the Armed Service uniforms and my stomach just dropped. Please people, you wanna wear the uniform, you sign the contract and serve your country. Dont play Soldier. And you DAMN sure are not going to play Marine...eva. Hope we get some follow up on this.


1843 days ago


It's the sign of RocaFella, his company. He bought the rights to use it from Diamond Dallas or whatever his name was back in like 2005.

1843 days ago


WTF is that guy on the end doing? That is a disrace to the Marine Corps. What the hell was he thinking wearing his Blues jacket with jeans and open combat boots...??? Not cool...being a Marines wife and seeing that is disturbing...hope he gets an ass chewing when he gets back to his duty station!!!!

1843 days ago


Did you know that the sign they are making
with their hands means "vagina" in ASL ...
Good grief.

1843 days ago


hey tmz! get the story right.. the guy on the right is not in military dress!! i hope the other two are not fakers. that would be disgraceful too.

1843 days ago

ex lax    

The one on the far right is there for the M.Jackson tribute!

1843 days ago


Don't be fooled by Jay Z...he is working the press. I heard he went partying with Rihanna after the VMA's and left Beyonce because he was mad at her for apologizing to Taylor. He is the biggest press working racist of all and is fooling everybody....apparently even you TMZ !!!

1843 days ago

summer rain    

Kudos Jay,you and Beyonce show class and professionalism at it's best!!

1843 days ago

Frank Olivo    

Jethro Gibbs needs to smack the guy on the right upside his marine!

1843 days ago


the guy on the right is disgraceful! that is NOT how to wear a marine corps uniform and it saddens me that he got special treatment for being a poser. that is a slap in the face to the REAL marines. have some respect you douche!!!

1843 days ago


Jay-Z & Beyonce are real class. I love them.

1843 days ago


These kids are in a lot of trouble. They are not to be in uniform at a club. They look underage, and may even be fakers. Stupid kids.

1843 days ago
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