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Jessica Simpson --

Coyote Took My Doggy

9/15/2009 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The dog Nick Lachey gave Jessica Simpson as a sign of their once undying love may have met a violent and tragic demise.

Jessica Simpson -- Coyote Took My Doggy

Daisy, Jessica's beloved "carmel colored" Malti-Poo, was snatched right in front of her eyes by a coyote last night.

Jessica has posted a missing dog sign on her Twitter page along with the following message:

My heart is broken because a coyote took my precious Daisy right in front of our eyes. HORROR! We are searching. Hoping. Please help!

It doesn't look good....

Jessica Simpson And Daisy


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Aww, give that M.Vick poster a break....after all, coyotes just do their thing to eat. Doggone it anyways!

1865 days ago


I could never figure out why people who live near coyotes let their dogs alone outside?! Pure stupidity!

1865 days ago


I can't stand Jessica Simpson. I think she is ugly, stupid, untalented, annoying, moronic, and I wish she would crawl back under the rock she came from. Having said that, what has happened to her little dog is awful, just horrible, and I actually feel sorry for her for a change.

Of course, I would feel a lot better if she would fall off the planet, or at least just the tabloid radar. And when she goes for the little tumble, I wish she would take these other talentless hacks with her: daddy Joe, little sister Ashlee, brother-in-law Pete, Lindsay Lohan, Sam Ronson, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Benji and Joel Madden, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, Brooke Hogan, Russell Brand, Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, Kelly Osbourne, and last but not least, Kanye West.

1865 days ago


Maybe she could go to the shelter and adopt a needy dog.

1865 days ago


she prolly thinks that if the coyote sees the missing signs its gonna bring the dog back. DUH!!!!!! if she seen it take the lil dog its obviously gonna not comming back

1865 days ago


1. Why the poster when a freaking coyote TOOK it you idiot!
2. Isn't it CARAMEL color and not carmel?? wtf...stupid blonde!

1865 days ago

I Hate this lame tramp    

Why does she have to make everything public? She is such a media whore it is unbelievable. I feel sorry for the dog, but wasn't it on a leash? If in a backyard, a coyote won't jump a fence, grab a dog, and jump back over. Irresponsible, this girl is too much - a media ho and a dummy.

1865 days ago


Well, was the dog on a leash???? That coyote would have had to FIGHT ME OFF if it were MY dog!! Or did she just stand there shrieking???

1865 days ago


Of course, knowing Joe Simpson and his idiot daughter, I wouldn't put it past either of them to make this story up to get attention for Jessica. She doesn't have a famous or semi-famous boyfriend she's hanging on to right now, no crappy album currently released, no horrendous movie set to be released. And those stupid Macy's commercials will only get you so much attention.

I certainly hope this isn't a publicity stunt for a talentless skank, it is a very cute little dog, and that would be a horrible way for it to die. But her track record for causing commotion to keep herself in the tabloids speaks for itself.

1865 days ago

Just sayin'    

Bitch! You should have let Nick have the dog !

1865 days ago


Uh, Jessica? If he was a coyote's supper last night, he ain't missing you much at all.

1865 days ago


Lighten up you people. This is outrageous behavior, and your jokes are not funny. This is a terrible thing to watch happen to something that you love, no matter who it is. Give this gal a break. She's desperate to find that dog she loves and if she feels better posting signs, so be it. Just remember, what goes around; comes around.

1865 days ago


To #26, but the whole reason she is getting bashed is because she posted "Missing" signs everywhere when she knew that the dog had been taken by coyotes. Like coyotes can read or something.

1865 days ago


Poor Jess you have my prayer's keep the the faith Jess

1865 days ago


She posted the "missing" poster on her twitter page. It ain't like she was going up and down the neighborhood stapling posters to telephone poles or something.

1865 days ago
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