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Jessica Simpson --

Coyote Took My Doggy

9/15/2009 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The dog Nick Lachey gave Jessica Simpson as a sign of their once undying love may have met a violent and tragic demise.

Jessica Simpson -- Coyote Took My Doggy

Daisy, Jessica's beloved "carmel colored" Malti-Poo, was snatched right in front of her eyes by a coyote last night.

Jessica has posted a missing dog sign on her Twitter page along with the following message:

My heart is broken because a coyote took my precious Daisy right in front of our eyes. HORROR! We are searching. Hoping. Please help!

It doesn't look good....

Jessica Simpson And Daisy


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What the hell is going on here, is she hoping that the Coyote in question reads one of those posters and brings the dog back for a reward?

1829 days ago


She no doubt lives in the Hollywood hills. EVERYBODY knows there is a coyote problem there because development has encroached on their natural habitat. Once again, LEASH?????. If you dog is out in the yard & you live there then you have to consider this as a possibility of happening. I wouldn't have allowed my dog to be loose if I lived in that environment. Let the dog have his exercise on a leash & WALK HIM. I'm sorry for the dog & her loss but a little common sense goes a long way.

1829 days ago


Message from Doggy Heaven Bless you all, well almost all, for your blessed wishes for me:) I made it to heaven last night, in one piece (finally!)It did take awhile for the angels of canine reconstruction to do their work-those coyotes are mean! Well, I am off to run through the clouds and chase slow cats and gnaw on the Mike Vick chew toy. Even JC comes here sometimes to punch THAT chew toy.

1829 days ago


Should say red colored

1829 days ago


I agree with #21, if she had the dog on a leash then that would be the day a coyote would just get my dog, they would most likely get my foot in their mouth (I would probably be minus 1 foot) but it would be natural instinct to save the pet!

1829 days ago


I am so sorry!! I bought my Maltipoo because I was in Love with Daisy!! I am heartbroken!!

1829 days ago

John Galt for President 2012    

If Jessica finds the remains of the mutt maybe she can make a pair of mittens out of the fur.

1829 days ago


I love my pets and I would probably be sad if this happened to me but I have to admit I laughed out loud at this story. Jessica Simpson Has got to be the dumbest piece of white trash on the planet. She actually put up a poster for the coyote to bring her dog back? And a poster with misspelled words at that? I'm sorry that's just funny.

1829 days ago


#22 and others that think a leash or a fence would stop a coyote: Nope. Here in southern California, people walking their dogs ON A LEASH at dusk or early morning often see coyotes prowling, and sometimes watch in horror as the dogs are dragged off. I know people who carry golf clubs when they walk their dog because of the problem. I carry a loud whistle and am careful when I go out.

As for walls, Nope again. They'll come over a six-foot-high fence, grab a pet, and jump back with the animal in their mouths. It's just nature, just what they do. It's not just pets, either: coyotes also take small children (

Coyotes are not mean, they're just survivors. We're now sharing southern California with them. Respect them and their abilities and hungers, and you'll probably be all right.

Finally, Jessica reacted in shock and horror when she posted the picture. It might be foolish to think Daisy will be coming back alive, but it is also heartfelt.

1829 days ago


If you actually witness a coyote taking your dog, the chances of getting your dog are about one in say never!!! Yummm supper time!!!!!!

1829 days ago


The dog was suicidal. It couldn't stand being around her any longer.

1829 days ago


Ok, the lost signs aren't going to help. The dog is DEAD!!!!

1829 days ago


Im so sorry to hear about Daisy. Devastating to see it happen, I would have been on that coyotes ass. Im sure they are fast but carrying a at least 5 lb. dog had to slow it down I woulda chucked a big ass rock at it. Recently had this happen to my sisters friend that bought a Chi from one our litters and I was heartbroken so I can only imagine her greif. Again Im sooo sorry wish something could have been done. :(

1829 days ago


Jessica Simpson has to be the most retarded person on the planet. Yeah, put up reward posters for a 'missing' dog that was TAKEN BY A FREAKING COYOTE. IT'S DEAD AND THE COYOTE NEVER WANTED REWARD MONEY IDIOT.

1829 days ago


OMG that is

1829 days ago
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