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Jessica Simpson --

Coyote Took My Doggy

9/15/2009 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The dog Nick Lachey gave Jessica Simpson as a sign of their once undying love may have met a violent and tragic demise.

Jessica Simpson -- Coyote Took My Doggy

Daisy, Jessica's beloved "carmel colored" Malti-Poo, was snatched right in front of her eyes by a coyote last night.

Jessica has posted a missing dog sign on her Twitter page along with the following message:

My heart is broken because a coyote took my precious Daisy right in front of our eyes. HORROR! We are searching. Hoping. Please help!

It doesn't look good....

Jessica Simpson And Daisy


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Emily Rader    

Very sad. Why wouldn't you keep your dog on a leash even it was in your own backyard if you know coyotes are around and can be that brazen? I feel bad for her but I feel especially sorry for Daisy. Hopefully she didn't suffer too much.

1871 days ago


jessica is so dumb.. she really thinks her dog is still alive?

1871 days ago


To #78...really? You would be "torn up"? Nice pun-lol

1871 days ago

John Galt for President 2012    

Jessica should buy a Maltese Falcon next - its not edible.

The coyote wont eat Jessica, she smells like Chicken of the Sea.

1871 days ago


i would hope the animal was on a leash..the story doesn't say. leash laws govern where i live and people ignore them. yes people around me do think i am anal however my point is that leashes are for the protection of the animal as well as other people. i don't like it when others say they 'LOVE THEIR ANIMAL' but don't have it on a leash. to me the actions speak differently than their words. also, about Jessica posting the Lost Dog signs. Maybe she is trying to at least have the animals remains if someone happens to come across them. Could be she wants to properly bury her dog or cremate the animal. It always helps to be able to bring 'closure' to a horrible situation.

1871 days ago


Dining Miss Daisy

1871 days ago


Oh honey I'm so very sorry.

Please know that it was swift and over with.

I understand your hope but you must accept the reality.

It's horrible and I'm so sorry that this happened in front of you.

Take Care.

1871 days ago


Wow, some of you people are ridiculous. In a battle of Coyote vs. Dog, the Coyote wins. In a battle of Coyote vs. Human, I'm pretty sure Coyote wins that battle too (unless said Human has a gun). In other words, leash or no leash, fighting for your dog or not fighting for your dog, it probably wouldn't have made a difference. You act like she just said "Ok coyote, here's my dog, come and get it". It kills me people acting like Jessica Simpson has done something to them personally, or has inflicted some sort of injustice on society. Yeah, she might be annoying but she hasn't DONE anything. She hasn't been to rehab. She hasn't been in trouble with the law. She hasn't been involved in any sort of scandal. She isn't mean, rude, or derogatory. There are plenty of other people in the world worthy of this cruelty - Jessica Simpson is not one.

1871 days ago


Wow, sure Jessica is dumb. But did anyone of you think she's putting posters out for the SLIGHT chance that it isn't dead. Just cause she puts out a poster doesn't mean she think some coyote is going to bring it back. If you were the owner of that dog, you would be wishing it somehow got free or someone saw the coyote and saved the dog. It could be a one in a million chance but the poster would be for that small possibility.

1871 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Did "her people" remember to e-mail this Missing Dog Notice to the "coyote's people...wolves...whatever?" wtf???

1871 days ago

Sue Wong    

This is absolutely horrific. That poor dog and Jessica too. The folks around there need to watch their young children. How tragic.

1871 days ago


How dumb do you have to be to be rich as hell and not have the ability to fence off and protect your property or leash your dog if you're with him?!!!!!!! IDIOT.

1871 days ago


Jessica and her people really screwed up. Instead of making a pointless sign when you know poor Dasiy has passed on, why not donate big cash to rescue group like this one: They specialize in Daisy's breed. Jessica has already pissed off PETA with her real women eat meat t-shirts and a nice donation to a nonprofit would be a big cover your ass moment for Jessica.

1871 days ago

John Galt for President 2012    

What did the coyote say to Jessica? "Jessica, have a HEART - Miss Daisy's Heart! The rest was delicious."

1871 days ago


Well, clairvoyant #47. You are wrong on all accounts! You won't believe me, so I won't even try to justify my looks. No, I'm not gorgeous, but I'm hardly a "lard-azz", as you seem to believe. What I AM, is an educated, talented, solidly middle-class person with a real job, who lives in the real world, and is sick to death of the antics of D-list celebrities who try to hold onto their 15 minutes long after it has passed.

She has put out lousy music with her completely incapable vocal "abilities" (I use that term rather loosely in her case). Her movies have been utter garbage, culminating in a straight to DVD release because the 'finished' product was so bad. Her brilliant father (and I do mean that in the literal sense, because it takes a genius to make that much money off two daughters so pathetically untalented. He's the talent in the family, if there is any.) She's a naive idiot, who made money by being a dumb blonde.

As for all the other losers I mentioned, name me ONE of them who has done any work, music, movie, tv, etc... that has been worth a DAMN. Name me one of those people who have made an artistic impact on the planet at all. Go ahead, I'll wait.... still waiting.... Good Charlotte? Fallout Boy? Horrible Green Day knockoffs. The rest are either beautiful (ie., Jessica Alba), or have rich/prominent relatives (such as Paris Hilton/Nicole Richie).

I am not the only one who is sick to death of the mediocre 'art' being promoted by movie studios and record companies. They find one person who initially has talent, and then find 10 copies of that person, who aren't nearly as talented, but are very good looking, and then cram that corporate crap down our throats for years. It's called dumbing down, people. And it applies more for women than it does to men. A man can be overweight, not especially aesthetically pleasing, and can be abrasive and can still "make it" in the industry (like Jack Black) because they ARE talented. But name me one woman who fits that bill? Go ahead, I'll wait.... still waiting.... Instead, they find what they think are beautiful women into the fray with no talent, other than being 'beautiful'. I am not a man, so I don't find someone aesthetically pleasing attractive, even if they have magnificent bodies. Kevin Spacey is gorgeous to me, because he's ruggedly handsome and unbelievably talented.

So call this what you will. You can't deny there is a double standard. And I just wish that people would start demanding quality from our 'stars', instead of them just looking good on a magazine cover. Jessica Simpson is poster child #1 for what I'm talking about.

I DO feel sorry for her, if this is actually what happened to her dog. But she has given many reasons to doubt her, because she's constantly pimping herself out for attention. How many times has she been in love in the last few years? And all of these men were "the one". Pathetic. I have two intelligent and beautiful daughters, and I hope they can grow up in a world where they are more judged by their talent and ambition than the size of their implants and how tight their abs are!

1871 days ago
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