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Chris Brown -- Just Throw It in the Bag

9/16/2009 1:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Chris Brown has been placed on the roadside cleanup crew for the day -- which means he'll spend 3-5 hours picking weeds and picking up trash on the side of the road. The next time Chris reports for hard labor -- which may not be tomorrow -- he could be assigned to different tasks.

Roads in Richmond, Virginia are going to be a whole lot cleaner now -- but not necessarily safer -- because Chris Brown officially kicked off his 180 day hard labor sentence this morning with a little roadside cleanup.

Chris Brown

Honk if you hate domestic violence.


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1828 days ago



Half of your idiot readers are involved in domestic violence and probably yourself as well.

1828 days ago


LOVE THE VEST!!! HAAA HAAAA. Can we get a close up of the end of the day and with trach in his hand. A VIDEO would be better.

1828 days ago

no way    

learn your lesson and move on Chris

1828 days ago


We need to find out whaat street he iss working the next time so wew can leave him some dirty, nasty and stinky stuff like him to pick up.

1828 days ago


...and after all is said and done... Rhianna is going to get back with this idiot... what a shame... another good singer going down the same path as Whitney Houston... ladies and gentlemen meet the new Whitney and Bobby... Chris and Rhianna.

1828 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

So what he is doing his time and I am willing to bet all you slamming the kid would try t oget out of it somehiow like whining that your tummy hurts or that your period started... At least he is doing what he needs to do!So what .. TMz are you asses going to actually haunt the roadsides looking for this kid every day? Really? That makes you all the losers and atalkers.. leave him alone let him do his time.... Chris Brown Good for you do what you gotta' do and move on!!! You at least are man enough to own up and handle your ish with out tryng to Justify your actions ( KANYE WEST) so you have me and millions of others world wide on your side.. Thats right HATERZ this kid has support from all over the world!! HA HA!!! Go drop dead HATERZ!!! Ya all haterz and you have been haterz thats all you will ever be.... LOSERZ too!!! 100% on Team Chris!!

1828 days ago


Now if only an SUV being driven by Oprah would pull up... Wendy Williams gets out and opens the door for Rihanna... who steps out and dumps an entire can of rotten garbage onto his newly cleaned asphalt. Then and only then, might this pinhead see that he has serious hatred against women issues. You want justice? How about tomorrow's cleanup being monitored by two female cops? C'mon Virginia, I know you have a few female officers of the law eager to bully the bully. Now THAT would instantly become my new desktop wallpaper.

1828 days ago

Rock Singer    

To all you people who say anyone joking about this is a HATER, perhaps you need the crap knocked out of you in the passengers seat of a rented Lamborgini and lets see how you feel.. Time wounds all heals !!!

1828 days ago

secret ninja    

"courage and bravery"?! Takeesha Hardy, wtf? that is perhaps the DUMBEST thing i have ever heard a delusional chris brown fan say yet. i am seriously lmfao right now at your post.
what "courage and bravery"? i must have missed that moment. was that before or after he ran away from the scene of the crime he perpetrated? was that "courage and bravery" before, during, or after he covered up his face in the back seat of his lawyers car while he was being driven away from the police station?
where was the "courage and bravery" when he beat the hell out of his girlfriend? b/c real "courage and bravery" is not putting your hands on somebody, especially a man against a woman.

it's upsetting to me to see women stupidly defend this punk b**** when all the evidence clearly shows he did great bodily harm to someone he claims to love and his continuous nonchalance about the entire matter shows he is NOT remorseful and i don't give a damn about what anyone else says. any woman defending him needs help, it obviously shows you will put up with a man putting his hands on you. he should be behind bars, not picking up trash. it would be my only hope for him that somewhere soon down the line he would be breaking up rocks somewhere with a sledgehammer.

thanks for the picks tmz! i have a challenge for you (unless it's already been done) since you're so great at digging up mug shots, why don't you dig up chris'?
you know, since you were so eager to post the picture of rihanna's battered face with your logo all over it.

1828 days ago


@ 33. For someone who is so concerned about sin, you have quite the mouth. Perhaps you should take the advice you're giving others--you sure have the mouth for it ;)

1828 days ago



1828 days ago

gene yuss    

That is sooooooooo poison ivy!

1828 days ago


Luke, what's your dirt doing in my yard?

1828 days ago


The cops should have shot him and hid him in the brush.

1828 days ago
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