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Chris Brown -- Just Throw It in the Bag

9/16/2009 1:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Chris Brown has been placed on the roadside cleanup crew for the day -- which means he'll spend 3-5 hours picking weeds and picking up trash on the side of the road. The next time Chris reports for hard labor -- which may not be tomorrow -- he could be assigned to different tasks.

Roads in Richmond, Virginia are going to be a whole lot cleaner now -- but not necessarily safer -- because Chris Brown officially kicked off his 180 day hard labor sentence this morning with a little roadside cleanup.

Chris Brown

Honk if you hate domestic violence.


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"Learned from it"

You people act like he's volunteering to do this.
He deserves worse.

1827 days ago

secret ninja    

yes and somewhere in all of that Silent Few (#52) you are still living in a bubble! come out for some oxygen, if you come out in time it might hit your brain quicker and make you realize that your above statement is delusional. if you love chris brown so much, catch a red eye to virginia and help him with his "dirty work". others, stfu! your delusions of grandier are not going to happen. not even in a parallel universe.

1827 days ago


I love it....these pictures made my day

1827 days ago



It is so good to see Brown using his energy and hands pulling weeds and picking up trash than beating on some lady... HOPE HE LEARNS HIS LESSON DURING THIS TIME...IF NOT?????????????PRISON IS ALWAYS THERE.

1827 days ago


COP IN GREEN UNIFORM...."just go over there and smack him in the back of the head when he is bent over".

1827 days ago

who dat    

For all of you upset this A-hole isn't in jail, not to worry. Brown received 5 years of probation. I can, with 100% certainty, tell you he will be in jail, in the very near future. How do I know this you ask? I watched him on LKL. He has learned nothing from what happened. Except that primo legal representation is a must. Chris Brown coming to a jail near you soon.

1827 days ago

loving RiRi    

I kinda feel sorry for him---but if you do the crime--you must do the time..or hard labor that is. I think this hurts him way more than being in prison. It's humiliating for a celebrity...especially for him. Keep your head up Breezy. Everything gets better with time.

1827 days ago


I'm glad that Tmz is taking pics,because there are so many celebs that get sentenced community service and we dont see them do a darn thing! it must suck to get out of your thousand dollar bed in your million dollar home and clean roadkill! lol

1827 days ago


I think it's a waste of tax payers dollars to have Chris do hard labor because obviously by the photos he have to be guarded by two police officers who could have been doing something more productive in their community.

1827 days ago


LOL! good. Although i would have preferred him to be in jail. seeing this picture of him working as a slave is just as good.

1827 days ago


I am so proud of Chris' humility, fortitude and strength!!!! If I didn't love him before I certainly do now. God Bless you Chris in EVERY way!

1827 days ago


Whats making me laugh right now are the people that are threatening to throw trash where he is picking it up. I don't know what the fines are in other part of the united States, but in Virginia it is $1000 fine up to $2500 for highway littering and if you could not afford the fines, like most on this post may not, then you have to show up in court. Since most do not have that much money to afford a high-priced attorney, you will most likely end-up what he is doing. So people do not take that advice at all, and just let the boy move on.

1827 days ago


He is probably better at this than his horrible rapping.I think he has found his

1827 days ago

Maryland- X Fan    

Oh Yea... and he is wearing the appropriate wife beater on his back too. Love It.

1827 days ago

Garth Smith    

Watching him work out his punishment is sweet justice & quite entertaining. Do you think the guards would shoot him if he tries to run?

1827 days ago
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