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Chris Brown Puts Himself Behind Bars

9/16/2009 6:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We finally got video from Chris Brown's first day of hard labor -- a day that included waving to cameras, adoring fans ... and hours of actual, respectable, tough sweat-inducing work.

Chris Brown: Click to watch
In the footage, obtained by NBC12 in Virginia, Brown can be seen using a rake to hack away at weeds -- while sporting an orange vest, a wifebeater and a stylish red baseball cap.

Several times during his court-ordered day of cleanup, Brown took a break from the weed-pulling to wave and smile for the cameras ... while armed police officers monitored the entire thing.

After his day was over, Brown was allowed to return to his home ... where he's already Twittering again.


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What's a wifebeater as to what he is wearing. Sounds appropriate for him but should be wearing a girlfriend beater. lol!!
I'd like to see those metal poles come aline and start wacking him like he wacked at Rhianna and more. Not this sissy punishment.

1859 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

for you haterz on here that are just slamming him for doing his work.. I will tell you choping weeds is hard work and is very back breaking he was also moving trash! That is no day in the park and he is a first time offender so NO he doesnt get jail time... get over it! The kid is doing what he is ordered to do. I knew the press would be all over his ass and here is the proof! He isnt covered in cologne either its actual sweat! Try some hard work your selves some time and see you will look as sweaty as he does and its freaking humid in V.A.... Get off his back! And SO WHAT if he was twittering later.. its his right... leave him alone!!

1859 days ago


1859 days ago


Maybe he will learn to keep his hands to himself and learn how to control himself. Men have to learn if you do the crime they should paid for it.No man should put his hand on a women and no women should put their hand on a man. And if they are getting beat by a man they should not stay with the guy or go back to the loser.It make them look weak and if they have children who care if he the daddy than he should have respect for his wife or girlfriend.Their is light at the in of the tunnel don`t look back if you are going to leave than just leave at least you know that day when the time comes for you to leave don`t ever look back not for a second.Their is hope their is a better life you and your family keep love ones close and always have a good support team meaning real good friend.Chris brown will have to find his support team to help himself and let his family keep helping him work things out he young I hope he will not do that again with any other female you grow and learn.

1859 days ago


no wonder he beat rihanna - that bitch never smiles, she looks like a black version of kate gosselin, including same stupid f*ing haircut and same frigid b***h face. i say nintendo makes a Beat Rihanna video game, beat all these hoes that just want fame and d*** and $$$$.

and it'd be so cool to see that bodyguard turn on chris. you know he would for the right price $$$$. coz all n***** would do that for cash, or drugs, or p***y. that's how it is in the hood, they all sing about it and "keep it real" like that. right chris????? all u'll ever get is dumm p***y or desperate p***y. coz you like that - dumm and desperate, AND a p***y!!!!!!!!!!! B***H!!!!!!!!!!!

1859 days ago


He Still gotz a Grin....Tisk tisk.....Chris man you betta wake up and smell the trash I mean coffee. Lol

1859 days ago


Muwahahahahahahah...that's a great look for the criminal BITCH woman beater.

1859 days ago
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