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Golden Girl Shreds the 'Sex & the City' Chicks

9/16/2009 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The ladies of "Sex & the City" have often been compared to "The Golden Girls" -- but yesterday in NYC, Rue McClanahan told us the Cosmo swilling quartet doesn't hold a candle to Blanche Devereaux's crew.

Rue McClanahan: Click to watch
The woman who played the original Samantha Jones came out swinging at LaGuardia, telling our camera guy, "Don't even mention them" -- and adding the GGs are on another level because "Our humor is much better than that."

So we gotta ask ...


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Does TMZ always send the same retarded camera guy/stringer to interview celebs in awkward places. On top of ambushing these people, they always ask the most obnoxious questions that border on harassment.

The woman was waiting in line at the airport. She's 70-something years old and deserves to be left alone in peace.

1842 days ago

toby cameron I can still fit into my hs cheerleader uniform!    


I am not a liberal you FOOL. I suppose you are one of those wanna be Republicans. Well guess what? We don't want your fat polyester wearing, making under 350K a year ass in our neighborhoods. You will never be a real label wearing, slim, jetting to Europe, no vowel ending of last name Republican.

But.... keep thinkign you are so we can keep the status quo. You won't have health insurance and your standard of living will keep falling as we are safe. Your non gifted kids can attend their lousy state universities that are just as good as the ivy league where my kids attend (LOL!!!!)

Think about it next time you are in your supermarket comparing the price of paper towels while I am dining in a five star resturant.. I can just imagine your overweight slob of a husband, hairy back and all. Soon your kids will be cleaning the homes and driving the cars of my kids.

I can't wait to share you post with my friends. P.S. I don't care if I have a hundred typos in this post... Don't forget you can never be too slim or too rich...

1842 days ago


Yea, Size 0, you made it very clear with that last post that you are poor trash. Those sound like middle school kid dreams.

GG's are hilarious!

1842 days ago

A Mom    

Golden girls humour was clever and suited to it's time.
City humour is connected more to the story telling and to this time.

1842 days ago


Oh Sex in the City gals you will be that old sooner than you think so do NOT talk ish on my Golden Girls.

1842 days ago


Golden Girls rock! I still watch them. No love here for Sex & The City gals!

1842 days ago


for one all show are good they all try their best and she was just joking. size zero- looks and weight shouldnt matter are you that obsessed with yourself you make that your screen name? your a total loser for making fun of the golden girls and how childish and stupid to bring up weight when you dont even know the person, grow up! They were a great show, their show is awesome everyone loves them. How stupid for you to start fights on the internet why cant some people ever show respect? Your just looking for attention, anyways everyone loves the golden girls and I love Rue! seriously size zero you got a lot of hate in your heart for some unknown reason get some help and stop wasting your time arguing about nonsense on the internet. And stop making fun of others for no reason Rue is amazing and its sad that people like you have to make fun of people for no reason its whats on the inside that counts stop acting like your 5 and anyways thats not a good comparision because 5 yr olds act better then you.

1842 days ago


Golden Girls was the best damn show ever, nothing can compare to it.

1842 days ago


Picture it, Sicily, 1929..........

A young, half-wit, no IQ, boring, newsboy asking vibrant young, woman questions as she boards the horse drawn carriage going to market.

80 years later, a relative of that same newsboy does something similar. Wow.

1842 days ago


The Golden Girls are a true TV classic...I still ROTFL when I hear Dorothy say that Stan is so bad with counting that he needs to be naked to count to 11

1842 days ago


Sex in the City doesn't even compare to the complexity, intelligence, and humor of the Golden Girls.

The fact that these shows are in constant syndication is PROOF of the quality of the Golden Girls' shows. Let's wait 20 years and see if anyone still gives a crap about SITC.

I only saw a few episodes of SITC, and I just couldn't get into it. I'm far from old, only 35, but the GG's humor was cerebral and Sohpia is the absolute best!

1842 days ago


That first idiot who commented is, well, an idiot. The Golden Girls was hilarious. So well written. Obviously, you didn't get the humor, site zero. Loser.

1842 days ago


#27: Spelling and grammar are two different things, Einstein.

1841 days ago


Mamat how do you figure Size0 is a liberal. I am and would sure hate to be grouped with a trashy, ignorant hostile girl like that. Not sure what her nasty post has to do with being liberal?

1582 days ago


To tell that she is a "bitter fat bitch" is somewhat simmilar to a dummy guy, who can't stand his face in the mirror. Seemingly absurd is the unablility to face sophisticated all day humor. So you can be considered as a human tragedy in -1 acts. I love them all, they are able to let me forget the daily grind. R.I.P Rue.

1582 days ago
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