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Little Girl Fires Daddy's Foul Ball Back!!!

9/16/2009 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He made the catch of the game -- pulling in a foul ball at yesterday's Philadelphia Phillies game from his seat in the stands -- but when Steve Monforto handed the precious ball to his little daughter Emily ... she threw the ball back onto the field!

Monforto was all class after the blunder -- immediately turning to comfort his daughter ... because he "wanted to let her know that ... she didn't do anything wrong." Dude also told MyFoxPhilly.com that a Phillies rep brought him a replacement ball as a souvenier later in the game.

As for Emily -- girl's got one hell of an arm!

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Add my kudos to the dad. While he probably knew he was on camera, that wouldn't have stopped most dedicated baseball fans from overreacting. Obviously a nice guy.

1861 days ago


To #37, great to hear that and thanks for the eyewitness report. Sounds like everyone involved went home happy and ESPN got a great clip for Sportscenter.

1861 days ago


Hope Jon Gosselin saw this. That's a great dad. What a class act!

1861 days ago


Dad is a class act, this will be family funny forever....

1861 days ago


Video is down due to copyright stuff... bah

1861 days ago


Everyone is saying "great dad" and he may very well be. But the CAMERAS were on him and so were millions of eyes. I'd like to see how he reacted if he was showing off his prized caught-foul-ball in front of his house and handed it to his daughter and she dropped it down a sewer... and no one was watching. How he'd react then is the test of whether he is truly a great dad or not! Men are brilliant at SHOWING what great dads they are when in public. The real test of a man is how he treats his wife and kids behind closed doors!

1861 days ago


Deborah, #46
You and Jon, #17 would make a nice couple. You could get side by side computers with a fridge in the middle so you won't have to get up to get a snack. You are both bitter idiots.

1861 days ago

You Can Do Better    

Deborah, you must lead a sad life to be so pessimistic. Rather than see the heartwarming moment, you only saw a bad possibility. Glad I don't have your outlook on life.

1861 days ago


Fatherhood has that effect on many men. Yet, with too many deadbeat parents around these days - the genuine mature men really stand out.

Here's another thought: he has no visible tatoos nor a graffitied body nor earrings. He is one sexy-looking family man.

1861 days ago


Yes, the camera may have been on him, but I believe in the rush of the moment the camera was probably not the first thing he thought about. If you look at the clip, almost the first thing he does after he catches the ball and sees her hand up is to give his girl a high-five, and then hands her the ball because she wanted it. Even when she tossed the ball to his look of unbelief, he never took her eyes off her and never lost his cool.

I believe anyone in the world in the same situation would've been aghast at what happened, but it is the fact he did keep it together that makes him a class act. Besides, if he was normally a mean dad, when Emily tossed the ball his wife would not have been laughing next to him.

1861 days ago


What a wonderful reaction for the dad to have, not a second of negativity!!! That relationship is more important than any old baseball and I bet the family will treasure those moments forever. His wife has a similar reaction to him, and those girls are lucky to have such great parents.

1861 days ago


Deborah, he was not thinking about the cameras, there was no time for that. His reaction was nothing but pure surprise and love for his daughter. Seeing how his wife reacted as well shows you how they respect each other.

You are a negative, unpleasant, depreseeing person and I hope you have years of loneliness. Who would want to be with you? You sound like my mother-in-law.

1861 days ago

i love the 80    


1860 days ago


His wife should be proud of him. It's great to see a good dad, and a nice story for a change.

1860 days ago


I love the bitter people that are assuming he would have acted dirfferently had there been no cameras. It's kind of sad.I consider myself to be a good dad, but sometimes when something goes wrong my first reaction is sometimes anger, then quickly I realize what is realy important ( in this case the feelings of the little girl.) I am allways working on this since my kids are the love of my life. I think this guy is in a place that I allways strive to be.

1860 days ago
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