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Jackson Probe

Coming in for a Landing

9/16/2009 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the Michael Jackson homicide case will be presented to the L.A. County District Attorney in 3 to 4 weeks.

We're told the lion's share of the investigation has been completed and Dr. Conrad Murray remains the singular target. Our sources say LAPD detectives have requested opinions from several medical experts who will analyze the evidence and offer their opinions on Dr. Murray's conduct.

The medical experts are supposed to submit their finding in 2 to 3 weeks and we're told detectives need an additional week to assemble their evidence before they make a formal presentation to the D.A.

Law enforcement sources also say an arrest will not be made before Dr. Murray is charged with a crime -- of course that assumes he will be charged.

The case is complicated by the fact that Jackson had been taking various medications, even though the evidence is compelling that Propofol was the direct cause of Jackson's death.


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Good Morning Random Angel, Della, danger baby, MiMi, TEAM, Human Nature, PYT, gs, disfasia, Maddy, Gypsy, and everyone else I've forgotten to mention. GOOD MORNING BOARD!

I've been offline for the past few days. TMZ can be overwhelming, and I needed to put up some distance. It's been too much noise and too little signal. I guess this is because of the lull in the case.

I saw Michael's movie trailer, and the shots of Michael further reinforced all the photographic evidence I've gathered and been ranting about over AEG during the past couple of months. Michael was sick and emaciated. He was so much so that Sony/AEG weren't even able to use their editing magic tricks to hide the truth. I'm overwhelmed to the point that I'm not really able to express what I'm feeling this morning. I guess I feel dismay, sadness and anger at how people can place more importance on the bottom line than on the welfare of the person crucial to making that bottom line happen for them. Yeah, I'm pissed. How in the HELL could people surrounding Michael not *seen* how thin he was and not be concerned? Since Kenny Ortega had to hand feed Michael, he's especially guilty because he did not insist that the concerts be delayed until Michael's health had improved. All parties must be held accountable for Michael's neglect.

At any rate, for Della and Angel, here's something that I think you would enjoy.

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Hello BF2!

Glad to see you. Have not seen Della or Random Angel for a few days.

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I am so happy to see people have figured it out that some are on another witch hunt. I wish someone would have Tom Messereau, Aphrodite Jones,Nimmer,Fischer on somewhere to show the real story and Geraldine Jones too!

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Well, it's encouraging to know this is still an active case; I was beginning to wonder due to the silence. Y'know, lots of people are on a variety of prescription drugs, especially if they have a number of ailments (which Michael seemed to have had), sometimes being prescribed by different doctors. By all accounts, it doesn't seem like Michael was "hiding" these prescriptions if they were visible in his home, so I'm quite sure Conrad Murray was aware of Michael's usage. And we put trust in our doctors not to kill us with their treatments. Just as we trust the anaesthesiologists (sp?) to put us under for an operation and wake us up. It's going to be a long time before I don't have this hollow feeling in my gut over Michael Jackson's death. Surprisingly, I agree with LaToya Jackson (scary thought) and her theories. ((P.S. I agree, nice picture!))

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43. 7. dang! i cant belive a BLACK got first comment and not me! i wish the south would rise again!

Posted at 2:04AM on Sep 16th 2009 by balls


Hey you should stop stealing other peoples usernames. We know your not the real balls because he hardly says anything more than a few words (which is usually just "balls") .

If you want to post a racist remarks then have the "balls" to use your own name instead of hiding behind someone else.


who the hell is this balls anyway?

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Dr. Murray did nothing Wrong...The Little freak killed Himself.

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45. Did anyone happen to watch the Whitney interview on Oprah for the past two days? I TVO'd it and watched it in its entirety. How interesting is it that Whitney finally opened up..describing her descent into drug use, the abuse she endured from her husband, including verbal abuse and at point, BB spit on her. Yet, throughout it all, Whitney did not shed a tear. THE ONLY POINT WHERE WHITNEY TEARED UP WAS WHEN OPRAH ASKED HER ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON'S DEATH. This is what this man did for all of us. He touched our hearts and our souls. Through the darkest of times in our lives, we could still count on Michael to give us hope through song and humanitarian effort. From the ordinary citizen to the icons of our time, Michael Jackson positively affected us all.

thank you chico

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This is all so stupid. Michael had so much money and power he could of gotten the drug from anywhere. I think they should just let him rest.. and move on. He was on so many drugs theres no telling who or where he got it from. He probably had alot of hooks.

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for; while my guitar gently weeps    

I need help here, 100 Post's' not one asking for Autopsy, this is stall tactics. Their will be three Doctors charged, their needs to be two Pharmacies closed.

LA PD Drug data-base C.U.R.E.S. is a already un-functioning and is directly to blame for MR. Michael Jackson's death, plus' countless Superstars and multitudes of unknowns.

Think' what is Autopsy minus' Drug Toxicity, equals both are reports, so what is being protected, something physiological.

Michael did not use recreational drugs, Michael's Autopsy report release will redirect suspicion into the proper direction, two months have so far been lost, three more weeks is a smokescreen, the three lone Police on case excuse was a lie, Michael was self-detoxing, Michael was not an Addict, Michael was drug dependent.

This is Police tunnel-vision, when we have all the answers with our "Add Comment" power, This incompetency stinks of the departed Superstars remains' and touches every backyard.

The dr. Murray arrest matters not, he will not walk the streets again, we the world people have him on house arrest. Two more Doctors and a former Nurse are guilty of over-prescribing, but their are more, we need complete Autopsy report, now.

Now’ what can everyone’ do, the Autopsy report’ may be in second or third copy, the Cause of Death’ report’ has been Amended, the Crime Scene was ignored’ until after the mover’s gutted the household belonging’s, the Ambulance and Hospital preformed CPR to a Cadaver, the Hospital’ attempted to revitalize a Corpse with Lividity, then’ provided no authoritative’ press release, theirs been few, if any’ press releases / news conferences, but’ persistently Police and Coroner leak’ news stories, dr. Murray’s phone call to Houston was not traced’ until after a TMZ story was published’ a month later, theirs no definitive time-line of events established, we know Michael had concluded USA rehearsal’s {80 hours’ in the can} with itinerary’ of traveling oversea’ that weekend interrupted. “MR. Michael Jackson” American’ was historically’ falsely accused’ and falsely incriminated’ again’ and again’ including proof of vengeance’ and vendetta’ involving the same, or near-by’ responsible governmental officials. Mr. Jackson communicated’ with Doctors regularly, but’ are police even interested in his years of phone bills and calls to these disgraceful Practitioners. Politics won’t help, unless everyone complains to every politician near and far, big and small. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was at MR. Michael Jackson’s Forest Lawn grave-sight Services, it’s overdue time’ for stepping up to the Podium’ and talking’ to us, the police report said’ the Propofol that killed Michael {police already’ reported the Propofol’ was traced from’ Los Vegas Pharmacy} was from untraceable origins’ Propofol was under Recall, meaning’ Police are claiming Anastasia’ unsafe, there’ tripping over their’ own misinformation? Barack Obama the buck’ has a stopping point, politicians need to step-up’ or step-down’ the silence is deafening, this will not’ go quietly into the Night.

1872 days ago

for; while my guitar gently weeps    

Looking at the information the media has given’ logically, “MR. Michael Jackson” was supposedly addicted to all’ these’ prescription drugs (pain killers were stated’ at one point) yet none’ of the drugs he was supposedly addicted to' were reported found in his blood. The only drugs reported found in his bloodstream, were those administered by dr. Murray’ by his own admission. If MR Michael Jackson was addicted’ to any of the drugs’ he received the day of his death, then’ why did dr. Murray administer them’ willingly? Since’ dr. Murray, believed’ that MR. Michael Jackson was becoming addicted’ to Propofol. How did this addiction occur? Perhaps the fact’ that dr. Murray himself had been giving “MR Michael Jackson” Propofol every night for six week’s may have had something to do with it? Was dr. Murray even board certified’ in cardiology, reason’ makes you suspiciously wonder, why a "Specialist" didn't pass the boards. Also’ were dr. Murray’s credentials and license current, proper and up-to date for practicing medicine in the state of California, No. The fact’ remains, that dr. Murray is not a trained anesthesiologist’ was not performing surgery’ did not have the proper lifesaving’ equipment’ and was inducing coma’ without back-up’ personnel, dr Murray is culpable, for knowingly’ administering’ Propofol’ causing’ a Man’s death’ and he deserves punishment, plus’ he had no business giving Propofol to begin with! He was treating MR Michael Jackson for insomnia, not performing surgery. Doctors are supposed to treat a symptom’ of an illness’ with appropriate medications, Propofol’ is not an appropriate medication’ for insomnia. If you go into surgery' does your anesthesiologist leave you completely unprotected’ unattended’ in induced coma’ to go to the restroom’ or to make personal phone calls’ while your unconscious’ under anesthesia?

This dr. Murray is guilty’ of more that just gross negligence and malpractice, what about the fact that he transported (or had transported) these medications across state lines? What about the fact’ that he had his assistants’ in Houston destroy possible evidence, hindering an investigation? No doctor hires a lawyer immediately after a patient’s death, unless’ they know for a fact’ that they did something wrong! MR. Michael Jackson did not kill himself’ instead he trusted a doctor to take care of him’ who failed to do the job’ he was paid’ and entrusted to do! Since dr. Murray reports to suddenly notice’ MR. Michael Jackson not breathing, then’ logically dr Murray did not witness’ the onset of distress, and if’ dr. Murray detected a slight or weak pulse, the Patient was breathing {Resuscitating} on his own, so why then’ why would CPR even be administered? Why was the upstairs heat maximized? Why was he attempting CPR on the bed, instead’ of the hard surface of the floor’ in the stifling heat, no less? Why would dr. Murray stop “CPR” to run to the kitchen, to tell the chef’ to send up a child’ for witnessing CPR administration’ to body, that’ was later pronounced by paramedics to evidence {blood gravitation} Lividity?

Why’ does dr. Murray not call 911 immediately, because he claims’ he doesn’t know the address’ to the house’ he has been driving to’ every evening’ for two Months? This’ dr. Murray does not have any phone’ or access to any household phone’ available to call 911’ immediately ‘at first sign of distress, Yet’ has a phone’ available to make other’ phone calls? Then’ dr. Murray insisted’ paramedics continue CPR even after Lividity was noticed (Lividity is blood gravitation’ said to only’ “set in” several hours after death) dr. Murray insisted’ MR. Michael Jackson not be declared dead at his home (home death=immediate autopsy) dr. Murray insisted’ oxygen to be administered in Ambulance {home death= immediate autopsy} dr. Murray refused’ to sign’ the death certificate (avoiding liability) dr. Murray avoids’ police questions, for several day’s’ following MR. Michael Jackson's death, thus’ allowing day’s of Crime Scene contamination with all homes content’s removal, plus’ real possibility of evidence destruction, allowing time to contact office assistant Stacey Howe’ to possibly interfere’ with evidence’ at his Los Vegas properties, assuming he failed to personally’ travel to Los Vegas in those two day’s!

It’s reported that it takes at least 40 mg. of Propofol’ to even put something to sleep, larger’ than a cat,

1872 days ago


I have been to many blogs recently there is such out pouring of love for MJ and many people all over the world are watching,waiting and yes even still crying for Justice for Michael and his children.I still cant understand why still some of the media still attack with so many people caring so much it would seem to me that this would be business suicide. I work with hundreds of people many MD AND nurses that are watching this closely too and feel some of this is so unfair the media has so much power but in 2009 mostof the population is much smarter to some of their evil vile ways.

1872 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

3-4 weeks-- just in time for This is It to come out. That should boost ticket sales, if they aren't already sold out!?!

Hopefully LAPD has every i dotted and t crossed. When will AMA, DEA, BNE start charges against him? What about the other doctors licenses to prescribe (and ultimately practice medicine)?

This leaves one to wonder, from Murray's standpoint, what he has been doing and thinking since this happened:

TMZ-- some topics for follow up.
Has Murray's mansion been foreclosed on yet?
Was he paid any money?
How is he paying his attorneys?
Has he paid the child support he was ordered to by the court?
If not, why hasn't he been arrested for non-payment as originally ordered?
Is he still seeing his baby-mama, Nicole and their 'reported' child?
Why hasn't anyone tried to talk to Nicole?
Is he still with his wife?

1872 days ago


Ask and ye shall receive..

We asked for an update yesterday on what the police were doing yesterday. All day we kept talking about it. Well look at the top story today. They finally answered us. Well it's 3-4 weeks away!

How convenient. Another one of those.. sources say stories. Who are these sources?

Everytime we discuss something here, we get a story on it.

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