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MJ's Kids Watch Private Screening of 'Captain EO'

9/16/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's kids just got to do something no Regular Joe has done since 1998 -- they saw Michael's 17-minute, 3-D film "Captain EO" at Disneyland.

MJ's Kids Watch Private Screening of 'Captain EO'

Sources say Michael Jr., Paris and Prince were taken to the happiest place on Earth (the one in California) last Thursday by Michael's brother Jackie. While they were there, we're told the kids were shown a screening of "Captain EO" -- which the Mouse stopped playing in 1998 -- and "they loved" it.

According to Disney blog, the kids were able to see the movie because on Tuesday, the "Honey I Shrunk the Audience show was quietly closed, and Imagineers moved in with a truckload of equipment used to install the Captain EO show for a special executive presentation."

The blog says "Honey" was up and running again by Saturday -- so you'll just have to catch "EO" on YouTube like the rest of us.


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I happy to see MJs children got to see some of their dads work! I think Jackie,Rebbie,and Janet are the only ones who haven't been out in the spotlight running their mouth! I really hope Katherine will continue to let Prince,Paris,and Blanket celebrate birthdays and christmas like they did with their dad!

1865 days ago

Denise do Rio de Janeiro.    


With what intention you expose these children to nasty comments from some people who pass by?

I feel nausea every time I read comparisons with their faces and acquaintances of Michael Jackson ... every day arrange a "father" different to those innocent people who are already suffering enough for the loss of father wonderful that God allowed them to be given!

If you do not want to meet Michael Jackson respects at least his fans who have been often increase their IBOPE.

Why do not you watch Conrad Murray?
Because you are leaving the press Conrad Murray into oblivion?
Why do not you put pictures of Conrad Murray in various situations to the world recognizes it wherever you go?
Why do not you tell us where Conrad Murray spent the weekend?
Because the press protects Conrad Murray and exposes the children of Michael Jackson?

Conrad Murray is quite different from this one single photo that is always placed ... because always the same picture?
In the video that was put here when the police were at the home of Conrad, you filmed it from a distance using a cap and not recognize him if I saw him on the street would not know it was him!

I do not doubt anything that Conrad Murray is doing plastic surgery to change the face and live freely in the society, the media you are giving him time for that!

Klein would do it with pleasure! Eraser!

Please TMZ ... make a difference, whether human suffering of these children and let them live in peace!

Show us the face of daily Conrad Murray in recent photographs, with colorful clothes in everyday life, tell us what he has done, where he is, who he's killing with its negligent medicine, upholds the precious time we spend coming here to give you IBOPE!

God protect the children from Michael Jackson!

1865 days ago


MJ never wanted his children to be in the evil public eye...

Know his kids are everywhere...

Someone is rockin and rolling right now...

1865 days ago


9. I hope they are okay after seeing it. Had to be hard for them seeing him so happy and healthy again. I was at Disney World last friday and everywhere I looked I saw MJ, just thinking about how much he loved everything Disney. Looking at it through his eyes was a totally different experience and I loved it yet missed him so much...I've been there several times and it has changed in my eyes now because of him. I wish he were still alive....

Posted at 1:58AM on Sep 16th 2009 by LuvMJbad

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This comment really touched me. I think I would feel the same way if I went back to Disney World. I for one am glad to get to hear about the kids from time to time. It's pretty unreasonable now to expect the media to leave them alone. I don't think that is going to happen. They must be so proud of their father to see him up on the "big screen" like that. What a legend that has been passed down to them. I worry about poor Blanket though. I don't remember anything about my parents from when I was seven. Will his only memories one day be only from video's? That thought makes me sad.

And what's up with 'Krazy Kooky'?? He's posting recipes now?? It actually sounds pretty good too!

1865 days ago


The media lied on Michael during his trials and they continue to do so. They accused him of being a child abuser and that was a lie. When the trial was over and the evidence turned out to be a conspiracy of lies, did they put as much time in to publishing that as they did the lies NO. The media continued to accuse and imply that he was a child abuser.

Well now Michael Jackson is dead. And now the media is plastering his children's pictures every where. The family has hired personal body guards just for them. It appears that the media is going to stalk these children the rest of their lives. So now the media is abusing Michael Jackson's children so why the hell aren't we as appalled by this as we claim that we were during Michael's trial. The fact that these are Michael Jackson's children is not important. What should be important is they are just innocent children. Because Michael was their father that does not give you the right to make their lives hell. Last time I checked that was child abuse also. DUH!!!

1865 days ago



When Michael Jackson covered his childrens' faces with veils, EVERYONE judged him and doubted his parenting skills. We forget that he did that is to precisely keep them away from the media and unnecessary attention (down from their hair, to what they are wearing, to their bloodline) that is given to them now.

If they turn out dysfunctional because of the media attention, trust me, the MEDIA will be there to zone in on every fault and flaw.

1865 days ago


and no one cares about you now mac.... Jackie is the perfect one to take them out, he doesn't look for attention. they need to get out of the house sometimes and not live like caged animals. still, leave them alone TMZ and let them learn to live now without their dad.

1865 days ago



When Michael Jackson covered his childrens' faces with veils, EVERYONE judged him and doubted his parenting skills. We forget that he did that is to precisely keep them away from the media and unnecessary attention (down from their hair, to what they are wearing, to their bloodline) that is given to them now.

If they turn out dysfunctional because of the media attention, trust me, the MEDIA will be there to zone in on every fault and flaw.

Posted at 8:40AM on Sep 16th 2009 by Jolene

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Well, then what is the solution. Do we honestly want to CONTINUE covering their faces at the age that they are now? Do we lock them up in Hayvenhurst until the age of 18. Then just turn them out to deal with it when they have not been taught how to manage the media attention? Better to teach them NOW. Like it or not, they are 'Jackson's' & will HAVE to cope with this in their lives. Better to take them on small outings now & TEACH THEM TO COPE. I'm not being argumentative, I'm just asking, what else can possibly be done. The media WILL seek them out no matter what so what is the lesser of the evil's here?

1865 days ago


You can call these WHITE children "his kids' til you're blue in the face, it doesn't change the fact that they're NOT his kids. They're white, he never adopted them, therefore, they are NOT his kids. They probably need years of therapy for the crap he surely put them through.

1865 days ago


I just LOVED Captain EO and wish that it was available on dvd. Michael looks so gorgeous in it.

1865 days ago


I understand about the lesser of two evils but that still does not excuse the fact that the media can get away with making their lives hell. Children come into the world innocent. What kind of society have we become that we are not willing to let them be children first. Why are we so thirsty for information and obsessed with stardom that we point our obsession at children. I might not like it but I do understand when it happens to adults. But stalking children thats sick. Second is it sad that we have to make them learn to adjust and figure out how to deal with this crap when they should be spending time being kids. This is what the media an industry full of adults has decided to do to them.

Yes I guess they do have to be taught how to deal with it. It seems the media prefers that option as opposed to letting them just be kids "SICK' It has gotten to the point where the media runs our lives and we just run around in it.

1865 days ago


The same blog from Disney also said last month that they were planning to re-open Captain EO at the Anaheim Disneyland by Halloween, but its been pushed back to a January opening. They are closing Honey I Shrunk the audience due to the huge demand now for all things Michael Jackson. So sad that it took his death for them to bring back EO, it was much better than "Honey".......

1865 days ago

seeking the truth    

Leave the kids alone. Whatever you think about their dad they have the right to a childhood and privacy they didn't choose to be famous, let them grow up in peace - bless their hearts they've lost their only parent - is that not enough?!

For those who mock or make jokes at the kid's expenses - well grow up! Imagine having that criticism and sordid jokes made at you at such young age whilst grieving, imagine if the eldest 2 got on the internet and read what you write! You disgust me!

1865 days ago


I am glad Prince, Paris and Blanket had the chance to see their father in his prime!!

Love you Michael!!

1865 days ago


Thank you so much for not refferring to Michael's youngest as "Blanket." It reminded me of that idiotic stunt on the balcony-even tho Michael claimed he was giving his fans what they wanted. The child has to grow up without a father now, hopefully more people will refrain from reffering to him as Blanket. Poor kid has bigger problems now.

1865 days ago
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