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Serena Williams

Face of Anger

9/16/2009 4:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just got video of the Serena Williams U.S. Open rant from a different perspective. It was shot by someone in the stands, and you can clearly see the frustration and anger in Serena's face as she chews out the line judge.

The video starts a few seconds into Serena's explosion -- after she threatened the judge by saying, "If I could, I would take this f**king ball and shove it down your f**king throat."

In our video you can hear her tell the line judge, "You better be freaking glad I don't do that ... you don't know me!"

Even though Serena started saying "freaking" instead of "f**king" -- CBS still bleeped it.

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THISISIT again MJ breaks records    

Old news is old. NEXT!!!!!

1864 days ago

OC Get A Life    

This article is nothing new.

Since the seventies, professional atheletes in general have been losing their grip on civil and courteous behavior.

Remember 130 pound, afro-haired, John McEnroe screaming obscenities, threatening staff, opponents, and fans - what a little goof - the only reason that he did not have someone hand him his little head was because he was protected by lots of security.

Jimmy Connors was not much better, and both of these men are now being promoted as shining examples of U.S. tennis?

The real stars were and are men like Bjorn Borg, Michael Chang, and Pete Sampras who not only won but also did it like professionals.

And, so we come to modern day tennis, Leyton Hewitt, Serena Williams, and many others at the top of the profession have used the same outrageous techniques of their pre-decessors.

It is time that the punishment fit the crime. If an ordinary individual screamed and threatened someone (verbally and with a weapon (racket)) who was just doing their job - that person would be charged by the police. And, the victim would also have the opportunity for civil redress not only for the threat but to having been humiliated infront of 10,000s at the stadium and millions on TV.

1864 days ago


1864 days ago


John McEnroe pulled this crap for years. It wasn't cute then and it's not cute now. Serena needs to understand the extra scrutiny and judgement associated with being a non-white athelete.

Although there are many black celebrities with class and grace, Kanye and Serena get the most attention because it portrays a negative black image. Blacks celebrities are strutinized much harder and their negative actions are protrayed as a reflection on their whole race. It's race biased.

When Lindsay Lohan shows the paps her crotch or Britney Spears beats a SUV with an umbrella, its not a negative reflection of their race, it's judged individually. America is trained to judge negative actions of blacks, latinos and Asians in a completely racist manner while whites will always be judged as individuals.

1864 days ago


once again some freaking racist dogs out there putting it all on all black people.

the other week we found out a white man had kept a little girl he kidnapped 18 years ago as a child and raped her probably every night and had at least 2 kids with her as his white wife helped him

then a few days before that a white guy killed his white wife and cut off her fingers and yanked out her teeth.

What's wrong with these white people.

Serena has not done anything white player have done a million times. She has always been a great player taking crap from critics, haters and racists. She had a meltdown and now she's branded a trouble maker. In the meantime that roger federer guy cussed up a storm this past monday 2 days AFTER Serena and no ones saying a damn thing about it. Where's the video of that TMZ.

if Serena were a little white girl with long blond hair, no one would have cared. Instead of wanting to hate her you ba*tards would want to f*ck her.

1864 days ago



1864 days ago


These athletes act like spoiled children when they don't win. Could you imagine throwing a hissy fit like this your workplace?


1864 days ago


33. Does anyone wonder why this hoodrat's sister was shot & killed? The williams family are just a bunch of loud mouth hoodrats.
Posted at 5:25PM on Sep 16th 2009 by Amy
If that is what you think of the Williams family, why are you interested in the sister's death? Are you just looking for more race bait material? Get a life, Amy! Sheeeeesh!

1864 days ago


The biggest racist are the ones who separate them self from another race...When you have an all black college and all black TV channel amongst other things then in reality I wonder who the real racist are? Tired of giving black people any sympathy . YOu peole alive today did not have a hard life your ancestors did ..GET F*CK OVER IT ALREADY CRY BABIES!

1864 days ago


God...what a frickin black trash biatch!!!!!!!!!!! That has to have been the stupidest thing i've ever seen. WHAT AN IDIOT!!! That is what happens when money and fame go to your head...CRAP LIKE THIS!!

1864 days ago


Why does anybody watch this cow? What a loser!!

1864 days ago

really now    

She was definately full of rage. That poor judge was scared out of her mind !! Seriously, I thought Serena was going to get physical ! Serena has no class . I don't care how good she is , no class !! Is she a relative of Kanye West ? Just curious.

1864 days ago


What going on, re #39,
You are one angry individual. Get some professional help, fast.
You are worst than Serena.

1864 days ago

The Truth    

True blood coming out ..can't hide that one LMAO

1864 days ago


what a trash can...and to think that she was allowed to play the next day is unspeakable! just because mighty Obama is president does not mean that his race can away with murder

1864 days ago
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