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Roethlisberger's Lawyer Puts Screws to Opponent

9/17/2009 10:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ben RoethlisbergerBen Roethlisberger's lawyer claims any idiot could figure out the woman who's accusing him of sexual assault is a fraud and he wants the judge to nail her lawyer for filing a "frivolous and abusive" lawsuit.

Andrea McNulty accused the Pittsburgh Steelers' QB of sexually assaulting her at a Lake Tahoe hotel in July, 2008. She filed a civil lawsuit a year later.

In the new legal papers, Roethlisberger's lawyer claims McNulty's attorney knew or should have known his client's suit was bogus. Roethlisberger wants McNulty's lawyer formally sanctioned by the judge -- which, among other things, could mean he would have to pay Roethlisberger's attorney's fees.

Roethlisberger's lawyer says the suit is "designed to harass and embarrass him [Big Ben] and countless other individuals," adding the explicit content in her lawsuit is designed "to stir the prurient interests of the media and public."

Roethlisberger's lawyer says even a casual investigation of the facts would have proven McNulty to be a liar. Among other things, Roethlisberger's lawyer claims McNulty told a co-worker she wanted to have sex with Ben and she wanted him to get her pregnant. She also allegedly sent an email less than 24 hours after her sexual encounter with Ben, stating she was looking forward to having dinner with him.

And there's this -- Ben's lawyer cites a letter written by McNulty's attorney, which reads in part: "Our client is currently struggling with whether or not she wants to come forward and seek criminal prosecution of the celebrity."

Ben's lawyer wants the judge to throw the book at his legal adversary.

Ben Roethlisberger

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Big bad football playa stuck it now he has to pay for it.hahahahah dumb ass!

1828 days ago

Chuck, Sacramento    

Geez, reminding me why I rarely look at TMZ anymore - you are awefully naive. Since day 1 his lawyers have tried to get the complaintants evidence outed in public so they work overtime debunking it, so far as far as I can tell the only one talking trash to any open mic is the defense - so much so I'd say it makes him look even more guilty whether he is or not. And think about it, if something humiliating happened to you and you knew most people would likely not believe you and you knew what happened with Kobe would you be eager to put yourself through that? It's like the Kennedy girl, why get raped twice? It's disgusting that you show only one side of the story and don't bother to include at least the possibility you are being played.

1828 days ago


She's a lying pig, she's done this before to someone else, too. LOVE YA, BEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1828 days ago


Put this in the proper perspective, Ben. Not every lawyer is out for 15 minutes. It's over. Move on.

1828 days ago


Tux - you're the moron. Have you read the facts of the case???

1828 days ago


Nice headline! Big Ben is a smart dude and I don't think he even drinks. I doubt very much that this incident ever happened and it is a figment of her imagination spawned by passing him in a hotel hallway. Gotta love lawyers suing lawyers though, that's a good use of our judicial system. It's kind of like dog fighting . . . oh wait different quarterback.

1828 days ago

my name is    

Chuck - your comment is so incredibly full of stupid that I can't even read it. Do you know anything at all about this case? Clearly you don't. I'm fairly certain that its the job of the defense attorney to, you know, DEFEND THEIR CLIENT. If someone falsely accused me of rape, you can bet your ass that i'm going to tell my attorney to release the hounds on the accuser! This woman was out for a payday and dragged Ben's name through the mud to get it. She deserves every bit of backlash she has gotten/will get. Save your pity for someone who deserves it, like the man falsely accused of rape.

1828 days ago


Sure, I read the 'facts' as you see it... I read the "Steeler Spin" as I see it. Also read, which has not been reported on the sports pages, that Harrah's offered her a paid vacation to the Carribean this summer so she wouldn't be around when the motorcycle genius was playing golf at Tahoe. Only Worthlessburger and his conquest know the truth. We only know what is written whatever your name was.

1828 days ago


I can't even watch the show it makes me seasick...STOP SHAKING THE CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!

1828 days ago


#17: Bingo.

1828 days ago


Tux, you sux. And, apparently, so does your favorite football team.

THE STEELERS RULE! And, this gold-digging bitch is a liar. Did you read the emails this slut sent Rothlisberger right after the alledged rape? She loved getting plowed! This broad is after money.

1828 days ago

Tux Sux    

Sux or Tux or Tucks Medicated Hemorrhoidal Pad or whatever her name is, is just bitter that her girlie team sux.

1828 days ago


My question is, why did she wait for over a year before reporting that she had been raped? If I had been raped, would have immediately called the police & then to the hospital to have a rape kit done. That's why I doubt McNulty was raped by Roethlisberger. You don't cry rape long after it happened. Ms. McNulty's lawyer should have asked her, "Why didn't you report the rape immediately & obtain DNA evidence?" He didn't ask such a simple question because all he's looking at is $$$.

1828 days ago


I know the headline isn't really much news to anyone who has ever read any gossip blog or magazine or even seen Jessica speak or "act" or breathe. But this one is a special case. Jessica Simpson has decided to stay away from the Dallas Cowboys playoff game because she fears she will jinx her "boyfriend" Tony Romo and that everyone who doesn't already hate her in Texas will do so if the Cowboys lose. Jessica was in the stands last month cheering on Tony to his worst performance ever in football dating back to his elementary school years. Fans and teammates blamed Jessica.

So, instead of just saying that, she comes up with this little number released by her publicist. Her spokesperson Cindy Berger tells the New York Post, "She is not attending. She is working on a new album. She will be watching from home and cheering him (Romo) on." So she wants the world to know that even on a weekend afternoon she will be hard at work plugging away at that album and she can't even spare any extra minutes because of her tight schedule. Whatever. I don't really care. Besides she already spent a week jinxing Romo on their vacation in Mexico and so going to the game would have been just like finding one last spot where there wasn't a needle and shoving it in hard.

I kind of like Ashlee Simpson so I wish she would disown herself so I could make the blanket statement of how much I just hate the Simpson family. Unless Pimpa gets arrested or something equally as fun, I'm done with them. As I was typing this I realized just how much I dislike them.

Posted by ent lawyer at 10:37 AM

Labels: Jessica Simpson, Pimpa Joe


onecrazypeanut said...

We'll always have Paris.
11:04 AM
Mooshki said...

She's just too dumb for me to hate. I really wish she'd marry some rich idiot and live happily ever after, but completely out of the public eye. Maybe if they guy paid her dad enough he'd go away too?
11:05 AM
DNfromMN said...

You "just" realized, Ent? You've been hating on them forever (rightfully). Once Ashlee marries Pete, she can take on his last name and then you can hate on The Simpsons
11:07 AM
Twisted Sister said...

I don't really hate her either. She's not evil like Paris and her effed up family. She's more a product of her father and her own stupidity.
11:17 AM
Elle said...

Eh. Let's talk about Brett Favre instead (so dreamy!). Not this bimbo and her starstruck mimbo.

If Romo and the Cowboys lose this weekend he's going to be run out of Dallas wicked style.

He will NEVER hear the end of it!
11:21 AM
Elle said...

God, I hope it happens...
11:21 AM
jax said...

oh i hate Ashlee WAY more.
she is a complete See you next tuesday!
12:26 PM
Alice.W said...

I've never understood the 'hatred' for Jessica, I've always seen her as harmless. Such an easy target too, there are other celebs who are full of sh*t to pick on.
12:44 PM
Jesse D said...

I like Jessica too, and think she's often (unfairly) the punching bag. I am kind of indifferent to Ashlee, but if I were inclined to be aggrieved with one or the other of them, it would be Ashlee. I don't know why, she just rubs me the wrong way for some reason. Their dad can take a hike.
12:56 PM
jax said...

Their dad can take a hike

LOL that was probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said about Pimpa.
12:57 PM
takeme2espana said...

Uh...looks like dad is looking down ash's dress. Tell me i'm wrong, puh-leeese. I agree. She's harmless, you have to have an IQ over, say 80, to be real trouble.
1:25 PM
Rex said...

No, takeme2espana, you are not wrong. Remember on Jess and Nick's reality show, where he was seen leering over his daughter during that steamy video shoot? How he bragged about his daughter's titties and her virginity? He is majorly KKREEEEPEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
2:18 AM

1828 days ago


Way to go BEN!!!!

1828 days ago
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