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Chris Brown: What's Wrong with This Photo?

9/17/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Where to begin?!?

Chris Brown: What's Wrong with This Photo?

1) Smiling whilst performing hard labor for beating your girlfriend is generally considered bad form.

2) Felons convicted of assault aren't ideal candidates for wielding a hand saw.

3) Employing the services of a private bodyguard seems like overkill when police have it covered.

4) Brown is using his third-wheel bodyguard to promote the T-shirts he's been twittering about. We didn't know billboards were allowed in Richmond.


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secret ninja    

"t" (#73), your sad attempt at trying to sound intelligent and college educated while at the same time grasping at straws to justify mr. brown's behavior is, at best, comical and sorely pathetic. of course you're not sure whether or not to call what i wrote eloquent! i've done quite well in the "american school system", but what's your excuse?

it's interesting "t" that you decide not to call this domestic violence. you would have been right in calling this a fight between two individuals if they didn't know each other. but clearly they did and they were more than friends. i will put up the definition of domestic violence again because clearly you and people like you refuse to accept the facts for what they are:

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: A pattern of assaultive and coercive behaviors, including physical, sexual, and psychological attacks, as well as economic coercion, that adults or adolescents use against their intimate partners where the perpetrator and victim are currently or have been previously dating, cohabiting, married, or divorced.

This is from:

it's also interesting that you continue to ignore the fact that the official affadavit describing in gruesome detail of that night in February has been published by numerous media outlets, so to say "nobody knows what happened that night" is a total and complete lie.

yes, you're right about ONE thing, rihanna did hit him, but that is only because she was defending herself from someone that was punching her and slamming her head into a window and dash board. and how did chris respond? he bit her. repeatedly. and then he proceeded to choke her until he lost consciousness, twice.

yes, there are a lot of murders, rapes, etc. going on, but this incident could have easily been a murder because her injuries were that severe.

i will continue to defend ANYONE that has been abused in this way or any other way, especially when people like you defend people like chris brown for his actions. how would you know that Rihanna forgave him and moved on "t"? were you there? did she tell you that? no? then please, stfu.

i could give a flying flip as to whether or not she will read this, my motive for posting this is because it seems that people need to be educated again and again about how wrong this is. no one hopes chris will be a repeat offender. it is my hope that he actually gets help, but looking at the direction he's going; he may just end up a repeat offender or behind bars for something else.

the real question is: what is your motive for defending chris? is it because you think he's cute? is it because he's talented? is it because he's rich and famous? hate to break it to you (actually i don't) but he will not read this either and could care less, so why are YOU so concerned with this?

and as far as your IQ is concerned, it was already low, and dropped even lower when you decided to defend someone for their careless and heartless actions.

1870 days ago


Since Rhianna hit him FIRST her ass should be right next to him there...leave the man alone already. Wtf do you want him to do? Kill himself over the whole on with your life. He's doin his time..what about the idiot celeb's that drive drunk & put everyones lives in danger GET CAUGHT & spend a couple minutes or hours in jail. Now thats f*cked.. at least he's actually WORKING!

Let it go.

1870 days ago


He is suppose to be doing community service no socializing with the guards. If he can't do the work maybe he needs to serve the remainder of his time behind bars. If it would have you are me to do what he did we would be behind bars.

1870 days ago


TMZ, this was hilarious!!!!! your staff did an excellent job with this article!

1870 days ago

Billie Jean    

He cant smile and do his work. TMZ yall suck. Leave him alone, everyone makes mistakes and yall act like yall are perfect. Remember he is a kid.

1870 days ago


A lot of people seem to think he got off easy. I actually think that he was made an example of and that he received a fairly competitive sentence. What I have typically seen is that the person who has been assaulted gets raked over the coals when they report the abuse; the abuser then gets arrested and released; the court date ends up being pushed forward months or even years; the abuser either (a) gets off due for a myriad of reasons or (b) gets community service and/or probation for less than a year. They likely would also have to take a anger management course which usually is far, far less than a year long. I'm no expert but I have done volunteer work in a Women's Shelter; as well, my daughter recently went through this scenario as well as I have two girlfriends that have gone through the system. And we're talking people with middle to upper class status. Also, if you're a man that has been abused, good luck with that one. That's even more difficult. For an eye opener to the average person, spend a day or two sitting in court rooms and see what really goes on - it would astonish you how many cases they adminster to in a day (think cattle call) and how many cases go on for years as new dates are made over and over and over until the crime is almost forgotten at the time of actual trial.

1870 days ago


Why is it ok for a woman to hit a man and not the other way around? If you use your fists or hands to hit and slap expect it in return. Neither was right and only one (because of the severity and gender) is paying. What he has done is wrong. What she did was wrong. No one has the right to hit anyone else, regardless of what the person may or may not have said, done etc. Rihanna wasn't defending herself when she initiated contact.

1870 days ago


I would love to see Chris get his ass beat 10X as bad as what he dished out. LOSER....He does not need a bodyguard to serve his community service........again - this guy is definatly the biggest douchebag loser EVER...

1870 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Tmz your a bunch of DUMBASSES!! Yes they do give them tools to use inorder to get the work done and the T-Shirts will be going toward funds for Domestic and teen violence! I dont get why you all seem hell bent on tormenting this kid! At least he is TRYING!!! And his body guard is a BODY GUARD for a reason to keep leeches like TMZ and crazy fans away while he works! Ya there are armed guards too but he is in Chris's employment and there for a reason! You got what you wanted your photos of Chris doing his pennence now move on... Besides you all are a little late because Chris posted all these photos on his Twitter and another website.. You bunch of pathetic raciest ass wipes!! MOVE ON!!!

1870 days ago

secret ninja    

hey "Glossy" (#90), it appears your brain is "glossy" too. did you even read the official affadavit that has been published for all the world to see?
apparently not, you seem to have "glossed" over the facts.
one of which is this: rihanna saw the text message, got upset, and slammed her fists--NOT on chris, but on the dashboard.

school is in session, let's see if anyone with a brain cell count of more than one can actually answer this question, and "Glossy" judging by your name and the contents of your post, this will be a hard one, so i don't expect you to get this right:

how did chris respond? he...

a.) he pulled over and said "please get out of my car."

b.) he said "it's not what it looks like, let me explain this later."

c.) he tried to push her out of a moving car.

if you answered c, you are correct, and after c, according to the official affadavit, (which, did i mention it was official and has been published in numerous media outlets? ) when he realised she still had her seat belt on and that's why she hadn't fallen out of the moving car yet, he proceeded to punch her in the face, slam her head up against the window and dash board. she put her hands up to hit his hands away and he responded by biting her fingers. she drew her legs up to cover her face and he hit her legs to knock them down so he could hit her some more, then he choked her until she went unconscious, twice, as well as bit her in the shoulder...and well, read the rest for yourself.

but, once again judging by your comments "Glossy", your brain and your eyes are too "glossed" over to get the facts and let them sink in.

1870 days ago


REAL news must be slow, I see. *SMDH*. So, what? the dude can't SMILE now? LEMME FIND OUT!!

1870 days ago


Secret Ninja, I don't think anyone is downplaying what Chris Brown did, at least I'm not. He got caught, he has been charged, he is doing his time which is whole lot more than a most of the abusers out there. Also remember they went "vacationing" together after the incident and remained in touch with one another. That would signal to me that not just Chris but Rhianna needs counseling. There is so much more to just the actual abuse he inflicted and she endured, there is all the psychological stuff, family history, etc. None of us are really in a position to pass judgement. They're both young, caught up in a fast world which few of us have experienced. All we can do now is watch to see how Chris lives out his life after this; whether or not he takes benefit from his community service, counseling, etc. And whether or not Rhianna makes wiser choices in her future as well.

1870 days ago


i seen him doing this too with my own eyes :) he looked right at me!

1870 days ago


To God Bless, hmm, thanks for your friendly advice, however, I HAVE volunteered at a Women's Shelter, donated goods to a Women's Shelter, have cared for a child when her parents were embroiled in domestic violence issues ... I have sat with my girlfriend and calmed her down and lent support after she learnt that her ex-boyfriend who quite literally almost killed her was walking the streets again after spending one night in jail while they set a court date 3 months up the road. Oh, and he's still a free man a year later because the trial date has yet to be set.

And, yes, we are all free to our opinions which is what this site is all about.

However, snide comments and the overtone that you are possibly better than someone else clashes with your "God Bless"; makes it ring with insincerity.

1870 days ago

secret ninja    

wow, some people really can not read. who the heck is "Em"? must not be able to spell either. well "Tired" you must not be too "tired" as you have read all of my "long posts". not only are you "Tired" but you should add "dyslexic" and "thoroughly confused" because you have your accounts mixed up. rihanna's slapping chris and him reportedly then shoving her into a wall is a completely different and unrelated incident than from the one that happened in February. how about you do your research or take your own advice and stfu? actually, i prefer the latter, it would be doing everyone a favor.
as a side note, i am always productive.

1870 days ago
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