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Heigl Adopts a New Habit ... Motherhood

9/17/2009 5:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While on the set of a movie in L.A., Katherine Heigl showed off her newly adopted daughter Naleigh Kelley.


Heigl and husband Josh Kelley adopted the adorable bundle of joy from South Korea.

The 30-year-old makes for a smoking hot mom.


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Heigl's adopted sister is a Korean. Maybe that's why.

1824 days ago


They adopted a Korean baby in honor of Katherine's sister who was adopted from Korea by hteir parents.

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1824 days ago


Claps to #16...huh to #14 (go take your meds)...i mean, i'm just sayin' ;)

Anyhow, I’ll really get excited when stars stop thinking it’s cool to adopt abroad. Money isn’t the issue for them, so why not adopt some American blood…there’s so many children here that need homes. I’m completely disappointed in her…looks like she jumped on the Angie bandwagon.

1824 days ago


Out-of-Country adoption is good for the children because: Unfortunately, our kids need adopting because the parents are usually drug addicts. There are very few children in the U.S. who need homes because their parents died of disease, or their homes were blown up. Our children have opportunity. All they need is the desire to choose to take it. Children in many other countries know of nothing but poverty, and have no opportunity for anything other than a mere "existence". Our children need parents to stop smoking crack. Their children need someone to love them because they have no one. I wish them the best. They have a very lucky baby.

1824 days ago


A. I think that is such a sweet thing to do in honor of her sister.

B. Kooky the Klown/Chef Kooky...Im lovin the are to kooky!

1824 days ago


Most of the babies up for adoption in the US are noth orphans like foreign babies. You run the risk of the birth mothers coming arter them. You hear the stories all the time.

1824 days ago


#24...who loves American foster kids? They're abandoned by their parents, growing up knowing that their mom/dad cared more about the pipe then for them. they grow up...hate society...rebel against society and potentially become a problem for society...cycle repeated!
check this...i promise you American kids need love too! the process in which you think is truly amazing to me....lord help us when not even our own people care about what happens to us...because we are "privileged" just to be born here LOL LOL!!!

1824 days ago

Just wondering??    

"Our children have opportunity. All they need is the desire to choose to take it."
Posted at 5:38PM on Sep 17th 2009 by REALbarbwire7


Huh? What the hell are you talkig about? Since when does a infant have the ability to "choose their own opportunity"? Youre a moron. You are the kind of person I love to have a debate with, because (even with my marginal intelligence) I can probably read a book, pay my bills online and shut you down at the same time. Just knock a bunch of stuff out in one sitting, you know.
Sheesh. Dummy.

1824 days ago



Couldn't have said it better myself!

1824 days ago


Looks like she still carries a little bit of baby wight on her arse...

yay - cute babies... does forget they grown up

1824 days ago


Okay I do agrre that being born here is a really okay for many american foster kids. Why? Think about it. Where would you stand a better chance in an american orphanage or in places like a sudanese orphanage? An american foster kid has more opportunities including education, food other basic rights and the US government on their side. Whilst many of you on here will complain about people adopting foreign babies you won't even think about adoption as an option. You won't even think of adopting an american kid , so what the big fuss about?!!! We are as americans many of us have no clue, we have a sense of entitlement and we don't travel beyond our own boarders to see that there is a world of wonderful other people. Thats why we are hated. I gues we shouldn't care what other people think about us right? Because we are the super power so we think. If its one thing the financial meltdown has taught me is that to be very ware of the problems of other people and before i go making suggestions i should be an example!!!!

1824 days ago


Celebrities are so stupid.. Adopting is great and if you do it from another country every once in a while ok..but there are many people who need to be adopted in the U.S. and people really need to stop only adopting babies..there are kids of older age that need homes also.

1824 days ago


Franky we adopted from China because we heard too many horror stories of orphans with addictive biological parents in our country. My boss just got through raising two crack babies who have themselves been in and out of rehab and jail for the last 20 years.

1824 days ago


I think child birth is gross. I think women have to have this child to prove to thier girl friends that they are acceptable or worthy of something. After the "new" wears off they get bored with it and then they turn back into that needy bitch again. People who adopt are just plain stupid. The woman cries and cries about how she just has to have a baby and the man has to please his wife so they adopt some other raced baby to make themselves feel like good people when actually it was a selfish act all along.

1824 days ago


It's a harder and longer process to adopt out of the fostercare system because the government is so worried about stepping on the bio-parents "rights." How many times does a parent have to put their child in danger before parental rights are terminated?! Why would you want to wait until the child is in preschool to know that the birth mother won't be getting the child you've raised back? Oh, and if you go onto the adopt us kids website the only kids available are older children in the fostercare system or SEVERELY disabled children. So "ADOPT DOMESTICALLY ONLY" is fine if you want a school age child or a special education candidate!

1824 days ago
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