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Heigl Adopts a New Habit ... Motherhood

9/17/2009 5:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While on the set of a movie in L.A., Katherine Heigl showed off her newly adopted daughter Naleigh Kelley.


Heigl and husband Josh Kelley adopted the adorable bundle of joy from South Korea.

The 30-year-old makes for a smoking hot mom.


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Freaking celebs are adopting kids like puppies...

1829 days ago

F*CK Mayweather!!    

1. There is such thing as a CLOSED ADOPTION!! You do know what that is right. I am guessing you didn't do your homework because the birth parents are NOT in the picture

2. So your saying lets take the easy way out and adopt a child from a different country. Lol..

46. Those who point their fingers at any overseas adoption shouldn't comment unless they've looked into our process here in America. It's not an easy one to navigate or can easily afford plus you NEVER can fully cut-off a birth parents rights if they're American. Very difficult to fight that issue. So, if your Ok with an extra parent or two telling you how to raise your child then great for you. Also, what an ignorant comment regarding "import model". Very prejudice and sad, please get educated.
We adopted one child abroad and it's been the best experience. Our birth son was with us and had an amazing time (the kids bonded immediately). Our son (a teen now) is old enough to understand the need to adopt is GLOBAL and understands that his sister was saved from a life of work slavery or worse.
So again, for those of you who condemn, please then adopt locally. It's all good.
More importantly, Congrats to Heigl & Kelley, she's adorable and our best to you!

1829 days ago

F*CK Mayweather!!    

Your talking about birth control is easy to get here. All in all QUIT HAVING SEX. Whether it be in AMERICA OR ANOTHER COUNTRY!

49. There are several people on here who posted that American children should be adopted first and I can see where they are coming from but I can also see why people choose to adopt internationally because at least every couple of months you see on the news how a child was adopted here in America and now the birth parents want the child back because they changed their mind or they are finally off drugs, or whatever the case may be! Of course usually by the time they want the child back, a lot of the hard work is done, i.e. getting up in the middle of the night, etc. so then the birth parents start the interviews on Oprah and so on, how they have changed their life, blah, blah, blah. If we could get everyone to stick to the old saying, "If you can't feed 'em, don't breed 'em" we would probably not have as many children in foster homes! BTW, your local health department will provide free birth control, but you gotta get out of the street and go get it! Don't hate on Katherine Heigl! This is America the last time I checked and you can do whatever you dang well please! Congrats to Katherine and her husband!

Read more:

1829 days ago


Katherine is a very sweet, down to earth, girl who is filled with love for others. She'll make a wonderful mother.

1829 days ago


Glad she found a child to adopt...a child to love and protect. This child, like ANY child (no matter what country), should deserve this. Children suffer throughout the world through physical, verbal and mental abuse so I applaud Heigl for finding an adoptive child. All children need to be loved and nurtured :)

1829 days ago


she just wanted something else to worship her. an untalented actress looking for attention is all this is

1829 days ago


Adopting in the US isn't that easy. Ask my daughter and son-in-law who had to adopt to add to their family.

Most children in foster care are NOT available for adoption. And private adoption is almost beyond the cost of an average family.

Also, don't let us forget that most babies in the US born to unwed mothers, even very young mothers, are kept in the family and not availble for adoption.

1829 days ago


Why don't Americans adopt in America?!?! We got plenty of kids here that need good homes.

Not that I care about KH. She's a bitch and I was so unhappy when her "character" lived!!!! When will this fake titted, bleach blonde, no talent skank go away? Oh did I mention she's annoying?

1829 days ago


she doesnt look like the motherly type..and after seeing her on the show "ellen" and talking about it...I DONT KNOW...

1829 days ago


People, you make it sound like it's the easiest thing in the world to adopt American babies. While I wish it was, it's not! And most state foster systems do absolutely everything they can down to the very last ditch effort to keep kids with their biological family, hence, foster care. It's rare to see a foster child's parents rights completely and permanently revoked. I don't support this system being the way it is, I'm just trying to illustrate the fact that you don't just walk on up to child services and say, "Hey, I'd like a kid, you know, one who is just sitting there waiting to be adopted," and then take them home with you. It doesn't work like that.

And most American adoptions are open adoptions involving families dealing with infertility. It's actually far cheaper to adopt in the US (although it's NOT cheap). And guess what, there's waiting lists upon waiting lists. Most couples who simply want to adopt because they want to give a child a home have to go international because it's their only option.

This is a special needs baby who just got adopted, be happy for her! NO adoption is a bad choice!!

1829 days ago


Question for all the people asking why KH did not adopt a child here in America? Are u REALL............Y asking why she didn't adopt a cauasian baby? People WAKE UP! What does it matter?! A child is a child and every one of them deserves a loving, nuturing and safe home regardless of race!

1829 days ago


Ok I have just lost all respect for her! I so agree leave all these kids in there own country we have alot of children in foster care here in AMERICA that need adopting. Adopt them !
"oh lets feel sorry for them cause they live in another country that is less forunate" BS!!! Leanve um there! Madonna. Angelina can't adopt American Kids they take there millions & go else where looks like a trend that needs to stop & stop now!

1829 days ago


Good for her adopting instead of giving birth! Gained respect for her for this.

1828 days ago


Although I am happy for her I still have this one nagging question,
Why dont celebrities ever adopt kids from the US? They are always adopting kids from all over the world except the US and I think that it is really messed up. What they dont feel that children here need to be adopted just as bad? In my opinion it is dumb that they dont and it really mean too. I understand that there are issues all over the world as well as the US but they could still try and adopt from here too instead of everywhere but the US and give other kids who need it just as much a new home and family. I am just saying what I feel needs to be said thats all and I do have a point just think about it.

1828 days ago


Why the hell would anyone young, rich and beautiful want to adopt a kid? You can see it already dragging her down as she hauls it around, like a ball and chain.

1828 days ago
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