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Jackson's Mom and Kids

Get a Bundle

9/17/2009 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Up to now we didn't know how much Katherine Jackson was getting by way of allowance while Michael Jackson's estate gets probated. In legal docs just unveiled today, we now know the special administrators asked to pay her $26,804 per month.

As for the kids, the family allowance for them is $60,000 per month.

The docs also say "...the Estate assets consist of real and personal property exceeding $500 million and that the Estate is solvent."

Katherine and Michael's 3 kids will continue to get an allowance -- which is subject to change -- until the estate is probated. That could take between 1 and 2 years from now.

UPDATE: The docs also list Katherine and the kids' expenses separately.

Now, the kids' specific expenses are redacted -- but it doesn't matter, because the totals are still listed ... and they're HUGE:

-- Salaries and payroll benefits: $315,580 per year
-- Basic needs: $141,300 per year
-- Entertainment and other: $159,120 per year
TOTAL: $720,000 per year

Katherine's expenses per month:

-- Assistant: $4,722
-- Insurance for Asst: $475
-- Housekeeper: $2,080
-- Driver: $2,000
-- Payroll and Taxes on gross salaries: $1,760
-- Utilities: $3,260
-- Clothing: $3,500
-- Personal grooming: $1,000
-- Entertainment: $1,500
-- Car Expenses: $1,750
TOTAL (plus a few expenses we didn't list): $26,804 per month


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That's great and thank you TMZ for the nice photo of Michael :-)
I love you Michael!

1860 days ago


for those that thought michael was that much of a junkie how come he was still very clever when it came to his finnances?not only was he the best singer dancer and songwriter he was very clver with his money.mjj fanx

1860 days ago

MJ FaN    

Michael i love you

1860 days ago


Yes, the Encino mansion is a lot to maintain, but remember, the estate of Michael Jackson owns and maintains the property. I suspect that includes the utilities and other normal household maintenance stuff. So that leaves Katherine only to pay her personal expenses and other household help that she chooses to have such as the butlers, cooks, etc., and, of course, any she wishes to share with her other "children". I'm quite sure that the "school play yard" just added for the kids for school time was paid for as an estate expense. In other words, when the pool pump breaks, the pool company sends the invoice to the estate office for payment. It is not Katherine's problem.

On the other hand, I guess chauffeur service can be a bit costly in the LA there goes a chuck for Katherine right there.

I suspect that the expenses utilized for the kids are later reviewed by the guardian ad lithem, Margaret Lodise.

1860 days ago



1860 days ago


They must need money for security also. That ain´t cheap.

1860 days ago


Hey All You Jacko Fans Get Your Wacko-Jacko Mask For Halloween. Yes You Too Can Be Just Like
Your Beloved King Of Pop As He Is Right Now In His Coffin, Hurry These Are Selling fast Don’t Be Left Out

1860 days ago


It's their money. None of us can spend any of it.

I'm not sure why this was made public. Good for them. The best thing is that the estate is solvent.

1860 days ago


Keep in mind that katherene did not want the allownace amount disclosed and her lawyer pleaded to the judge that it would cause mayhem.
They all knew it was an outrageous sum.
What the hell is wrong with the judge to allow such an amount ?
What on Earth could cost 86 thousand a month ?
Havenhurst is paid off , compliments of Michael and the kids are being homeschooled , so what is the need for this amount which actually , had Michael still been alive , exceeded his own liquid worth . He had six hundred thousand and change liquid , right ?
Up until the concerts , there is no way he was shelling out 86,000 a month to care for his mother and the kids...

Greed is way thicker than blood , my own parents are money grubbing freaks , I am golden so long as I keep giving them money which they in turn blow on useless stuff.
It makes me ill that if it weren't for the money they would not give a flying rat about me and I am not in the wealth level of Michael Jackson , nonetheless I feel his pain of how people only like you for the money . It's pretty lonely , believe me.

1860 days ago


I genuinely feel sorry for Michael Jackson ’s family. The decision to bury, cremate or recycle cannot be an easy choice to make

Q: What do Michael Jackson and an nintendo64 have in common? A: Both got turned on by kids!!! But now they are both dead!!!

What was Michael Jackson tell the paramedics as he was dying? Take me to Childrens Hospital!

1860 days ago


Why can stuff like this be allowed to be known by the general public? Nothing like a little privacy hey? In "our" world, that all seems like a lot of money. But. Katherine's allowance really isn't that big considering the home she is upkeeping and the responsibilities that have been bestowed on her. And remember, this woman shops at Target so I doubt she's out squandering her money! As far as the kids' allowance, I'm sure their lawyer is keeping tabs on the expenditures which includes their private tutoring, counseling, clothing, any other special care and, yes, of course, entertainment expenses. I bet any one of them, Michael's mother, Prince, Paris or Blanket, would give it all away if they could just have Michael back. Something money just can't buy.

1860 days ago


Now that Mom and the chilren are taken care of.I say pull the plug on the DVD sales of the Funeral, Michael is finally buried, We have had a public and private memorial service. There should be nothing else, except for the prosecution of EVERYONE envoled in Michaels death. No more pickin the bones of Michael for profit.we don't need a Memoribilla Concert to line Joe and Jermaines pockets.IT"S OVER, JERMAINE AND JOE(THE DEVIL) STOP IT IT'S OVER,IT'S OVER, IT'S OVER PEST IN PEACE NOW MICHAEL, THEY CAN'T HURT YOU ANYMORE

1860 days ago


34. Michael Jackson is not dead!

Posted at 3:37PM on Sep 17th 2009 by elizabethvitale

If I see this comment one more time I will puke. Please get a grip. As much as I would like that to be the truth, sadly he is very dead. You don't honestly believe that he would pull a dirty trick like that on his fans or his kids, do you ? He LOVED both an he is not mean enough to do that to us.

1860 days ago


These amounts are not excessive considering the amount of the estate. Remember, these amounts were agreed upon by both Katherine's lawyers and Team Branca. And don't forget that the judge allowed only 85% of what had been requested for the kids stating that he felt some of the expenses were duplicates of what was in Katherine's allowance.

I'm sure a large portion of the expense for the kids is education. They are not just "home schooled", they are tutored by certified, professional instructors and I doubt that level of education comes cheap in California, not to mention the books and other materials that accompanies. I've also read that the children read a lot and let's face it, they are not riding their bikes around the corner to the neighborhood library. The guardian ad lithem had no problem with the total amount being shared as long as the details of each expense category was not shown in the court records released.

1860 days ago


Michael will live on forever and I happy he can provide for his family after his passing. He looks happy in the picture. His family deserves it all if that's what Michael wanted.
I miss you MJJ.. Love Always-- SG

1860 days ago
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