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Jackson's Mom and Kids

Get a Bundle

9/17/2009 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Up to now we didn't know how much Katherine Jackson was getting by way of allowance while Michael Jackson's estate gets probated. In legal docs just unveiled today, we now know the special administrators asked to pay her $26,804 per month.

As for the kids, the family allowance for them is $60,000 per month.

The docs also say "...the Estate assets consist of real and personal property exceeding $500 million and that the Estate is solvent."

Katherine and Michael's 3 kids will continue to get an allowance -- which is subject to change -- until the estate is probated. That could take between 1 and 2 years from now.

UPDATE: The docs also list Katherine and the kids' expenses separately.

Now, the kids' specific expenses are redacted -- but it doesn't matter, because the totals are still listed ... and they're HUGE:

-- Salaries and payroll benefits: $315,580 per year
-- Basic needs: $141,300 per year
-- Entertainment and other: $159,120 per year
TOTAL: $720,000 per year

Katherine's expenses per month:

-- Assistant: $4,722
-- Insurance for Asst: $475
-- Housekeeper: $2,080
-- Driver: $2,000
-- Payroll and Taxes on gross salaries: $1,760
-- Utilities: $3,260
-- Clothing: $3,500
-- Personal grooming: $1,000
-- Entertainment: $1,500
-- Car Expenses: $1,750
TOTAL (plus a few expenses we didn't list): $26,804 per month


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61. GOOD!!! They need it! Katherine is now able ot continue to carefor her home and set up a trust fund for each of those kids... You peopel sitting in judgment on her should go a cry in a corner some where because of his family members she was the ONLY one he trusted!! Thats WHY he left her tons of cash so she can keep her home and pay the bills... dont hate just cuz it aint you!!As for the children that is so they can have their needs seen to. And so they cna continue to live in the lifestyle that are acustomend to... get over it how mant of you haterz on here actually care. I know soem of the cousins and they have ALL said she is a very kind and loving lady! I hope they get more!! I hope those kids never have to worry about money EVER in their lives!! MOVE ON!!

Posted at 4:18PM on Sep 17th 2009 by Michael Jackson s Voice


Well said! Applause because your telling it like it is!
Thank you!

I love and miss you Michael. I'm glad your children will be well taken care of!

Rest well sweet King!

1871 days ago

THISISIT again MJ breaks records    

How much is Farah Fawcet's METH HEAD son getting from her estate?
How much is every other dead celebs children getting for their allowance? Why does the King of Pop's business need to be broken down on TMZ?

*eye roll tmz*

1871 days ago


I love this photo! It makes me feel good and makes me smile!
Thank you TMZ!

1871 days ago


gs count me in to help although i am not very good with pc i really want to see Justice for Michael and his children.

1871 days ago


#23, Indiana girl if that was true, what TF are u doing here then? We care about anything Michael Jackson so please get the F out of here and let us enjoy our reading!

1871 days ago


#29 Girlnextdoor, too bad your own father didn't get pay for molesting you!Perhaps because his a nobody and ur just trash anyways!

1871 days ago


This is info from another newspaper regarding the kid's expenses.

The petition does not provide many details about how the money is being spent on Jackson's children, who range in age from 7 to 12. A redacted spreadsheet included in the filings states that $315,000 per year is being spent on employees caring for the children, and another $160,000 is being set aside for entertainment and other expenses.

At the October hearing, the judge will expect to receive an update on how the children have been faring since the death of their father according to the article.

1871 days ago


Seriously, why is Katherine getting clothing expenses and such for herself. All that money just needs to go to those kids. Yes, those kids are set but that money doesn't need to go to Katherine at all!

1871 days ago


a.y. harrison, please note: In California, property inherited by a spouse is separate property, NOT community property.

1871 days ago


hey Harvey do you think the children really need all that money to take care of the them. also can you find out if Michael left anything to his brothers and sisters.

1871 days ago


LOL, what a bunch of haters!!! I mean obviously the people upset with the amount of money that Katherine and the kids are receiving are just a bunch of BROKE HATERS LIVING PAY CHECK TO PAY CHECK.....IF THEY EVEN HAVE A JOB! Do you NOT understand that this is Michael Jackson's mother and children we're talking about??? The man was FILTHY RICH.....King of POP (no entertainer has EVER come close to selling the number of albums he sold $$$$), OBVIOUSLY whoever inherits his assets is gonna live the same way. And quite honestly I think that the expenses listed were pretty modest, considering who you're talking about. And for the people saying "OMG.....those kids aren't gonna see a dime".......BE REAL, Katherine's gonna make sure those kids are taken care of just like Michael did. Quit hating so hard.......LOSERS!

1871 days ago

cali chick    

Daaannnggg! Thats a lot of money per month. But you can't put a price tag on the loss of their father! I am sure they would rather be dead broke and have Micahel back!!! R.I.P MIchael we love you more!

1871 days ago


The judge decided that this information would be included, or rather not excluded from the public record. Remember, probate records are public unless specifically sealed by the court/judge. Beckloff has been doing this a long time. I think he was trying to avoid someone filing a motion to have this information made public.

People are free to check the probate filings of other dead celebrities in the LA Probate Court database all they wish. Does anyone care how much money Farrah Fawcett's is getting...I doubt it.

To my knowledge, the details of the to how the funds are to be paid from MJ's estate once the trust actually begins making payments, will not be public information as trust information is confidential in most states. This is a good way to keep your relatives out of your business.

1871 days ago


60,000 for the kids?
Nanny, private school, clothes, and entertainment.
Where's the rest going?
I hope the courts order an accounting of their expenditures.

1871 days ago


i heard a rumor that jay-z is mad at beyonce for allowing Taylor to say her thank you on stage during beyonce time can find out if it its true

1871 days ago
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