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Uncle Joey Owes Uncle Sam $$$

9/17/2009 1:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

dave couller"Full House" star Dave Coulier is about to have a less than full wallet -- turns out dude owes some big bucks in back taxes.

According to the Detroit News, the 49-year-old comedian racked up a combined federal and state tax debt nearing $50,000.

Records show the IRS filed a $37,063 lien against him in March of last year -- then California followed with a $11,793 lien in May of this year.

The comic is known for his charitable fundraising -- but, as they say, charity needs to begin at home.

Calls to Coulier's rep weren't returned.


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That's nuts, dude.

1673 days ago


I miss Dave, he used to rock my world with his big schlong. He has the BIGGEST member in all of Hollywood.

1673 days ago


ummmm in the show full house he wasn't a uncle so ur wrong on that part

1673 days ago

dont know    

sooo funny..this tool thinks he's so cool...hilarious.

1673 days ago


You would think they could afford an accountant to tell them this.... But the celebs probably get into trouble over taxes for the same reason many small businesses do: they forget that a good chunk of each bit of income isn't theirs but belongs to Uncle Sam and Uncle State and Uncle Local. So they just spend everything that comes in and assume they'll scrape together the taxes when April 15 comes around. People on wages and salaries get their estimated taxes taken out of every paycheck so they don't have to think about it - their take-home pay already has the taxes deducted. But self-employed folk have to do their own payroll deductions.

I am self-employed, and I put aside 35% to 46% of each payment received for taxes at all levels. I don't know how people get so far behind, though, since if you're self-employed then you have to pay estimated taxes. In my case, I pay estimated taxes to the state and the feds 4 times a year, for instance estimated income taxes for 2009 are due on April 15 (2009), June 15, September 15, and January 15 (2010), figured according to my actual income and deductible business expenses each period. If you make enough money, you might have to pay estimated taxes every month (12 times per year). If by December I have more money set aside for taxes than I need, I can use that to make business purchases or contribute to deductible retirement funds to minimize any remaining tax.

It's not that hard, but you do have to remind yourself that each check is only partially yours to spend and consciously save to pay the tax collectors, just as you have to keep enough money in your checking account for the medical insurance premiums that are automatically withdrawn every month (which nowadays is a bigger chunk of change than taxes for me here in the United States, since instead of a rational national tax-based health care system that just costs a few percent of our income like the rest of the civilized world, we have a chaotic and predatory for-profit "private" medical insurance system that gouges us with wild abandon especially when self-employed).

1673 days ago



1673 days ago


It's not Uncle Joey, it's straight up Joey

1673 days ago


See...I don't get it. The IRS makes an example of Rich Hatch over taxes owed on a lousy thousand dollars he EARNED on Survivor by sticking him in jail. These other celebs get to roll around in expensive cars, live in huge mansions and not pay taxes in like...years!! And they owe WAY more than any survivor star will ever make! Proves they are being given special treatment and RH is made a example of.

1673 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

Plus he still owes me 5 dollars

1673 days ago


Joey your niece steph probably jacked your money and bought a ton of crack with it. Wait.... maybe he is a crack head like her??????? That's it no more full house for my kids

1673 days ago


joey better cut it out!!

1673 days ago


This is pocket change compared to what Charlie Rangel owes, but I sure don't see TMZ reporting on him , wonder why?

1672 days ago
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