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Barack Obama Speaks Hebrew

9/18/2009 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

... well, some Hebrew.

To commemorate the Jewish new year, President Obama released a special Rosh Hashanah message today ... and flexed his Jew-lingual skills in the process.

How do you say "jackass" in Hebrew?


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How is wishing another culture good will hatefull? You people are the scary ones. Good God the man is just wishing Jewish people a happy Rosh Hashanah and wishing for peace in that region and you people act like he's Un- American. I guess when Cinco de mayo comes around he shouldnt say anything about that either. Maybe he shouldnt even say Merry Christmas as well, eh?

Jeez, effing psycho's on here today!

1826 days ago


Well, then I certainly look forward to a nice Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to Jesus when my faith celebrates a holiday. But-then again-I won't hold my breath.

1826 days ago


This country is made up of ALL FAITHS. As President of the USA, he represents everyone. Most Presidents recognize the high holidays of the largest faiths in our country.
We are not JUST a Christian country, we are a country that has a majority of Christians.

What's interesting is that some of you wil find anything not to support POTUS. It's okay to dissagree and debate, in fact it's patriotic. However, to bash the President on any topic no matter the merits is very unpatriotic. I never supported Pres. Bush but when an Iraqi threw a show at him, I felt he was throwing a shoe at America.

1826 days ago


YES, #14 it scares me like the other person said on #5. AMERICA AND CHRISTANITY.

1826 days ago


YOU GO # 17 and #16 I couldn't have said it better.

1826 days ago


so the uncle tom can speak hebrew...if onlyhe wasnt as stupid as a bean......and he is one hell of a "LIAR" I agreed with that assemblyman and what was the problem..he had a right to his freedom of speech. I call Obama an azz ole everyday and I mean it and wont apologize for his racist ways...dumb azz J.Bunny!

1826 days ago


How about...."PUTZ!"

1826 days ago


How do you say "the US is israel's puppet" in hebrew?

1826 days ago


#19 This was a country Mostly christians until OTHERS with theirs came here to get away from their Countries and brought their religions here. Some are OK and I don't have a problem with most. It's the ones that have wacked out beliefs that help produce terrorists and dangerous people hurting others over their religions here with their religions. We were fine till to many from other places got here.

1826 days ago


nice. negative ppl here, seems you're not used to having an intelligent president.

1826 days ago


By love MJ #23. How can he ignorre Natinal Pray Day here and then do this. It is a slap i the face. Not to mention using a Koran instad of Holy Bible.

1826 days ago


What's bothersome isn't his action here, rather his beliefs. He, like Jimmy Carter, believes that Israel should give up ALL of THEIR land and hand it over to the Palestinians. They both believe this would resolve strife there but it most certainly will not. That war is about religious beliefs not land. You give them an inch and they take a foot. The Palestinians are backed by Hamas and Hezbollah both of which are supported by Jimmy Carter who has urged our current President to support. The mere fact that yesterday Obama dismantled the defense shield for the sake of Poland, on the 70th anniversary of Russia invading them, tells you he doesn't give a crap. He doesn't think that Russia nor Iran is a threat let alone North Korea. Never mind today Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from Iran said that Israel will cease to exist. This president is dangerous. And no, I'm not racist. Grow up. Do your due diligence as an American and stop hurling the word racist around like it's football.

1826 days ago


Obama is a pimp for speaking his mind he could of called Kanye a lot worse!

1826 days ago


3. Why does he have to be involved in everything, or is he just getting the attention that Bush and other presidents didn't get???
Posted at 12:16PM on Sep 18th 2009 by Janie

Two words: Media Whore!

1826 days ago


Why is he still the President? Get him out 2012!

1826 days ago
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