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Barack Obama Speaks Hebrew

9/18/2009 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

... well, some Hebrew.

To commemorate the Jewish new year, President Obama released a special Rosh Hashanah message today ... and flexed his Jew-lingual skills in the process.

How do you say "jackass" in Hebrew?


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Be careful Jimmy Carter will call you a racist if you don't agree with the president.

1827 days ago


How do you say "jackass in Hebrew" it is "צרפתית" . For the biggest anti-semite President since Jimmy Carrter this attempt to suck up to future Jewish "contributors" to replace those ACORN funds is disgusting. He has blocked every attempt to help our Jewish brothers and sisters, has backed Palenstinian attempts to destroy Israel, reduced funding and financial support. He has visited theIslamic Countries, bowed before their Kings, apologized, and undermined Israel security at every attempt. Agin Prez Barry Sotero from the medrassa, YOU ARE NOT a friend of the Jews or Israel you are in fact the biggest "צרפתית" EVERY!!

1827 days ago


Why is everyone getting so upset that the President wished Jewish people happy new year? btw, Jesus was Jewish and would have celebrated Rosh Hashanah too!!!

1827 days ago


We know why some people make negative comments about Obama - because he is a black man. It burns you up that an intelligent, articulate person of African descent is president.

I laugh at your pettiness -HAHAHAHAHAHA!

1827 days ago

J C    

He just reprimanded Israel for building homes in their own country.
Did He do that in Hebrew?

1827 days ago


No#41, another apologist for our first Halfrican American President. Being a "true" black man, ie both parents are black, I know a slick, street hussler, "Mack Daddy" when I see one, and I see one mascarading himself as President. He doesn't represnt black people,black values, or traditions any ore than Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. If you'd take your heads out of your !@#, you'd realize You Have Been Conned by the true rascist (Kennedy, Kerry, and the other White folk power borkers) that put him up as "the true blakc man" to satisfy your White Guilt. Wake up!!This Con Man Mack Daddy has got to go

1827 days ago


people will always complain about every action the president takes. however, difference, diversity or challenge give strength. the more you criticise, the more he corrects his mistakes and at the end, he gets better. so keep the criticisms coming.

1827 days ago


people will always complain about every action the president takes. however, difference, diversity or challenge give strength. the more you criticise, the more he corrects his mistakes and at the end, he gets better. so keep the criticisms coming.

1827 days ago

not kooky    

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1827 days ago


1. Articulate and well-spoken, as usual.
Incredibly thoughtful.
Thanks for caring, Mr. President. And Back Atcha,

Posted at 12:26PM on Sep 18th 2009 by magentapyramid

Did you mention the word CARING? NO! Obama does not care...he is just pretending to care so the ones that are drinking his Kool-Aid keep on drinking even more.............

1827 days ago


CHEF KOOKY!!!!!! how are you today? you are the reason why I read TMZ

1827 days ago


That is a peculiar speech considering Jewish Americans make up less than 2% of the US population.

1827 days ago


If you don't like him don't listen, all you negative people get a life. He still gave the speach to the kids and all you that didn't want your kids to hear him they will be the ones we read about and have to use tax money to take care of!

1827 days ago


Hmmm, wonder how you say "TOOL" in Hebrew?

We'll be waiting Mr. President for you to do a shout out to Baby Jesus on December 25th. {{{{begin holding breath now}}}}

#38, you're pathetic by the way. Find something to give yourself a genuine ego boost rather than latching onto your brotherhood.

1827 days ago


Re the comment left by GEEZ - you are an Anti-Semitic idiot. I am surprised you even know how to use a computer. This country was founded on religious freedoms. Sure, there are more Christians than other religions in the USA, but that doesn't make America a "Christian Nation". We are all children of Abraham. Time to unite, not fight.

Happy New Year, Harvey!

1827 days ago
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