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Barack Obama Speaks Hebrew

9/18/2009 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

... well, some Hebrew.

To commemorate the Jewish new year, President Obama released a special Rosh Hashanah message today ... and flexed his Jew-lingual skills in the process.

How do you say "jackass" in Hebrew?


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Fan Since 2007!!!    

Good Lord I'M Blacker than Barry Soetoro. Well to do Half-White raised by a White family in a White environment. And don't get me strated on how he militantly endorses a program (abortion) that's effectively exterminated 25% of the Black population since its founding...Sell out...

1830 days ago


President Obama is a great leader. Thoughtful, articulate, consistent, compassionate and respectful to everyone. He really goes out of his way to bring people together. May this be a great new year, much happiness, love, and unity. Rejoice.

1830 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

That's right ProudAmerican, continue to lust after the commander in thief as he continues to bankrupt your children and grandchildren with his policies. 12 Trillion dollars national debt, folks. Divide it by America's population of 300 Million. That's 38 MILLION dollars every man, woman and child will owe.

Pay Up

1830 days ago


Favorite quotes by Mimi:

"Again, STUPID Americans who are very racist." -- Uh, we elected a black president....hello.....

"Is not like republicans who are EVIL and kill so many people because of they stupidest politics." -- Wow. They stupidest politics. Seriously. How about, 'they stupidest grammar?'

"SO MANY OF THEM ARE NO EDUCATED BIGS" -- Speaks for itself, doesn't it?

"Obama for all!" -- Well, sure, until he decides you're the next 'jackass.'

Thanks Mimi for your insightful opinion. You edumacated me!

1830 days ago


In response to #64, I wasn't born when whites were hanging blacks, were you? I was talking about an incident that happened this past Monday when a white student was beaten by several black students on a school bus in Belleville. Is that getting the attention that Tasha Hill who was "beaten by a white man outside Cracker Barrel Rest., interesting that she doesn't have any marks on her body especially her face. I don't buy she was this quiet person that was speaking so softly either. She probably went ghetto on him, if he would have been a black person, she might have gotten shot.

1830 days ago


so nice to hear that yesterday Obama pulled out of a defense contract agreed to under Bush with poland. BUsh pulled out on the ANNIVERSAY of them being BOMBed on this day in 1939. class act obama at it again. what a douche.

1830 days ago


This guy is a lying sack in any language. Bob Wilson was right.

1830 days ago


The anti-christ speaks all languages.

1830 days ago

reamworks SKG    


1830 days ago


7. disgusting. This is why I wouldn't let my kid watch his back to school or any other speachees. He isn't even giving that much attention to America and it's Christian faith what OUR countryis made of.

Posted at 12:24PM on Sep 18th 2009 by GEEZ

Read more:

If you would get your intolerant head out of your ass and
trying learning REAL American history, you'd know that people
who built America fled religious persecution, and that our founding fathers were NOT religious, especially NOT Christians.
America was NOT built on/from Christianity, and those same forefathers DENOUNCED Christianity.

1830 days ago


How do you say He Lied in Hebrew?
President Obama said this week that his health care plan won't cover illegal immigrants, but argued that's all the more reason to legalize them and ensure they eventually do get coverage
This out of the mouth of a lier.

1830 days ago


Very nice gesture.


As for Obama bankrupting America, that would have been our previous President George W. Bush. Sadly, Obama inherited Bush's mistakes. It's sad to think if Bush hadn't waged his war of lies, we would be able to pay for health care for every man, woman, and child for years.... Instead, my great grandchildren will be paying for his mistakes.

1830 days ago


This was not a christian country as some like to state here.
If you want to be technical about it, this country belong to Native Americans before Christians came here...

I'm sure when Christmas comes around there will be a message posted wishing all Christian Americans a Merry Christmas, just as he is wishing Jewish AMERICANS a happy new year now.

1830 days ago


And the campaigning continues...He never shuts up! Someone kindly tap him on his shoulder and tell him, "You can stop with stump speeches Mr. President. You won the election months ago."

1830 days ago


Just shut up! It is like a nazi sympathizer saying "Good Shabbos" as they push you into the lines at Auschwitz. This man is the most Islamic sympathetic president ever and perhaps world leader outside of the Islamic world. He has shown wanton disregard for Israel, Jews, ALL of USA's allies while he has cozied up more and more and appeased more and more of our adversaries. I am sick to death of this man and his fakeness. Congratulations USA--we got the Islamic-Socialist-Manchurian Candidate you all wanted!

1830 days ago
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