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Barack Obama Speaks Hebrew

9/18/2009 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

... well, some Hebrew.

To commemorate the Jewish new year, President Obama released a special Rosh Hashanah message today ... and flexed his Jew-lingual skills in the process.

How do you say "jackass" in Hebrew?


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Oh, let me correct myself before one of you losers does it for me. I meant.. "NOT only a first" gah. :p Oh, and to the snot who posted before me & any1 else who shares that perspective, please post proof of HOW and WHY Obama's health care plan will lead to "severe headache,delayed treatment,zero choice,sky rocketing taxes,and premature death" Yeah, you dont have any. Quit listening to Joe Wilson and learn what is really going on. You have enough time to surf TMZ, but you obviously dont have enough time to find an unbiased political web site to follow.

1822 days ago

Dr. Demento    

Josh, it's dimwits like you that give Caucasians everywhere a bad reputation. Go back to your elementary school in Mississippi and learn about some real history, and forget about the nonsense your Pappy filled your brains with while he was whipping you behind the woodshed.

1822 days ago


Thats crap that Obama decided to wish the JEWS Happy hanakah. i am a muslima and our Eid Al-Fitr is going on right now and i don't see him wishing us Eid Mubarak?!?

1822 days ago


You jaleous people don't deserve an open, smart, president. Reading your comments about how insulting to you is the fact that he talks and wishes other faiths celebrations in their languages (whether it's hebrew or arabic...) is an insult, just disgusts me.

You have a president that at least tries to understand and to involve every component of the american society , you should be proud unstead.
America is young and most of all built by the people. Whether you like or not it was made of immigrants, all of you (or slaves but they did not choose to come) Native Americans are the real americans and I know you people don't like that...

If you knew your History and your facts, maybe you would be more tolerant, but I guess you guys prefer to be just on your own.

You despise dictators from all around the world but critisizing such initiatives make you no less intolerant than the people you hate.

I really feel sorry for this administration cause apart from economy and health problems they have to deal with brainless and heartless people.

What would you say when he will wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (because IT will be then the time to do so) ?

That he's too Black or his name is not christian enough or that you don't buy it.

You will never be happy and it's a shame because I would be more than proud to have a young dedicated and bright president.

I guess it's true when they say that luck people never realize their chance...

Happy New Year to the Jewish community in America and everywhere else in the world....

May Light defeat the dark spirits!!!!

1821 days ago


don't HATE! I think it is wonderful we finally have a President that can ACTUALLY speak ANY language. He knows about 5. Bush could hardly speak English and his stuff was written down for him. Obama is the fresh and the new this country needed for quite some time. It is just too bad too many Americans are still living in the time of the pilgrims. Watch your back though, the blacks and Indians won't be snuck up on again. We are ready for you this time

1821 days ago


My response is to GEEZ. I believe this country was founded on everyone being allowed to practice their faith, not just christianity. I cannot understand why you find the President so "disgusting". Being able to accept everyone individual for who they are is also another claim of our great nation. It appears people like you, not allowing your children to experience the President speak is absolutely "disgusting"!

1818 days ago
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