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Bob Barker Not Racist, Just Rules

9/18/2009 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A judge threw out a case against Bob Barker -- the former host of "The Price is Right" -- ruling the claim by a former black show employee that Barker tolerated racism was bogus.

Deborah Curling sued Barker, alleging racial, anti-Semitic and sexist jokes were rampant on the set.

The judge had previously thrown out most of the case -- but now the fat lady has sung on Curling's case.

The only issue "The Price is Right" has with color involve the choices for some of the cars they give away -- a burnt-orange Pontiac ... please.


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Poor Bob, that guy gets sued all the time.

1859 days ago


wow just don't hire them to begin with. they don't work and are so pushy, rude and complain the entire time. it's so hard to fire them also claiming your racist when they don't work?????
Maybe kanye will hire them.

1859 days ago

mrez golucky    

Yikes! He's a animal lover just like Harvey!

1859 days ago


They think WE owe THEM everything! And THEY wonder why we can't stand them!

1859 days ago


Hey - can I haul someone to court the next time I'm referred to as "honky" or "cracker" ?

1859 days ago


Come On Down! You're the next contestant on The Price Is KOOKY !!!

T O O T !!!

T O O T !!!

Posted at 2:14PM on Sep 18th 2009 by KRAZY KOOKY KLOWN

Read more:

Aahh, Kooky! You stole my line!! Where are the recipes today KOOKY?? If you actually cook all those dishes then you'll have fooled a lot of people who think your just some "whack-job"!;)

1859 days ago



1859 days ago


I see the KKK is out in full force today!! (No not 'Krazy Kooky Klown') the "other KKK" with the bedsheets & all.

1859 days ago

Viva Swag    

I loved the price is right when I was a kid but everyone know Bob Baker is a hoe

1859 days ago


Everybody...just...leave...Bob ...alone... (faux bawling)
Bob is like any other celeb with money...people do anything to get some of it. Bob is THE MAN for a variety of reasons. Chiefly, that he got to nail hot models. Go Bob...Go Bob...Go Bob...

1859 days ago


Why does TMZ delete Kooky Klowns comments? he is the most entertaining poster on here.

1859 days ago

one mike    

Racists are some of the weakest, most scared people you'll most likely never meet. They hide behind computer monitors or even sheets (the Klan) because they are scared to spread their hate in person. You'll never see a solo racist spreading his/her hate speech in public. There is a reason for this. All the people on this site say what they say becuase they are safely behind computer monitors or typing from a smart phone. Racism is very much alive but I've never had a single person come to my face and say something racist. They'll say it online all day but in person all of you prejudice and racist people are is punks. You're the equivilent of terrorists, but you're actually more cowardly than they are. Yes, they hide behind the internet too and sometimes cover their faces while spreading their crazy propaganda but at least they go out there and fight for the crazy stuff they believe in. You racists just sit there on your butts fuming because you're jealous and ignorant. One good thing is that racists are a dying breed. So much so, that America elected a black President. It wouldn't have happened without white people's votes. I'm glad racists are the minority and not the majority.

1859 days ago


Oh come on. Bob was so nice and funny on the show that I don't believe he would be racist.

And mrez golucky your correct he was one of the top show biz people who always talked about neutering & spaying your pet, and I believe he has donated to shelters too, to help the animals.

4. Yikes! He's a animal lover just like Harvey!

Posted at 2:21PM on Sep 18th 2009 by mrez golucky

1859 days ago


a burnt-orange Pontiac ...hey hey hey I would love a burnt orange pontiac !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1859 days ago


LOL, that chick is clearly just another gold dgger looking to jump on the nearest gravy train. Nothing new there.


1858 days ago
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