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Brad Pitt's

Gray Anatomy

9/18/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two-time Sexiest Man Alive Brad Pitt -- and that graying, growing billy-goat beard -- arrived in Spain today ahead of the San Sebastian film festival.

Brad Pitt
It's definitely a different look for the 45-year-old father of six, but we gotta ask ...

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Missouri momma    

Brad is probably in this condition cause he is working on a new movie, he also has enough self confidence to not be constantly grooming himself for his own ego or to keep up historic hollywood "good looks", maybe he doesn't give a s..t, what people think who are constantly hounding him and this is a way for him to get people off his back. Go hound Zach Efron, I'm sure Brad is completely disgusted by now, by being judged as a hot "hunk of meat". For the "plastic people", reading this, especially on the west coast people east of the Rockies are not nearly as caught up in skin deep issues like you and proud of it. Brad needs to come back to Missouri after this shoot beard, belly and all and go hunting and fishing, take a break from the "merry go round", you'll feel so much better back here being accepted for yourself no matter how you look.

1841 days ago


he looks like sh*t!!!! he looks like robert redford,but now,

1846 days ago


He looks like an older Spencer Pratt...

1861 days ago

Hugh Gentry    

would you still hit it? This is so disturbing since it's probably written by a man.

1861 days ago


Whats with the goofy hat/goofy sunglasses fixation?

1861 days ago

wishing they would just go the hell away!    

Why doesn't he shave that thing off?? He looks like a freakin billy goat! (only billy goats grow better looking beards)

And what the hell does an Asparagus Frittata have to do with Brad Pitt?

1861 days ago


I voted Yes.. I would hit it with a bat. Make it go away! my god his face looks fat too. NASTY! it's time for the media to admit that this guy's looks are done. OVER! Admit it already!

1861 days ago


5. Whats with the goofy hat/goofy sunglasses fixation?
Posted at 12:29PM on Sep 18th 2009 by TW

Goofy hat, goofy sunglasses, goofy guy!

1861 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

I find your question "Would you still hit it" to be disgusting. I always find it disgusting when you ask that question.

But, in dissecting the spirit of the question, as I think you intended it, perhaps as "Do I still find Brad Pitt attractive enough to lust after" then I have to answer, "No."

However, I want you to know, lest you get the wrong impression, that my negative response has nothing whatsoever to do with any beard, any gray hair coloring or old-man clothes he might be wearing.

My negative response comes from him doing exactly what Tom Cruise did to ruin the attraction: he opened his mouth. So many actors ruin their allure by speaking ad nauseam about their beliefs, lack of beliefs, likes, dislikes, etc. in such hot topics as politics and religion, and it is, quite simply, a huge turn off.

I am amused when Brad Pitt says he likes the color red. I am annoyed and turned off when he starts blasting Christians for everything that is wrong with the world. That is just one example. There are several others. Sort of like Tom Cruise and his depression thoughts.

So, no. I have no interest nor thoughts of attraction toward Brad Pitt.

1861 days ago


His looks are gone. Men do not look better with age. He'd at least look better if he wasn't always so angry and sour.

1861 days ago

laura bell lou    

The face crap looks like S---!!! Brad why do you want to look like s----!!!! Your family is bringing you down fast!!!!!

1861 days ago


Him and Jolie have brought one another down, period. No, I would not want to "hit it". He looks nasty! I also agree that he needs to keep his mouth shut! The more he expresses his views, the less I like him. He sure has aged.

1861 days ago


Jennifer, better to be without him. Look at what that thing he is breeding with has done to him. Stunned at how much weight he has been putting on. Maybe its his choice to look this way to keep the tramp stamp queen from touching him.

1861 days ago


I was wondering if the CPS has stopped by and demanded hair samples from Brad ans Angelina yet. Brad was the one that cut a big piece of hash off big slab of hash and gave it Tarentino. I did'n think you could adopt children if the parents got high,ah Maybe thats with American children, If you adopt from 3 world country's they probally don't care if you are a doper as long as the money is good...

1861 days ago


That is not just age. Look at Redford and Newman. Up until the day he died Newman was HOT. Redford aging fine. Brad looks worse than either of them and they are/were atleast 25 years older. He is doing drugs or the vampire has suck all his blood.

1861 days ago
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