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Jennifer Hudson

Postpartum 'Diva'

9/18/2009 2:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Five weeks after giving birth, Jennifer Hudson -- and her weave -- rocked the streets of NYC on Thursday.


The 28-year-old was back in top form ... performing with Stevie Wonder on "VH1's Divas" concert last night.


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"and her weave?! mauahahahah!" Ya'll are OUT OF HAND!
This ain't the first time Jennifer has been photographed with her undergarments showing. I've seen a few pic's with her spanx making a guest appearance. It's all good though at least she know's she needs it and wears it... I ain't even mad a sista. Plus, I didn't even know she had the baby, she def. is post baby fab. ya'll should take it easy on her, she was never a size 1 to begin with.

1839 days ago


Jennifer, I adore you and congratulations on the baby. That being said, honey, you should really wear something that's a little more forgiving to a post-partum body (or at least wear it in black). There's absolutely nothing wrong with your figure (or size), and being that you just gave birth you look lovely, but that dress in a darker shade would have done wonders for you. (Oh, and a shorter weave, or none at all, would have looked great).

1839 days ago


You guys at TMZ are clearly dumb: why would you think that EVERY black person is wearing a weave? Also, clearly you're all blind too because she doesn't have a weave on, she's got BRAIDS on. Individual braids. Check out her VHI performance pics, it's clear.

But would TMZ correct itself? No, of course not. You guys see a black woman so she must have a weave on. Why is this even news anyway? Jennifer walking the streets, 5 weeks after delivery with a girdle showing and a man holding her umbrella. This is news? Was it that slow of a day? Find something else to do, like maybe a useful part-time job since you're clearly all bored and you're only fishing for news....

1839 days ago


don't get it with this one... good voice? YUCK....

legend in her own mind...she and Fantasia... two of the worst picks ever...

1839 days ago


Can n e one see her girtle or is it just me

1839 days ago


Why does TMZ have to always make comments about weaves? Yes, women wear fake hair. Fact of life. How about Jennifer and her baby-less tummy was out seen yesterday. Hmmm, make a comment about post baby maybe that's what you should write. Good skills TMZ. You know if you had the money you too would get the weave.

1838 days ago

Nobody In Particular    

Nice girdle.

1838 days ago


Did she get married or is this another multiple breeding-out-of-wedlock story? It's such a shame that so many wonderful and educated people who would be fabulous and responsible parents are unable to have one child and, yet, others who take the responsibility for granted have children so carelessly and easily without even being in a marriage.

1838 days ago


After reading all of your blogs,I just don't know...All I can say is this,people needs to remember that everything we do will come back to you 100 fold..You will reap what you sow...So she had a baby and left her baby at home,question?was the baby at home by it's self?,or was there a babysitter?..And as to her hair,she paid for it so that makes it her,as for the bodyguard,he's getting paid to do his job..Her clothes,she can wear whatever she desire,unlike some filty looking Hollywood female I have seen walking around and shopping right after giving birth(like 3 or 4 days)later!!!!..To those who are judging her by any means or measures,there is a place for you and it's call HELL..God doesn't like ugly,like her or hate her,you wish you had her lifestyle right about now..It's funny how people can find the smallest thing about a person and just run with it..Jennifer,just be your beautiful self inside and out...Bump The Haters!!!:)

1836 days ago
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